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I got this quote while listening to James Evans Pallato, on his Media Monarchy radio program, but I don’t think he realized what else he was saying. He just said it was a haunted house, I added the part about the ancestors. I always think about that.
Ironically, them folks have towns rivers and streams that carry the names of these Indigenous people and they have no clue, the average people that is, that each time they say these names they are calling them. Phoebe Snow sang a song called Ancient Places, Sacred lands (names we know so well, yet no one understand)
Just to name a few there are so many more.
It makes me wonder if the overlords who foment war understand that killing releases traumatized souls into the ethers. On the other hand, maybe they do and they are a part of a feeding frenzy for entities that get nourishment from death and destruction.

I also wonder if they realize that releasing souls this way is the prime reason why this country is haunted.
What do I mean by that?
Well, when someone is murdered, their soul is ejected from their physicality abruptly and brutally.  If you think about the phrase we so often use, “Rest In Peace” we must have some inkling of what it means, correct?  Why are we hoping that a person who has just made transition, “Rests In Peace?”  Why do we care? And what is that meme all about?
For those folks who have any idea of the many manifestations of the spirit world then they may understand where I am going with this.  And quite frankly, I have heard many Christians say that someone is possessed with  an evil spirit. So there is some subconscious understanding that “spirits” can possess people.
Now, what do evil spirits do??? Well, they wreak havoc. They are not at rest,
and we need only to look at a few horror movies to get the gist of what a not so peaceful rest looks like.
So, back to my premise, America is a Haunted House, filled with the Restless souls of the many people who have died on American soil. Because they were murdered, they are trapped here and will re-incarnate, over and over again, or possess others until they are “laid to rest.”
All too often we take our every day colloquialisms for granted, we pay them no mind, we use them without examining or even thinking much about them, we say it and we keep moving on. But we are ignoring a very important aspect of our world and how we relate to it. If we are saying “Rest In Peace” to those who have made transition, if we are saying “He/She was laid to rest.” What do we really mean? How can a dead corpse rest? Or rest in peace for that matter?
So, we in America, live in a country that has been drenched in the blood of millions. And like Trump said, on both sides. We can basically start with the invasion of the European into the Americas, north, central and south.  Quiet as its kept, there were people here already. Now, I am not saying that they didn’t have their own tribal wars, and of course there may even be some of them souls that are not resting peacefully at all.. However, I would wager, that the indigenous people knew the importance of burying their dead in such a manner so that they could “Rest In Peace” hence they have sacred burial grounds. It’s obvious to me that they knew, and they knew enough to call them grounds sacred.
But, after the European got here, well I would also wager, that there were millions upon millions of indigenous peoples who did not get a Sacred Burial ground, who were massacred in a variety of ways and for that matter, whose bodies we walk upon each and every day as this continent was completely inhabited by them.
Understanding that many of their souls, if not all of them who were massacred were released into the ethers but did not receive the proper burial rites, we are looking at those souls roaming around, and incarnating all over the place.
The next chapter…. The enslavement of Africans, bringing many, not all to the so called new world and subjecting them to all manner of torture and trauma.
Those who died during the Middle Passage, were “buried” at sea with no pomp and no circumstance, just thrown over board. Hmmmmm, and so the ocean has become a toxic waste land for these restless and traumatized souls.
And those who got here, well, that story need not be told as it should be know what happened to them for 300 years of chattel slavery and 150 years of mental slavery or I should say psychological warfare.
But let’s not stop there, let’s add the Civil War, the Spanish American War, the Revolutionary War that were fought right here on American soil. It should cause one to think that this place is truly haunted.
And let’s not even talk about the mass Graves of Africans, or their cemeteries that have buildings built right over them.
And where do these outcasts spirits like to hang out? Graveyards for one, old abandoned houses, dark alleyways, old hospitals and asylums, under dark
El Toro Memorial Park
bridges, in depressed areas, in garbage and trash dumps, in old abandoned churches, rusting steel works, crumbling schools and empty factories, etc. I ain’t talking about the made up cartoonish Halloween types, so you won’t be seeing those too much. I mean the real ones, where folks walk in and get goose bumps, hear noises, things drop, etc.
And while I am talking about this phenomenon, and you are wondering why I got pics in the slide show of haunted houses, well, that’s why.  Those abandoned buildings all need to be torn down lest they provide a safe haven for dis-incarnate spirits to reside.
They also hang around those statues. Those statues are conjuring up the spirits of those depicted. They are talisman, huge no less, but talisman none the less and they attract the dead to them. I am sure that on a dark night, just about midnight, you can see Old General Robert E. Lee walking around there.  And let me stop here, with how their energies are conjured up when people depict dead folks in movies, books and magazines. I’m just saying. Folks are saying they don’t deal with the occult, and that the occult is demonic, but they don’t seem to realize they are dealing with occult sciences with all these things.
Haunted Prison

These souls are trapped, and cannot escape beyond the veil, so they roam, roam and roam, and every once in a while they can hop a ride..

