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The Ravaging of Africa

The Ravaging of Africa

Subtitle:  A four-part radio documentary series
Program Type:  Documentary
Featured Speakers/Commentators:
Contributor:  Kristin Schwartz  [Contact Contributor]
Broadcast Restrictions:  For non-profit use only.
Summary:  A four-part radio documentary series about the destructive impact of U.S. imperialism on Africa, featuring voices of African activists interviewed at the 2007 World Social Forum held in Nairobi, Kenya.
Credits: Written by Asad Ismi 
Produced by Kristin Schwartz
Translation by Maziar Mohajir at, and Farid Omar
V♠oice-over by Benedicta Madawo
Version 1: Low bandwith version Download Program Podcast
Description: 64 kpbs
Length (hh:mm:ss): 01:56:00 Language: English Date Recorded: 2007-01-30
Location Recorded:  Nairobi Kenya, produced in Toronto Canada
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Description: 128 kbps
Length (hh:mm:ss): 01:56:00 Language: English Date Recorded: 2007-01-30
Location Recorded:  Nairobi Kenya, produced in Toronto Canada
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MilitarizingAfrica  00:29:00  128Kbps mp3
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Notes: The ravaging of Africa has been enriching Europe and North America for more than 500 years. First, European empires imposed slavery and colonialism on the continent. After 1945, the United States took over as the dominant neo-colonial power.

Through the Pentagon and the CIA, the U.S. government has fueled 14 wars in Africa. The methods employed include direct and proxy invasions as well as arms transfers and military training. The U.S. has used the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to systematically demolish African economies and health and education sectors. This military and economic war enables the looting of Africa’s resources by Western multinational corporations. Washington’s genocidal imperial strategy has killed more than 26 million Africans but failed to suppress popular resistance.

Twenty-eight activists from 16 African countries were interviewed for the series. The documentary is based on Asad’s award-winning article of the same title. For his publications visit? 
To respond email?


1. “Militarizing Africa” describes how the United States has fomented the devastating war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as taken part in and engineered the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia. With Mfuni Kazadi, Millicent Okumu, Farah Maalim and Halima Abdi Arush.

2. “Economic War” focuses on the World Bank’s and IMF’s decimation of the economies and social sectors of Guinea, Zambia, Kenya and South Africa. With Bakary Fofana, Sara Longwe, Caroline Adhiambo, Njuki Githethwa and Molefe Pilane.

3. “Corporate Plunder” details the disastrous effects of Royal Dutch Shell’s operations in Nigeria and those of Canada’s Tiomin Resources in Kenya. Also highlighted is the massive tax looting of Africa by Western corporations. With Ifieniya Lott, Mwana Siti B. Juma, Charles Abugre and John Christensen.

4. “African Resistance” celebrates the liberation of Southern Africa, the defeat of U.S. aims in the Congo and Somalia, as well as the diverse non-military struggles against U.S. domination that were represented at the World Social Forum. With Wahu Kaara, Amade Suca, Mfuni Kazadi, Farah Maalim, Virginia Magwaza-Setshedi, Emilie Atchaka and Njeru Munyi. 

The series can also be downloaded at these two websites?
[This website is for Pacifica affiliates in the U.S. only.]

Twenty-eight U.S. and Canadian radio stations in 25 cities from coast to coast in both countries have aired (h/a) or committed to air (c/a) “The Ravaging of Africa” (see list below). The U.S. stations are all part of the Pacifica Radio network except for KQRP and WRFU. The documentary has been downloaded 2, 586 times from the three websites listed above. CDs of the series have been distributed to 50 community radio stations in South Africa and been sent to Kenya, Sudan and Ghana. Internationally, the documentary is also being distributed through the key community radio websites of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (with 3,000 members and associates in 110 countries), the Community Media Association in the United Kingdom, the National Campus/Community Radio Association in Canada, and Radio4All and Pacifica Radio, both in the U.S. Other important websites distributing the series are Pambazuka News, a leading African social justice newsletter, Black Agenda Report, Friends of the Congo (both U.S.), Africa Files and Rabble Radio (both Canada). The documentary is featured on 59 websites. 

