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Nana’s Commentary: "200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball"

Nana’s Commentary:
To me, the irony of this endless banter about the earth being flat, or the earth being a globe, the question that stumps the panel and that no one can prove is, where did it all begin. Who is this “God” according to the biblical/sacred texts? Who orchestrated the “big bang” according to the scientists?
Well, I have the answer, that will shut all this down.
Watch, the movie “Dark City.”

After watching that, I was convinced that the “hidden” hand that created this world came from another (“Men In Black” ending gives clues.) And my theory is just as plausible as any other. If they can build huge planet size moons and spaceships, why couldn’t they build a planet, a prison planet for their little wayward human creatures, who according to the Bible were born in sin anyways. Give them a playground, a few animals for pets, zoos, slaughter, consumption and clothing. Give them a few plants for the same purposes. Put them in a giant terrarium with plenty of water and see what happens.

Convene a Galactic Council to decide who will be allowed to come in and out. Design a zodiac/constellation apparatus to impact on their personalities. Give them time marked by the rising and setting of the sun and moon. Throw a few asteroids in for good measure and to keep it interesting. Add a little religion, well I should say dozens of religions. Mix in a little politics for surely these humans cannot be allowed to be sovereign. They must have LEADERS!!

Make sure that all the animals have COMMON sense and strong instincts, while the humans have to wait for someone to “train” them. Wipe their memories after each death so they can be trapped in the cycle of Karma. Make sure that those who manage to escape death come back with incredulous stories about heaven and hell, pass on their experiences through lore so the others will believe. It’s imperative that while they believe they have free will and DO NOT have to step into the light (Star Trek) that it would behoove them to do so because there they will be reunited with their loved ones, Jesus, Buddha, etc.

Spoon feed them technology so that they never discover the hidden hand but keep the banter going back and forth about the nature and/or origin of “the hidden.” hand. (Truman Show). Whenever they get too crazy, “come down” and dismantle their nuclear arsenals; blow a few volcanoes, throw in a tsunami, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. just to keep them scared shitless and to get them to comply. Keep them focused on the last days, death and the hereafter. ( I always thought the term “come down” was interesting. Why do humans say “God” “Angels” or “Aliens” come down?????)

Give only the Psychopathic rulers full range over controlling nature and point to the holy book and sacred scriptures (Vedas) as their right to eminent domain.  If they evolve too quickly and start to see themselves as humans instead of races, creeds, religions, sexes, etc. create enmity to keep it interesting as well, without a little friction this Truman show can become quite boring. Make sure that the minds of the masses have some options for expansion, but if anyone should expand too far, shut it down!

Collude all the world leaders, scientists and archaeologists. (The teachers will profess whatever they have been taught, so this will self replicate). The religious leaders are already colluded with their “sacred” writings, rituals, tithes, sacrifices and hocus-pocus.

Press the reset button every once in a while, because, Jeez, these humans are a wild bunch and tend to get out of control.

Since death and time is an illusion, pressing the reset button just recycles them all back into the pool with only a trace memory of horror. Of course, a few will survive, so, like in the “Book of Eli” give them the “Book” (myth, legends, folklore) so they can start all over again, or so they think they are anyways, and that’s all that matters.

Create uprisings from time to time, kill off their leaders, good and bad, throw in a few psychopaths to keep it even more interesting.

Make sure the humans are hard wired to continuously put Psychopaths into the role of leaders over them. That will make this zoo more easily managed. As long as a bat shit crazy nut job is the bully in the playground, it won’t need to be micromanaged, just a minor check-in from time to time. Allow them to have a few saviors, ET’s, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Prophets, the Antichrist, etc. so they will continually look to the sky for help or some higher force beyond them. Keep them in survival mode, always searching for contentment. Augment their survival instincts with rewards like sex, marriage, money, family and presumptuous success.

