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Black Man Creates Invention That Will Revolutionize How You Use Your Cell Phone

Eric Hamilton

 Necessity is what has driven the technology revolution existing today. Many of the products and programs released from the IT sector are a result of the innovators looking at the problems faced by contemporary society and then making a product that solves these problems.

Eric Hamilton (pictured) is such an innovator who looked at the increased demand for connectivity in the modern world and came up with a device to link mobile power with television accessibility.  In his own words Hamilton said, “I wanted to create something that could unlock the power of the cellphone so that you can use it with your television or for gaming without having to add to your current billing plan.”

Mr. Hamilton is not a new-comer to the IT world, the Detroit-born tech whiz has over 25 years experience in the IT field.  He has worked for Netscape and Yahoo! as well as co-founded Around The Way App which ran on Google and was downloaded more than 30,000 times within six months of its launch.

Like with many developers, Hamilton first conceived his latest idea but had a challenge with developing the device.

He consulted a senior marketer who advised him to build the device himself since he could not find its equivalent in the market. Hamilton searched for a company that could make one for him, and it’s from his collaboration with a Chinese firm that Tinystic was born.

The device is the size of a flash drive and uses Airplay and Miracast technology to access your phone and connect it to a screen.  It can also access a mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth and is currently accessible on the Android platform.

There are other products that are competing with Tinystic such as the Atrix Lap Doc from Motorola and the Chromecast from Google.

Hamilton has done this venture by himself, having left his partners with whom he had worked on Around the Way App. He is attempting to raise capital for his new product through crowdfunding and has raised $19,000 so far.

Tinystic has sold at least 700 units since December.
Another product that Hamilton is working on is the TinyTV which will be used to convert a cellphone into a TV screen.  The product is expected to be ready for launch in 2016

Currently, Hamilton resides in New York City. He has a degree from Michigan State University and hopes that his new product will create more jobs for people in Detroit.


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