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Greetings Folks,

I am gonna step out there on a limb and suggest something that has gotten little coverage from the many discourses I have read. And that is, quiet as it is kept, these folks are looking for somewhere else to go because as the movie stated they have ruined the planet earth. With that in mind, remember the references to wars and colonializations. This is real. Remember the references to “fighting terror with terror” and greedily stealing resources and I believe the deeper meaning begins to emerge.

We can all get caught up in the fact that dude was a white boy… and that he was a so-called savior of these indigenous people. But to me, the reality is that if he had been a person of color… well, he probably would not have been on that mission in the first place. Yeah, there were people of color on the craft, indeed, there were people of color who were in the background.. let’s see, we got star trek and star wars.. and we could go on. I don’t watch a lot of movies. However, the fact that Cameron went out to show the true nature of his people was a monumental step in his film career. His interview on Tavis Smiley brings some of this out.

I would also like to state, that while we may squabble about who “so called” saved those blue folks, we must remember that he would not have had the power to do it, without the combined knowledge of his horrendous sky people mates and that of the blue folks. In some instances we have to put aside the “racial” card and begin to realize that while we as a people may want freedom from capitalism, the white man’s reign over the world, we are not technologically advanced enough, nor are we united enough in what we do have to make a serious dent in this history we have had as people of color.

It was the indigenous people who did not give up their faith in the other world, the unseen helpers and the powers they project into the physical world. People of color, all over the world would be better off in my opinion if they did the same. And let’s not forget, that while they may have not had the technological advances in the form of computer gadgets, they could have transported Grace’s soul into the Grace Avatar. And for sure if that had occurred in the movie, as it was inferred, her life would have been spared and she would have become one of them.

We have to get passed the very thing that is holding us up. We have got to stop denying that we are one human family, and that we share the same home, the planet earth. As long as we close our eyes to that fact, then as the oppressed we will indeed, once so-called freed from the oppression, lay the same oppression on others, because they are not racially who we are. And who are we racially?? After all the mixing and mingling?? How many of us can even claim to be pure anything anymore, white or black, or any other race of peoples??

I would also stretch it a bit further and say that not only is Hollywood movies giving people of color a noose around their neck, but so is the media, the food industry, Big Pharma, Kmart Sweatshops, entertainment, sports and education. We can complain and bitch about this movie till the end of time, but until we take our own personal power back, and that means all of us, we will continue to march to the beat of whatever drummer comes along.

With all this hoopla, let’s remember the movie is talking about a ravenous people, who have killed their planet and is searching the stars to rape and kill other planets and their people. This is a true fact.. if you ever check out NASA and the other hidden governmental plans of mass genocide. We must stop and check out how we are complicit in the raping of our own planet, and make a serious change in our style of living. We have to connect to spirit, to our soul energy, to the Divine Light and move in that direction. We are all part of Creation, created by the Creator.. We all have a responsibility to be aware of our role in this, and become Divine Creation, connected to Spirit in the most intimate of ways, like they did with their hair(even that symbolism got lost in the “racial” debate.)

In the ancient spirituality, an Avatar is the embodiedment of the Holy Spirit, or Gods.. Every person on this planet has the Divine essence within them, therefore, every person on this planet is an AVATAR. But we also have free will and if we chose to use our Godly Divine Power to harm others, then in essence we have departed from the righteous path.. but in the true sense, we cannot deviate from the Divine Plan. We have free will, but we are also subjected to all the laws that govern the choices we make. We have been warned throughout the millions of years we have been on this planet, and more than once, about our ability to destroy ourselves and our planet. We have been shown that we have the power to turn it around. But if we do not, then we will be given, or reap, exactly what we sew. That is Divine Universal Law.

I pray and hope that we can get pass the “racial” debate and look at the spiritual essence this movie is conveying and the message of spiritual communion with nature so that we can come together as one human family and do something to preserve our planet. Cause quiet as it’s kept, when seen in the overall scheme of things, we are viewed as human beings squabbling over one of the most beautiful planets in our universe. And that makes us all look rather primitive to those who soar in the heavens.

There is so much more I would like to say, but at the risk of turning you away, I will leave you with this note. We are all part of the human family, we share the same home, the planet earth.. we need to check that out and be conscious of where our soul’s journey is taking us and whether we, if placed in their predicament, would say no to someone who has embraced his own soul and taken the risk to unite with us in healing, restoring and maintaining this beautiful vessel we all inhabit simply because s/he is not one of us.

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