WBAI 99.5 fm–New York, N.Y. (h/a)
WPFW 89.3 fm–Washington D.C. (h/a)
KPFK 90.7 fm–Los Angeles, California (h/a)
KPFA 94.1 fm–Berkeley, California (h/a)
KPFB 89.3 fm–Berkeley, CA (h/a)
KCSB 91.9 fm–University of California, Santa Barbara, CA (h/a)
KFCF 88.1 fm–Fresno, CA (h/a)
KDRT-LP 101.5 fm–Davis, CA (c/a)
KQRP 106.1 fm–Salida, CA (h/a)
WXOJ-LP 103.3 fm–Northampton, Massachusetts (h/a)
WRFU-LP 104.5 FM– Radio Free Urbana, Urbana, Illinois (h/a)
KRFP 92.5 fm–Radio Free Moscow, Moscow, Idaho (h/a)
CKDU 97.5 fm–Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS (h/a)
CKUT 90.3 fm–McGill University, Montreal, QC (h/a)
CHRY 105.5 fm–York University, Toronto, ON (h/a)
CHUO 89.1 fm–University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON (c/a)
CJAM 91.5 fm–University of Windsor, Windsor, ON (c/a)
CILU 102.7 fm–Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, ON (h/a)
CFRU 93.3 fm–University of Guelph, Guelph, ON (c/a)
CFRC 101.9 fm–Queen’s University, Kingston, ON (h/a)
CKUW 95.9 fm–University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB(h/a)
CJSW 90.9 fm–University of Calgary, Calgary, AB (c/a)
CJSR 88.5 fm–University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB (h/a) 
CFRO 102.7 fm–Vancouver Cooperative Radio, Vancouver, BC (h/a)
CJSF 90.1 fm–Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC (h/a)
CITR 101.9 fm–University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC (c/a)
CFUV 101.9 fm–University of Victoria, Victoria, BC (h/a)
CJLY 93.5 fm–Kootenay Co-op Radio, Nelson, BC (c/a)


1. “A must-listen documentary, especially for those entities (both in and outside Africa) whose role it is to chart a sustainable course for the continent’s future. It’s also a powerful tool for those individuals and groups that are actively involved in challenging the Western bastardization of the African continent. This well-researched documentary provides credible evidence of how the Western European nations and the United States have for many years been devastating the African continent through the plundering of its precious resources, as well as by their continuing support for and instigations of military wars. The documentary successfully highlights some of the serious problems that nations in Africa continue to face as they struggle against the United States’ selfish determination to dominate their turf. This documentary cannot be ignored by anyone who cares about Africa’s economic, social, and political emancipation from the bondage of neo-colonialism.”
–Maria Mboono Nghidinwa, Ex-combatant of South West Africa People’s Organization (SWAPO), the former liberation movement of Namibia. Ph.D., Mass Communication and Media Studies, Howard University, Washington D.C.
[SWAPO is presently the ruling political party in Namibia].

2. “A great project. ‘The Ravaging of Africa’ can be of enormous educational importance in reinforcing African perceptions of the sources of their current predicaments, and in educating those searching for ways out of their present desperate straits. Warm thanks for your efforts.”
–Professor Dennis Brutus, Honorary Professor, Centre for Civil Society, University of Kwazulu-Natal Durban, South Africa.
Professor Emeritus, Department of Africana Studies, University of Pittsburgh (U.S.).

3. ” ‘The Ravaging of Africa’ must count as one of the very best set of podcasts available about the way in which Africa has been looted by multinational corporations and U.S. imperialism. The recordings of the voices of African militants were prepared during the Nairobi World Social Forum. What is remarkable is that there is a coherent political analysis that enables the listener to have a clear context for the perspectives provided by African activists. We can only hope that the producers will continue to publish further series of these outstanding podcasts. These are vital listening for all those committed to social justice in Africa.”
–Firoze Manji, Editor, Pambazuka News; Director, Fahamu – Networks for Social Justice.
[Pambazuka News is a leading African electronic newsletter and website focused on social justice]. 

4. “An excellent series that really gets to the heart of the matter and lets you listen to those radical African voices you won’t hear anywhere else.”
–Roberto Nieto, Media activist and radio-host, CKUT Radio 90.3 fm at McGill University, Montreal.

5. “A fantastic series. We air tons of good programming, but ‘The Ravaging of Africa’ really stood out, because it tied together the various ways Africa is impacted by the imperial project, something you usually don’t get in a single program or news report. I really appreciated the rich production as well.”
–Leigh Robartes, News Director, KRFP / Radio Free Moscow 92.5 fm, Moscow, Idaho (U.S.) [Pacifica Radio Affiliate]

6. “Thanks for the excellent programming. So many Americans are unaware of how people live and struggle in other parts of the world. This program provides vital information about Africa and its people.”
–Cathy Murillo, News and Public Affairs Director, KCSB 91.9 FM at University of California-Santa Barbara, CA [Pacifica Radio Affiliate].

7. “A true work of broadcasting art! Thank you so much to the entire crew who worked on this special! The Ravaging of Africa was one of the most insightful and intriguing documentaries that the station has had the pleasure of playing. It not only received phone calls with reactions like, ‘I had no idea this was all going on! Thank you for making me aware!’ or ‘The program was so well done! Thank you for letting people know about what is going on in Africa!’ from listeners, it also garnered great praise from our programmers as well. Some of our programmers sit on either side of the fence politically but they all agreed that the program was very well produced and very informative and intelligent.”
–Jason Wellwood, Program Manager, CILU 102.7FM at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, ON.

