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Glen Ford, Editor of Black Agenda Report

About Glen Ford

Glen Ford

Glen Ford has had a long career as a radio host and commentator. In 1977, Ford co-launched, produced and hosted America’s Black Forum, the first nationally syndicated Black news interview program on commercial television. In 1987, Ford launched Rap It Up, the first nationally syndicated Hip Hop music show, broadcast on 65 radio stations. Ford co-founded the Black Agenda Report. Ford is also the author of The Big Lie: An Analysis of U.S. Media Coverage of the Grenada Invasion.

Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report speaks about creating a culture of resistance and organizing progressives to stand up to Obama’s support of militarism.

 Obama Humiliates the Black Caucus – and They Pretend Not to Notice

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford When the going gets rough, beat up on the Blacks. That’s been a rule of American politics for many generations – so why should Barack Obama be any different? “Obama took his church voice to the Congressional Black Caucus annual awards dinner to very pointedly demand that Blacks stop bugging their president about the economic catastrophe that has befallen them, and his own role in it.” Duly chastised, the Black lawmakers accepted their assignment.  Read More

Cornel West Joins with Ralph Nader to Challenge Obama in 2012

Cornel West joins forces with Ralph Nadar

Dr. Cornel West has joined forces with Ralph Nadarin search of a primary challenger to face President Barack Obama in 2012.

Nadar is spearheading a group of liberal leaders to face the incumbent because it is his belief that the president has not followed through on campaign promises and veered too far toward corporate America:

“Without debates by challengers inside the Democratic Party’s presidential primaries, the liberal/majoritarian agenda will be muted and ignored,” Nader said in a statement. “The one-man Democratic primaries will be dull, repetitive, and draining of both voter enthusiasm and real bright lines between the two parties that excite voters.”
West, also on the steering committee of the New Progressive Alliance (NPA) — an online grassroots campaign conceptualized to oppose Obama by endorsing “an Independent or third-party candidate to oppose both corporatist marionettes in the general election, provided they publicly pledge to run on the Unified Progressive Platform and to govern based upon it when elected — is intent on holding the president accountable for “Main Street” or moving out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
“We need to put strong Democratic pressure on President Obama in the name of poor and working people,” said Dr. West. “His administration has tilted too much toward Wall Street, we need policies that empower Main Street.”
Dr. West has been a consistent fixture in the headlines lately, as he travels the United States with Tavis Smileyon a Poverty Tour meant to highlight the plight of people living in poverty in America.


My Comments;

I really see this as an outrageous smoke screen. Why is anyone poor in America? The real questions are being circumvented here. Billions of dollars going towards war, and trillions of dollars are lost because of these wars, that is what should be campaigned!! This in-fighting, is a distraction from the current real news.

The Administration is heading deep into Africa, to subjugate, manipulate and control Libya. What African country is next? These folks can’t see the forest for the trees. There are bigger fish to fry if they were really serious. And that’s my point, what a waste of energy complaining about poverty and not focusing on the root cause of it. Capitalism, Globalism, Free Trade, IMF and World Bank loans, Credit debt, valueless paper money, drug wars, military industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, high unemployment,smuggling of weapons and drugs in an out of countries, 4 wars going on right now, and Lord Knows how many not even spoken about.

Come on people, get a grip here, and deal with some real issues.

So was it about oil? OR WATER? OR BOTH?

Libya’s Qaddafi taps ‘fossil water’ to irrigate desert farms

Sarah A. Topol, Correspondent / August 23, 2010

Libya’s Qaddafi taps ‘fossil water’ to irrigate desert farms While many countries in the Middle East and North Africa bicker over water rights, Libya has tapped into an aquifer of ‘fossil water’ to change its topography – turning sand into soil. The 26-year, $20 billion project is nearly finished.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi addresses the media during the official closing ceremony of the Sixth African Union Summit in this 2006 file photo. Libya has tapped into an aquifer of ‘fossil water’ to change its topography – turning sand into soil. Antony Njuguna/Reuters/File Enlarge E-mail Reddit StumbleUpon By Sarah A. Topol, Correspondent / August 23, 2010 Tripoli, Libya In the middle of the Libyan Desert’s scorched yellow sands, rows of green grapes dangle off vines; almond trees blossom in neat lines, and pear tree orchards stretch into the distance.