Since cognitive dissonance is a most effective tool for keeping these human creatures insane, weak and fearful, create illusions, like philanthropy, love, success, hope, faith, virtue, integrity, and other do-gooder examples while oppressing their minds with evil, demons, consumerism and the media.

Create the illusion of good vs evil which is optimum in a 3d reality. There always has to be some kind of enmity so the natives can maintain a restless paranoia. Give them natural and pharmaceutical drugs to pacify them. Those who are most deviant will be thrown to the lions, beheaded, jailed, or threatened with damnation for all eternity. Keep this propaganda alive in the hearts and minds of the religious leaders. Fear of damnation is a great culling mechanism.

Since Plan-ET is a prime directive, there will be skirmishes with outer worldly powers (Star Wars) over who is in charge. Some sharing will take place, some stealing and backdoor dealings. Some of the most agreeable plans will last the longest, like taking turns on who will be the God of the next new religion and who is most adept at keeping the humans, blind, deaf and dumb. This arrangement could last for trillions of years with only a few, barely noticeable and surely laughable humans will discover. And since the reset button is always an option, wiping them all out and starting all over again is a viable solution should these humans start to unite and decide to escape this hell hole.

Ha, that makes sense to me!!!!

Saturn, Satan & God And The Nature of Reality Part 1&2 (Video)

NB Commentary:
This is a really, really long video. When I do domestic stuff I listen/watch. Anyone watching this may have to do it in sections and Merkabah has broken this video up into parts. I prefer the whole video personally. After watching it, I posted my comments under the video, I am still waiting to hear from Merkabah which is cool, I am sure he is quite busy, it takes forever to make these videos. See below my questions.
Feel free to join the discussion.


I watch/listen to many of your videos. sometimes I go thru them more than once. I watch them and listen to them because you are covering a lot of material that I have been exposed to as well, and you also tend to drop a few new tidbits that I have not heard of and that is always exciting. But I have a few questions, I won’t ask them all now, but….. When looking at the book of Genesis, there were some things that I have always found interesting and like you say, grown adults accept without question. I always questioned the stuff I heard.
Noah’s Ark, how did he pull that off? Amazing. Fantastical

I went to Catholic school so you know I was the bane of my teachers existence, all of whom were nuns, because lay people were not ALLOWED to teach religion classes, but I digress. I really hope to get your feedback


1. If Eve was made from Adam’s rib.. doesn’t that either make Eve his daughter or sister since they share the same DNA? If I remember correctly, bone marrow is keen in stem cell research and that of DNA as well, correct me if I’m wrong on that, I ain’t no chemist. However way you slice it, wouldn’t they be “closely” related??

2. If Cane married his sister??? He knew her….. um, doesn’t that sound incestuous as well.

3. If “God” created man and woman and told them to multiply and replenish the earth.. was it one man and one woman? a bunch of men and women? were they all sprung from the same seed? It really gets confusing.. but it all sounds incestuous.

4. If “God” destroyed the earth and only left Noah and his family, and they in turn replenished the earth,,, isn’t that incestuous as well?? I’m just saying… there was a whole lot of incest going on, no matter how you slice it in the book of Genesis. Anyone who replicates this story is also replicating the notion of incest.

5. My final question on this video is this! Where did the first human beings come from? Who or what is this God that created them. And if this God said, “let us” who is the “us” Was it God (male) and his female consort??

I always find it interesting when folks claim that Africans were the original man, but they never say where the original man came from.

The notion of a “God coming down” to earth to create man, or Angels coming down or anyone coming down, where are they coming down from??

Please understand that I do not want the traditional Christian Answers for these questions. I want your answers from your research as you remind us often that you do that. What have you found?
PS, and one more thing, have you noticed that depictions of Adam and Eve always show belly buttons? Do you find that curious? Wouldn’t belly buttons mean they spent some time in somebody’s womb?? Why would God create them with belly buttons they never used??

Okay, I’m done Merkabah, thanks for reading this!!

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