8. “‘The Ravaging of Africa’ is a compelling and timely new media presentation of the over 500 years of the West’s pillaging of Africa. The body of work is firmly ensconced in the tradition of Walter Rodney’s ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa’ and Patrick Bond’s ‘The Looting of Africa’. ‘The Ravaging of Africa’ deserves the widest possible distribution as it does a tremendous job of sharing with the public a critical prism through which Africa’s relations with the West ought to be viewed and analysed.”
–Maurice Carney, Executive Director, Friends of the Congo (U.S.),

9. “The unprecedented affluence we enjoy in the Global North is directly dependent on the violent plunder of resource-rich nations across the Global South — particularly the nations of Africa. ‘The Ravaging of Africa’ provides both the historical overview and the illuminating details we need to make sense of this crime-in-progress, and gives prominent place to the voices of front-line African activists leading the resistance.”
–Dave Oswald Mitchell, Editor of Briarpatch Magazine

10. “I just came across and listened to “The Ravaging of Africa” and wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t quite explain precisely how important your documentary has been to me as a person living in the African diaspora in the West and as someone who so often can’t find the words to express the frustration he feels at the forcible dispossession of the continent of his mother’s ancestors. But it’s been profoundly important, your documentary. So thank you.”
–Dave Hudson, Listener

The documentary was funded by

Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3903
CUPE National
Canadian Union of Postal Workers National
CUPW North Bay Local
Canadian Labour Congress
Public Service Alliance of Canada
Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation
Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
MiningWatch Canada
Ontario Public Interest Research Group (Univ. of Toronto)
CHRY 105.5 fm Toronto
Continuing Education Students Association of Ryerson
50 Years is Enough (Washington, DC)
Fair Trade Clothing Co-op (
Charles Roach

Version 1: Low bandwith version Download Program Podcast
Description: 64 kpbs
Length (hh:mm:ss): 01:56:00 Language: English Date Recorded: 2007-01-30
Location Recorded:  Nairobi Kenya, produced in Toronto Canada
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EconomicWar  00:29:00  64Kbps mp3
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CorporatePlunder  00:29:00  64Kbps mp3
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AfricanResistance  00:29:00  64Kbps mp3
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Version 2: Higher Bandwidth Download Program Podcast
Description: 128 kbps
Length (hh:mm:ss): 01:56:00 Language: English Date Recorded: 2007-01-30
Location Recorded:  Nairobi Kenya, produced in Toronto Canada
Announcer Script/Transcript:   View Script
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MilitarizingAfrica  00:29:00  128Kbps mp3
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EconomicWar  00:29:00  128Kbps mp3
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CorporatePlunder  00:29:00  128Kbps mp3
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AfricanResistance  00:29:00  128Kbps mp3
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Imagine, how beautiful this world would be if this stopped????

This world is so crazy. 

It’s a Crazy World Out There! By Jane Honeck, CPA March 23, 2011


Imagine, how beautiful this world would be if this stopped???? Everyone has access to free energy, and anything they need to survive on this planet.

Imagine if it didn’t cost anything? Imagine if those who had were instantly changed in to beings who shared and are not allow any person to go hungry?

Imagine all the money that would be better utilize if it were use for construction instead of destruction, healing instead of killing? If people did not have to fight to exist, they would be more content, and imagine, the crime rate would plummet.

But for some reason, and now I must say that I believe this, psychopaths have taken over our world! They continue to reign supreme in all areas of living and breathing on this planet, and the intend to remain in power till the bitter end, when this planet is completely destroyed.

And if they have visions, fantasies of going to some other off world local, surely only another place filled with psychopaths such as they would receive them.

They may just end up lost in space, traveling across the eons, searching for a new home planet that will accept them and their warlike and destructive tendencies. And it ain’t about race, creed, color, nationality…

it’s about human history across the ages. Humanity’s history of destruction, corruption and injustice is pervasive, no matter what book you read. At some point, we have to stop…

We have to realize that every time we kill someone, we are killing ourself.

We have to realize that it will only return over and over again.

Humanity must remember that the story will continue to repeat itself until we turn this thing around. It’s a daunting task for sure, but if each person, just one at a time, took off their veil of hatred, bigotry and prejudice, little by little, it could happen.

If people decided one by one, to be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy, one by one… it could happen. But alas, our world is so toxic, it may take millions of years to heal this planet back to its pristine beauty. She will go on, with or without us.

It’s a Crazy World Out There! By Jane Honeck, CPAMarch 23, 2011 

Everywhere I go people are lamenting these crazy times—earthquakes, tsunamis, revolts, wars, financial meltdowns—you name it, everything seems haywire. And, just as we seem to settle down from one fiasco, another one flares.

I don’t know what your take is on it, but this is mine. You know those times in life when you just don’t seem to get the message? When you have to get knocked aside the head to pay attention? I think this is one of those times. Just like those times when life has gotten too stressful and I get sick to force me rest. Or, when we ignore financial warning signs until overdraft notices come or credit cards won’t work.

I think Mother Nature, our financial system and world politics have had enough. They are telling us over and over—pay attention. And, every time we don’t listen, the message comes again—only this time bigger, louder and scarier.