Me thinks that may be why they need to keep them old statues up there. Maybe they know that it might help them souls rest in peace if they are honored above ground. I don’t know, but it does seem curious that such an outcry is being made about these statues.
Folks want to honor their Ancestors with streets, monuments, holidays, etc.  Folks want to acknowledge their history by doing so, and are feeling some kind a way that this may be taken from them.  But I am beginning to wonder now, if there may be some Ancestral influence going on here. These many restless souls who died in battle for whatever they believed was a just cause, and some who knew it was all a hoax, a ploy to keep rivaling factions at each others’ necks, but notwithstanding all that, these folks are honored.
Now, I could go into the many other mass killings that have occurred on American soil, you know the MOVE bombing, WACO, Black Wall Street, lynchings, and even more recently the police sending in a drone bomb to kill Micah X. Johnson.
Historic Ohio State Reformatory
How do people in one breath want to honor their dead, and in the other breath care nothing about the dead or death of another? Even John Brown who was called a terrorist back then has been honored, they hung that dude for treason. He was a paid vigilante under the guise of freeing the slaves. He maimed and killed viscously, and like their other war criminals, he gets to be immortalized in the history books.
Black folks had to beg, borrow and steal to even get a Martin Luther King, Jr. HOLIDAY, let alone a statue.
I’m just saying. Folks don’t think beyond their noses sometimes.
Those who know, how dangerous this is for the astral plane to receive millions upon millions of the souls of murdered people, have to know the long term impact it can have on any community.  Those who don’t know need to think about it before they trot off to war to kill a bunch of people thousands of miles away.  And besides, spirits may stay local for a while, but after a while, they travel, and in fact, may follow you and haunt you all the way to your little home on the prairie. 
Think about it, how many soldiers are committing suicide due to mental disorders that have lead them to alcohol, drugs, or self destructive patterns of behavior that end them up dead somewhere?
If anything, folks really need to think about movies like the “Walking Dead” and any other movie that has Zombie like images or Dead people disturbing folks like in the Amityville Horrors! You may not want to believe it but it’s true. And even that burn in hell for eternity is a condemnation that can come back to haunt you.
America is a haunted house and the spirits of those murdered are roaming around, we have the indigenous, we have the enslaved African, we have those who died in wars and we have those who died due to police brutality and the other countless senseless murders for various reasons, organ harvesting perhaps. And I won’t even get into what it must be like for the person who has had the organs of such a person transplanted into them. Just imagine what kinds of impact that must have on their psyche.  Could it possibly be the cause of the psychopathy that many of our world leaders seem to have?
Remember, everything is energy…………..
America is a haunted house and until those souls are put to rest, the

upheavals in this country will persist.

Mental illness will persist.
Acts of violence will persist.
Distortions and dysfunctional relationships will persist.
Negative and destructive emotions coupled with acting out will persist.
And murder will persist locally and globally.
In fact, this will and has permeated the entire globe.
People just don’t realize how dangerous to the psyche war is as they engage their youth in the battle and sit back and enjoy the “spoils” of war.  It’s that simple, they are spoiled and the spoilage is like a virus that will run through the entire planet.
So, the entire planet is haunted, but since I live here in America, and not South Africa, or Ireland, or Germany, or Gori Island, I am acknowledging the traumatically departed who haunt where I live. You all out there can do the same.
Look around, take note… ask yourself…. Is your country peaceful due to government control, or, is your country peaceful because you have taken responsibility for those who came before you.
Or, is your country restless, anxious, fearful, because of the numerous and oft times untimely deaths of people who lived there.  Be honest…
And finally, I just want to add this little caveat to all you Christians out there.  Why are you fighting so hard to keep statues up?  Isn’t that idol worship?  I thought Christians didn’t worship idols? Even pledging allegiance to the flag is idol worship. Why does this Christian Country do that?  Is there a logical explanation, if so, can you please leave them in the comment section below??
Come sit beside me
And hear a story
Of Long ago when
The people lived free
Name the waters
And all the places
High and low
There was a plain they
Called Chicago
It meant a place where
Strong things grow
And Kentucky
Meant the land of Green Meadows
Chorus: Ancient Places, Sacred Lands
Names we know so well
But no one understands
Means “Big River”
And Miami
Means “Great Water”
Means a place where small springs flow.
Chorus: Ancient Places, Sacred Lands
Names we know so well
But no one understands
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