DECACS, Inc. and all its Initiatives

First Project Initiative


Outpatient counseling (general & drug and alcohol), learning therapy, group therapy, educational, cultural & creative workshops.


D.E.C.A. Comprehensive Services, Inc. will provide individual and family outpatient counseling, tutorial services, educational, cultural and creative workshops and special projects. Counseling and learning therapy will be ongoing, while group therapy and workshops will cover a variety of topics and run for designated intervals.


The Executive Office will hire appropriate Administrative Staff, Mental Health Professionals, Counselors and fee for service Consultants needed to conduct this program.


The Out Reach Coordinator who is an administrative staff member will conduct a Community OutReach Program that will recruit clients. Recruitment will be the major arm of this project in order to secure clients for the program.
The COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAM will facilitate appropriate recruitment procedures outlined in the *RECRUITMENT PROCEDURAL TEXT.
PROJECT R.E.A.C.H. – Resources, Educational And Cultural Horizons any and all activities that target the outer community are executed under this initiative. The Out Reach Coordinator is primarily responsible for the following programs; four (4) annual programs;
Kwanzaa Celebration (Fall session),
Talent Search (Black History-Winter session),
Spring Festival (activities, vending, street festival – Spring session)
Culminating Event ( a symposium of activities (Summer session).
These activities are designed to add the Cultural Component along with bringing the Community together. In addition, there will be ongoing Out Reach to area schools, churches, community programs and agencies.


Service Providers (Consultants, Mental Health Professionals, Workshop Facilitators, etc.) will be required to seek creative methods to explore counseling and workshop materials and be directly responsible for their clients once they have been assigned. They will also be required to safeguard client confidentiality, inform each client their civil rights, monitor client(s) progress by submitting the appropriate forms, i.e., log sheet, sign in sheet, session notes and treatment plans whenever indicated. Service provider must work with the utmost of integrity in facility and with clients, staff and administration.


While there is emphasis on the disadvantage community of African Americans, programs are available to anyone who wishes to participate without regards to race, color, religious creed, handicap, ancestry, national origin, age, sex or sexual orientation. Any client whom projects can not service will be referred to the other appropriate agencies.


Some services are free to clients. Medical Services will be billed to appropriate Medical Insurance companies when applicable. Cultural and creative activities may entail a minimal fee. There is the possibility of scholarships, sponsorships and awards for these programs. The Executive Office will constantly seek alternative funding sources so that many of these services may remain free.


INTAKE PROCEDURE – every client seeking medical services, i.e. outpatient psychological and/or psychiatric services will undergo a comprehensive intake process in which pertinent information will be retrieved by the Intake Officer. All information given will be held in the strictest confidence and each client will be assured of this. Clients will be asked to provide appropriate proof of Medical coverage for verification. Clients will also be asked to sign mandatory documents, i.e., application, civil right compliance/bill of rights, confidentiality, release of information, initial treatment plans and any applications for group or workshop enrollment.

8. REGISTRATION PROCEDURE: The Case Manager, who will be in close contact with all Services Providers, will determine the appropriate service needs for each client after the Initial Intake. The Case Manager in consultation with the Program Director will assign each client to the appropriate service provider(s) for individual and/or group counseling; learning therapy, educational, cultural and/or creative workshop(s). Registration will remain open pending each Services Provider’s request, allowing clients to receive services at any time. The Case Manager will also be responsible for follow up of all assignments and when necessary refer clients to designated outside services.


D.E.C.A. Comprehensive Services, Inc. will receive some of its funding from fee for service psychiatric and psychological consultation services by billing appropriate Medical insurance companies. It will also seek outside funding sources and contracts for educational, cultural and creative services.

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