What is it going to take to get us to stop, pay attention and make a course correction? I think our earth is telling us, “enough already! You’ve abused me, misused me long enough. It’s time to take care of me for awhile—I’ve taken care of you long enough.”

World politics are asking us to deeply consider our differences; the differences that add to the vibrant tapestry of our world. Can these differences be honored rather than tolerated? Can they be used to bring us together rather than tear us apart? In other words, how do we move toward world peace—a tall order!

And, what about our financial world? It’s time to put money in 2nd place where it belongs. We need money to support our hopes and dreams rather than lead the way. Money will never fulfill a life unless it is built from beliefs and values that sustain us—all of us. Enough for today. What’s your take on this craziness? Share and Enjoy:

Chemtrails are real, okay?


Today, for the first time in my life of 60 years, I see black chemtrails and black chemtrail clouds. I got out of my car, pulled to the side of the road and took these pics. You know, I thought I was running late for an event, but had I stepped out any earlier, I would have missed these, right before sunset. It amazes me how, I am the only one looking up. Can’t people see this? Why isn’t this on the news? What’s the Hell!!!


YOU DECIDE. Coen Vermeeren @ Chemtrail Symposium – University of Ghent 29th may 2010. Dr. Vermeeren is an aeronautic specialist from the ‘Technische Universiteit Delft’, in the Netherlands. Full report:

WE SHOP, WHO PAYS? [Western companies using SLAVES for manufacturing overseas]

Okay, Occupy Wall Street, chew on this one!!

 A documentary about Western companies producing clothes and shoes in developing countries. It is a film about the problems with too low wages, child labour and environmental pollution, and about what can be done to solve these problems. We visit factories in India and talk to suppliers, labourers, NGOs, and farmers who give their point of view. Do western companies take any responsibility? Leaders for H&M and other big Swedish companies answer the question. walmart, wal-mart, cheap wages slave labor, monopoly, corporate pollution, slavery.


Rome descends into chaos as protests turn violent

Okay, I understand the rage, but I do not understand the violence on either part. First of all, it is gonna take more than marches to turn this around. The so-called rulers are in the ivory towers far away from the turbulence. Burning, setting afire, and damaging another’s property to make a point to someone the property does not belong to, makes little meaningful sense to me.

If people are rising up and are the least bit bent on taking down the “System” what are they gonna replace it with?? Who’s weapons are they going to use to “kill” them and take them down? Whose mansions, yatchs, luxury hotels and resorts are they gonna raid and not face security of the utmost?

Who is gonna fund this uprising if it requires arms?

How is it that they have not taken note of what happened in North Africa, the failed attempts, the infiltrations, the lies and deceipt?

How is this method going to bring any harm, closure or revolutionary changes to anyone in the street?

And after it is all over, are the masses going to be like “Lord of the Flies” and turn on each other??

This is the so-called “order out of chaos” illuminati signature. Not that I believe that either, but I am just saying. Where is the reasonable action? The coming together of groups to form workable alliances where they can truly free themselves from the snakes that have bit them? Are these folks prepared to set up themselves independently or are they crying for the bloodsuckers to stop sucking their blood and change their ways toward humaness? Would not these blood suckers know how to, or at least what is humane??

A revolution fought on the streets stays in the streets. The PTB are not in their position because they took to the streets and convinced the masses to follow them. They met behind closed doors in quiet surroundings, and convinced each other, then implemented their plans.

As long as the masses continue to insist that the PTB change their strategy and take care of them better, they will remain slaves as morsels of legislation may (not) be implemented to appease them.

When the masses leave the streets and refuse to participate in the decadence of their societies around the world, it will shift control from the PTB to the masses. But without a viable plan, and a viable means of installing the plan, the merry-go-round will go round and round, till the next stop, not change, just stop.

Humanity has to realize its sovereignty and refuse to be enslaved.

The cry for freedom and justice has to come from within. Otherwise, these folks will force the hand of the PTB into conducting an outright take over and implementation of the so-called NWO which ain’t new at all.

Humanity has to go back to its village, city, towns and boroughs and organize themselves out of the teeth of the tiger and stand on its feet and stop expecting someone to give them a better chance.

These cries have been going on for centuries. We have wars to prove it, but what has it changed? As long as the masses continue to beg for their leaders to do for them, they will remain slaves and risk their lives, property, hopes and dreams in the process.