Libya is one of the driest countries on Earth, bereft of rivers, lakes, and rain. But here the desert is blooming. In the Middle East and North Africa, the quest to turn thousands of miles of desert into arable land has taken a backseat to containing an impending water shortage. While many countries in the region bicker over water rights, Libya has taken it upon itself to change its topography – turning sand into soil.

The Great Man-Made River, which is leader Muammar Qaddafi’s ambitious answer to the country’s water problems, irrigates Libya’s large desert farms. The 2,333-mile network of pipes ferry water from four major underground aquifers in southern Libya to the northern population centers. Wells punctuate the water’s path, allowing farmers to utilize the water network in their fields. The Libyan government says the 26-year project has cost $19.58 billion.

Nearing completion, the Great Man-Made River is the largest irrigation project in the world and the government says it intends to use it to develop 160,000 hectares (395,000 acres) of farmland. It is also the cheapest available option to irrigate fields in the water-scarce country, which has an average annual rainfall of about one inch. “Rainfall is just concentrated in 5 percent of the [country’s] area, so more or less, 95 percent or 90 percent of our land is desert,” says Abdul Magid al-Kaot, minister of agriculture, during a PowerPoint presentation that accompanied a recent several-hour government tour of the project and farms outside the capital of Tripoli. “Water is more precious for us than oil. … Water here in Libya, it’s life.” Taping into ‘fossil water’ Just as Libya mines the desert for crude; they are doing the same for ‘fossil water’ – ice age water preserved in the porous holes of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer.

The massive aquifer stretches under Libya, Egypt, Chad, and Sudan. It includes four freshwater basins inside Libya that contain approximately 10,000 to 12,000 cubic kilometers (480 cubic miles) of ancient water buried as deep as 600 meters (2,000 feet) below the surface of the desert, reporters were told during the government presentation.
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Libyan War Is For Water – NOT Oil – Largest Fossil Water Reserve Libya and Egypt sit on a resource more valuable than oil, in that part of the world . . The Nubian Sandstone Aquifer , is a sea of fresh water , that has an invaluable value , on a continet as Africa . Gaddafi used much of the funds generated from oil to build the ” Great Man Made River Project ” ( GMMRP ) .

The 4,000 Km long water pipeline barried underneath the desert . $ 25 Billion has already been invested into this project, and not one penny has came from the IMF or the World Bank. In other words Gaddafi didnt allow his people to fall into debt, from there would be no way out and Guess who didnt like that ? Scientist estimate that there is an equivalant of 200 – 1,000 years of fresh water flowing down the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer . This Pipeline and Aquifer has been owned by the libyan people and not by Veolia , Suez Ondeo or Saur , the French companies who control more than 40% of the worlds water market .

Remember Which Country Was The Fastest to Attack Libya? Just Pure Evil and Greed. Thanks Special thanks to TracyColorado’s channel and ducklamb1’s channel for posting this!

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Great Man Made River Project Libya
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War Against the Thid World

Frank_Dorrel_-_The_War_Against_the_Third_World.avi 2:02:16 – 4 years ago USA is the motor of wars and terror in the world… know this fact or you will be fooled by USA leaders and CIA. USA gain profits from wars and that’s what keeps it strong and full budget…

Pakistani Kids Play, "Suicide Bomber"

What can you say? Our world has come to this. Our people are losing their connection to one another. Our souls are being attacked with violence and the acceptance of it as a norm. Our children are living out the worldwide insanity that plagues the human race. It doesn’t matter who kills whom, to kill another is to kill oneself. We are all losing lifeforce.

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