DECACS, Inc. and all its Initiatives

Cultural Arts for Peace Project

A Cultural Enrichment Initiative of DECACS, Inc. a non-for profit organization

The Cultural Arts For Peace Project is designed to enhance, showcase, empower and harness the collective power of female cultural artists of color.  The female is the gatekeeper of civilization and through her work cultures around the world have survived the test of time.  In societies around the world, the female has been the caretaker and sustainer of the norms, values, customs and culture.  Civilizations have been built on the backs of the contribution of women and particularly the artistic and creative expression that women provided.   

With the advent of the industrial revolution, much of the artistic imperative was shifted to the mechanical.  This has greatly impeded humanity’s growth towards a healthy and sustainable world where humans being genuinely respect and appreciate other human beings and the planet overall.  Through the arts, this appreciation is re-ignited and creates a vehicle for deeper understanding in what moves the human mind, soul and spirit and our responsibility to the planet that is our home.   

To that end the CAFP Project wishes to give these women an opportunity, globally as well as locally, to showcase their talents in venues where their contribution to human civilization is greatly revered and appreciated.  

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