On the Uselessness of Street Protest; And the Usefulness of Web 2.0 Lobbying

Posted on 01/10/2009 by Juan
The mechanisms are well known whereby the Israeli Right* is able to engage in this cavalier disregard for civilian life (and, some are saying possible occasional targeting of civilians.
I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t matter if tens of thousands of people demonstrate in Paris. Oh,it might put a little pressure on Sarkozy to remonstrate a little harder with the Israeli government, but in the larger scheme of things it isn’t very significant.
Europe has ceded dealing with the Israelis to the United States.
The people of the United States have ceded dealing with the Israelis to the US Congress.
The US Congress generally abdicates its responsibilities when faced with large powerful single-issue lobbies such as the National Rifle Association, the Cuban-American pro-boycott organizations, and the Israel lobbies.
So Congress has ceded Israel, and indeed, most Middle East, policy to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and its myriad organizational supporters, from the Southern Baptist churches to the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs.
The Israel lobbies take their cue on what is good policy from the Israeli government and the Likud Party.
So, US Israel policy is driven by . . . the Israeli rightwing. That is whyCongress voted 309 to five to support Israel’s war on the people of Gaza, with 22 abstaining.
What do do about it?
Single issue lobbies succeed in US politics when there is no organized opponent on the other side of the issue spending as much money and doing as much lobbying.
If all those people waving useless cardboard posters in the air really want to change things, they have to change the US domestic political equation. And it can’t be done with easy things like boycotts (which is negative, not positive action).
The Obama campaign, which, despite rightwing denials, really did make a breakthrough in raising small sums on the Web, has shown a way forward to fight pernicious single-issue lobbies. Politics has been a high-stakes poker game played by millionaires and billionaires (look at the US senate), where most of us can’t even get into the swanky casino much less actually play some cards. The Web 2.0 now allows people to get into the game for $50. And if 50 poorer people give that amount, it is like one wealthy person giving the $2500 allowed for support to a politician’s campaign. But that new model of Web 2.0 giving can only work if it is organized and consistent with regard to purpose.
Dennis Kucinich also benefitted from this broader Web 2.0 supportlast year, raising $700,000 in his primary to defeat a wealthy former mayor who had a war chest of $350,000, which I think in the old days would have been decisive.
Consistency is important. AIPAC often arranges for small-town congressmen only $4000 or so per campaign. [pdf] Even its major contributions in 2008 are actually chump change as the Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs points out. But a lot of US congressional races, which happen every two years, are close, and $4000 is very welcome, especially when there are no costs to signing AIPAC letters and supporting AIPAC positions because there is nobody to speak of on the other side. And if the money comes in every campaign, along with lots of office visits and letters and local community support, it builds loyalty over time.
AIPAC gets in before the ground floor, introducing potential candidates to big donors and has its supporters in the Democratic party machine, e.g., vet candidates. Tom Hayden, a leftist American if there ever was one, had to be approved of by the Bermans to amount to anything in southern California Democratic politics, and it led to his taking an unfortunate stand on the 1982 Lebanon War of which he came to be ashamed. If all this is true for Hayden, imagine how it is with some used car salesman in southern Indiana.
Vindictiveness works. AIPAC has a reputation for actively punishing representatives who step out of line on the Israel-Palestine issue. Paul Findley, Charles Percy, William Fulbright, Roger Jepson, Pete McCloskey, Earl Hilliard, and Cynthia McKinney were all successfully ousted by AIPAC-coordinated campaigns. US political races are often close and AIPAC apologists deny that they made the difference when they are criticized, but boast that they made the difference behind closed doors. Professional lobbyists have told me that in the late 1980s representatives declined to sign letters criticizing Israeli policy, actually citing Percy.
Joe Lieberman would make an excellent object lesson when he next runs for the Senate. Saxby Chambliss too.
Coordination works, even with supposedly charitable groups outwardly forbidden to directly participate in politics. Southern Baptist churches and some proportion of synagogues are networked to get out literally millions of emails to Congress and the media on Israel-related issues. This networking seeps over into political work, since congregations get the cue as to how they should spend their campaign contributions.
So if opposition to things like the Gaza war is going to be effective, something like a Peace Public Affairs Committee would have to be established. It would then coordinate peace-oriented synagogues, Presbyterian Churchs, Catholic churches, Mennonite and Quaker communities, mosques, Buddhist congregations, Unitarian Universalists, etc., to get out emails to congress and the media demanding a genuine peace process and a rollback of Israeli colonization of the Palestinians.
It would also coordinate the lobbying of those existing small PACs which are more narrowly focused but which have a strong interest in the peace process–J Street, the Peace Action Politica Action Committee, the Arab American Political Action Committee, the National Iranian American Council, etc., etc. should also be involved.
A Peace Lobby is not partisan. Libertarians, Socialists, Greens and segments of the Republican and Democratic parties would all be constituents. It is not sectarian. Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Unitarian Universalists and others would all be constituents. No one owns peace. 90% of Americans have a vital interest in it. At a time when the US is the sole superpower, it is unconstrained by rival powers and therefore its leaders and the 10% who benefit from war are horribly tempted by it. Since international conditions do not produce restraint at this juncture, it is especially important that domestic politics throw up barriers to ever more ruinous wars and to US support for the ruinous wars of others.
I underline that such an organized push in American politics for more equitable policies in the Middle East is not anti-Israel, but rather intended to help Israel find a way forward with its neighbors that does not involve continued displays of sado-masochistic politics on both sides. Make no mistake. AIPAC and other rightwing Israel lobbying organizations are enablers and drug dealers, hooking Israeli politicians on the high of power and violence, and we can only heal Israel and Palestine by cutting off that supply.
Such an effort would also have wider implications for US foreign policy. In the coming two or three decades, the US military industrial complex will want to fight several ruinous wars on major oil-producing and gas-producing states not in the US political orbit, such as Iran. At the moment, the US public is helpless before such ambitions, because the War Lobby is even more effective than the Israel lobbies are.
Whenever I rant like this people want me to organize the thing, or they allege that it already exists and is working quite well in Peoria, Illinois, or that it can’t be done, and et cetera. I am not good at organizing, I am good at scribbling and putting ideas out there. It obviously does not already exist on a sufficient scale or we would see its effects. And it certainly can be done.
We lost 2.5 million jobs in the US last year. This effort would create jobs for progressives. In fact, the people who get in on the ground floor organizing it will likely get to be rather well off. And, it might prevent another big terrorist attack on the US, or prevent your child from being drafted and blown up near some godforsaken oil well in Khuzistan someday.
(Someone asked if I am talking about a third party. Heavens no. In first past the post electoral systems, third parties seldom amount to much. I am just talking about a standing Peace Lobby. We have a standing army, after all– an idea the Founding Fathers opposed. We have a standing military-industrial complex. We need a standing Peace Lobby. Otherwise we’re just reactive, and the big decisions are taken behind closed doors, and we are merely reactive, shivering in the street with some placard and a few other brave souls whenever anything happens, to little real effect. It isn’t a mystery. I’m sayingOrganize!” It is just that poor Joe Hill did not have our access to a distributed information system, which is the very best way to organize, and can’t be broken up with a billy stick.)
*I say “Israeli Right” because there is an Israeli Left that is very uncomfortable with what is being done, and some of them have demonstrated or spoken out despite Draconian, almost martial-law reprssive measures taken by the Israeli state to curb freedom of speech at this moment. Nor should it be forgotten that about 1.4 million out of Israel’s 7.2 million citizens are Palestinian-Israelis, and they are privately very disturbed by the whole thing. A few, including a Druze village and a Golan one, have dared demonstrate against the war. There was even a remarkable if small jointPalestinian-Israeli and Jewish Israeli nonpolitical statement of Jewish-Palestinian unity among Israelis which underlined good neighborliness inside Israel. While it is being advertised as apolitical to escape a crackdown, for Jewish-Israelis to form a human chain with Palestinian-Israelis at this moment speaks for itself.


“This poster promoting Occupy Wall Street is an exact copy of a Russian Communist propaganda poster from the early 20th century. “

Occupy Wall Street: 

The Largest Mass PSY OP In Human History?

I too go by my inner feelings and it has been unsettling for me since the beginning.. or shall I saw the apparent beginning. What I reflected upon was the infiltration that took place and is still taking place in the so-called “Arab Spring” and as I write, I am saddened by the death of Gaddafi, while our president is pleased by this development and see it as a victory!. 
Here’s my take on this OWS business.

  • Are these folks out there because they want to be the 1%? 
  • Do they realize that the 1% got there by nefarious means, which in fact says, that Nefaradoes, do not share their wealth? 
  • Do these folks realize that these folks are in the 1% because the 99% put them there? Do these folks realize that it is the consumption by the 99% that keeps the 1%, the 1%? 
  • Do these folks realize that if everyone acquired what the 1% has, we would eventually self-destruct, because the Earth could not house 100% of 1%ters? 
  • Do these people realize that their real power is their buying power, and while capitalism encourages folks to spend, spend, spend, it is the spending and the addiction to spending that keeps corporate folks raking in corporate bucks? 
  • Do these folks realize that these “Men Behind The Curtain” depend on the ignorance of those in front of the curtain, and depend on them following orders as commanded. 
  • Do these people realize that a real revolution starts at home with a total change and paradigm shift of how they do things?
  • And finally, are these people ready to make that shift, or are they thinking they don’t have to, just yell, scream, protest, and make a scene in every town in America, and that will make a difference?
Are these folks so naive that they believe the “Men Behind The Curtain” don’t know what they are doing to the 99%?? Finally, UNTIL these people look at President Obama, and bring out the “noise” about his corporate backers, supporters and campaign financiers (along with the other politicians in congress, 70% of whom are millionares) can they really, really be seen as serious?? I mean really….. How can they not mention that with all that is mentioned?? My take is that it is all a big psyops, smoke screen to cover up all the dirt that is really happening with the US and its NATO allies, and to give these unemployed folks something to do with their time, instead of creating, organizing and establishing 

Maybe it’s me, but I smell a rat, a big fat one!! Why, because the bailout and wall street ain’t the issue!! More money is spent on the Military than some countries, more money is allocated to Black projects, germ warfare, HAARP, chemtrails, space wars and other anomalies. What happened to the peace movement??? What happened to economic stimulus? free health care? ect. Here’s the deal, Wall Street is a front for the big bankers. They bet up and then they bet down and manipulate the markets so that the traders and banksters on the other end always stay on top!! It is a huge hoax. Ain’t no way in hell are they gonna let America fall, with over 6000 basis around the world, what’s gonna happen to those service men and women and supplimentary personell??? The US is on an all out imperialistic take over of the world, they need folks to look the other way and pick at stuff they can barely have any effect on, like a chicken scratching in the dirt for a worm, while they play the grand chess game in front of our face. Martial law already exists, much of these things including catastrophes are used as drills to see how quickly they can pull it off.

DON’T BE FOOLED. There is a much bigger plan in the making, these are distractions. Look at what has happened in the so-called uprisings in north Africa…. They are still battling because it was not real, but staged. This will cause eternal unrest. If the US decrees marshal law on its own citizens how can it talk about Syria, Bahrain or Yemen?? Quiet as its kept, Marshall law was already declared. Ask anyone who lives in the hood. All of these are designed to weaken the masses and fill them with fear. And once that is done, along with all the other underhanded behind the scenes ploys, this thing will sink… not the government, but the psyops-ed sheeple. It is all a game by the biggest Gamesters in the World. Those folks pushing for global control over every body!

Bottom-line, the people of the US do not realize that they are slaves. They do not realize that to even call for the return of the Constitution and the republic is the return to the hegemony that started this whole thing. They do not realize that in asking for this they are asking for more corruption and the dismantling of basic freedoms and human rights. They are ignoring the millions of Indigenous people who were slaughter and the millions more of Africans who were enslaved. They are ignoring that the Constitution and its writers did not include, women, Africans or the people of Turtle Island. They do not realize that they are being played like a harp and that the end game, was the first game, world dominion. Period, at whatever means necessary. This is the history of this planet from day one. Rarely was there an empire that treated its citizens as equals. Most of them had “slaves” and “subjects” who eventually rose up and over threw them only to become that which they overthrew. Over and over again. We are living in a time where we can compare the past civilizations down to the present, and see the signs much more clearly than our Ancestors.

Do we wish to continue this?? Or do we wish to get off the grid, get off the treadmill, and stop asking folks to do for us, what we can do for ourselves. As long as we do that, we will continue to be slaves. They have the technology for free energy, can you imagine what our world would be like if that one thing happened? The fact that it is hidden lets us know just where these so-called “Rulers & Elites” have their priorities.


“Expose the lie of scarcity. This is an excellent description. We spend 1.6 TRILLION on WAR. $.53 cents out of every dollar. This translates into the hazing of each new generation, the dumbing-down of culture: because America is a death machine. We spend much more on destruction and killing than we do on healthy living, humanity, ecology. Truly a CRISES OF HOW THE MONEY IS DISTRIBUTED. That’s why Occupy Wall Street will continue to grow.” erahmer

What I think is ironic is the color of the revolution, “White Folks” they are sick and tired, but the most duped… because black folks have felt this boot on our neck for over 400 years in this place and hundreds of years before this place. Occupy Wall street is the biggest hoax next to an alien invasion. I believe if it gets to deep, they will find a way to anesthesize it, coming to a corner store near you, MARIJUANA, FREE! One of the best drugs to control the masses with. And cheap too. Cure for all your aggression. CALM DOWN, BRO!!!! We gotta stay awake.. we gotta remember who we are, and we gotta avoid the blue pill.

Marijuana may make folks think but it also has a dulling effect on people’s reaction to things. It calms their anxiousness.That is what happened to the movement in the 60’s, marijuana was distributed in the communities across the land and folks got more and more “less active.” Of course there were other drugs, but marijuana was prevalent. I also say this because of the signs and the push to legalize it. Since these folks need drugs to run their wars, and the wars run the drugs, allowing this legislature would put marijuana in the hands of the so-called protesters, while the more dangerous drugs will continue to be proliferated. Don’t get me wrong, all I am saying is that the War on drugs was a total failure, but it was also a smoke screen… they were still trading drugs and guns in South America. The people’s protests may reach critical mass, what better way to calm them down. Since folks are debating the medical advantages of marijuana and the great debate goes on, it is the safest way out for the elite. Most of this stuff is planned, way a head of time, and with alternate plans in the offing. Time will tell, IMO.

But for sure, if it is not Marijuana, it will be something that will dumb down the masses, more flouride in the water, perhaps, more chemtrails?? If the masses realize they are guinea pigs, that this has been planned for centuries and enacted for just that long, then they may really wake up.

Bottom-line, they have created a legion of dependent sheeple, who keep looking to their overlords to change things. These folks are saying there is no Middle Class… How come all of a sudden the middle class is screaming??? They didn’t scream when they killed the poor around the world. When they dried up their lands and grabbed their resources. They voted for these warhogs and land raiders.. that is what made them middle class in the first place, they reaped the benefits. Now these warhogs and land grabbers have gotten so fat off easy money, they could care less about even their own kind. Someone said, BOYCOTT VOTING! EVERYBODY STAY HOME!! Maybe that is a step??? But for sure, we have to each and everyone, change our thinking, become more self sufficient, interdependent among our neighbors, family and friends, and be sovereign enough to be responsible for ourselves and others. We don’t need laws-religion to teach us how to be human, we already know that. Laws are about commerce and religion is about commerce as well. The courts are banks and the churches have ATM machines. I’m just saying, the revolution should not be televised, it should be enacted in everyone’s heart, soul and actions. The system will fall when people unplug…… But atlas, that would be quite challenging for most of us, myself included.

The Story of Your Enslavement

We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. A brief history of human enslavement – up to and including your own. From Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy conversation in the world. Text:

Capitalism Coming Home To Roost



While capitalism is upheld by Western-European nations as the paradigm for economic fairness and efficiency, it conversely has a 400-year history of profiteering that traces to shameless enslavement and colonizing of non-European people by the same nations.
Today, capitalism’s tentacles of debauchery reach beyond the so-called “third world” to now roost among citizens within these very European nations, including America. Once fiscally robust, America is debt-addicted and job-starved, with near-bankrupt states and crippled infrastructures of roads, bridges, schools and airports.
In fed-up response, protesters of the Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWSM) are rightly ranting over capitalism’s recent malfeasance. Yet, in broad-spectrum, it must be reckoned that the descendants of those who were once enslaved or colonized, comprise a majority of people who now live in poverty. The sum of Westernize capitalism – from its extirpations of yesterday to free-market enterprise today – has left trails of billions of impoverished non-European people all around the world wherever labor is performed, services are provided, and resources are located.
With Africa particularly, it is not coincidental that its currencies and economies are among the weakest in the world, while the currencies and economies of Western colonial nations are among the strongest, even though most lack comparable natural resources of the African states they colonized. Capitalist hegemony over Africa siphoned unknown trillions in labor and resources, upon which Western economies unfairly stand.
True, the OWSM cannot undo capitalism’s ugly past. But the point is to stitch threads of commonality and continuity, given that capitalism did not suddenly get derailed by Bush or Obama; or by halos of immunity and tax havens for the rich; or by the cost of war adventurism in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. The middle-class is certainly feeling capitalism’s pitchfork more of late, but capitalism is no more depraved lately than at its inception. A main difference is that – yesterday, its parasitic forces usurped non-Europeans of sovereignty, territories, resources and freedom, while today, extensions of the same parasitic forces are coming home to roost by cannibalizing Americans of all ethnicities of jobs, savings, stocks, pensions, social programs, healthcare and homes.

Like African Americans, growing numbers of Euro-Americans have discovered that capitalism has nothing to do with “equality” nor is it “democratic.” You don’t vote on the overly-priced gas and oil for your car and home. You don’t vote for who owns or commercializes natural resources. You don’t vote on mortgage or bank interest rates or the elasticity of money supply regulated by the Federal Reserve . . . There’s no such thing as equality or democracy in the Western format of capitalism.
As such, the current 16.7% unemployment rate for Blacks more than doubles the 8% for Whites, and Blacks lag in every major index of economics. It’s interesting that 8% would be long-awaited relief to African Americans.
Conversely, 8% is so insufferable to Euro-Americans that it has sparked the OWSM to condemn “certain aspects” of capitalism. But at core, US capitalism is fueled by consumption, which is fueled by credit, which is fueled by the very financial institutions that lie at the heart of the protests. Besides, be it Bush or Obama, both parties are corporate manifestations. America operates a de-facto plutocratic style of governance, where insiders make “contributions” with known intents for favoritism to influence policymaking and party platforms.
With the 2012 election approaching and Obama empathizing with occupiers, the media is setting a stage for Tea Party vs. OWSM showdowns. Beyond partisan bickering however that blames the “other party” for America’s woes, a definitive matter is that, America’s economy is linked to centuries of international graft and gluttony from when Europeans ruled by overt brute force. But with fewer “banana republics,” new Balances of Power are reshaping today’s decolonized world and diminishing the once-sturdiness of Pax Americana (US political, economic, and military advantages).
The fluffy wording of the US constitution is one thing, but America’s capitalistic wealth wasn’t acquired by playing by the “democratic” rules it now wants to export to Africa and the Middle East. So as predatory capitalism is coming home to roost while Americans simultaneously cheer the downfall of “select” governments, Black America should be circumspect that we aren’t in effect, cheering the latest mutation of the selfsame predatory forces of which we are historically among the greatest casualties.

Fredrick Toben: ‘New World Order breaking down’ PressTV

Fredrick Toben: ‘New World Order breaking down’ [PressTV]

Powerful points made here. The NWO is not new at all, but is more apparent than ever before. Slowly but surely it has managed to enslave the entire world, and at the end of the day, folks will have to give up much more than they are willing to.

Believing that changing the figure head leaders will end in disappointment and disillusionment, because all are slaves to the “Machine.” None will be able to change anything by changing from the outside.

Folks have got to go home and decide to get off the grid of greed and consumerism. Take their lives back and develop alternatives to dependence on governments to look out for their best interests.

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