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The War of the Gods: Hurricanes, Fires, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Volcanoes (Videos)

The War of the Gods: 

Hurricanes, Fires, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Volcanoes

Initially, I was going to read to you a report on Hurricane Irma. The energy around what is happening in our world has my heart aching. Then I received this message and I want to share it with you.

I think these hurricanes are the false flag terrorism. While every one may have been expecting some rag wearing jihadist to blame it on, we have millions of people impacted by weather wars, an insidious and imperceptible terror attack on American soil. The result. They don’t have to sell military weapons, just give more contracts to the corporations who will gain from the rebuilding, policing, insuring and resettling and deporting and of course huge sums of money that can be laundered thru charities. And let’s not talk about harvesting of humans.
Since folks got hip to 911, interim false flags, they had to pull out the big guns. Weather wars are taking place over the entire globe. And here it is a great reason to raise the debt ceiling and print more paper.
Every new President seems to get a war or catastrophe, and disaster capitalism covers a broad swath of reconstruction projects where the fat cats benefit. 
The battle between the elites is Biblical, god against god, with the people in the middle. #fire #rain #WeatherWars
It’s the war of the gods, and who will have final dominion over this plane. Think about it. We are caught in the cross hairs. How many stories, myths and legends have we seen throughout cultures from around the world where the gods battle for dominion. Everywhere in every culture. Christians don’t see it in theirs but their gods be changing names, Yahweh Jehovah Jesus is Lord, it’s one take over after another.
Call me crazy I don’t care, I was born outside of the box and that‘s how I been thinking ever since. Them myths and stories didn’t come out of thin air. That’s some real stuff folks experienced. And across the whole planet, that’s why the stories resemble each other. 


I don’t know who will win this time to become the. Supreme ruler, but they is beating the crap outa us, man. And they been battling since this planet became a resource for them.
My message is for those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see. It is the message that I received as I ache in my heart for those who have died by the thousands, those who lost loved ones by the thousands, those who are suffering right now, by the millions upon millions, all over the world, due to the weather anomalies. 
It’s easy to ignore the wars and the devastation that it brings, the people, animals and nature that are destroyed by it, as people raise their flags and support their tyrannical leaders. But when the fire comes home, when the deluge comes to your backyard, then your world becomes ground zero.
After the dust clears, do we pick up the pieces, put it back together, open our hearts and minds to the Oneness that connects us all, or do we go back to our corners, arm ourselves and continue to do their dirty work of battling and killing each other off by any means necessary. Do we go back to our “isms”, divided on the same planet where we all breathe the same air? Do we continue to engage in divide and conquer strategies which destroy lives, hopes and dreams, and nurtures the destructive forces that are humored by our contradictions.
Or do we express/be real LOVE seeing ourselves in our fellow human, animal, plant, tree or drop of water.
LOVE will stir an awakening. When we begin to awaken, realize our own madness, decide to release that which separates us and focus on that which unites us, pull out the feeding tube, walk in the light and richness of our Wonderful Creation; those warring Gods, like vampires, they will begin to devour each other.

Their battle turns rivers red and moons bloody. Their battle darkens the sky and fires up the night with streaks of lightening. Their rumble will make the weak tremble and the strong retreat into a patriotic battle cry as they cheer them on.
Our smallness will have us latch on to the winner. Lift them up above all others before or after. We will release our sovereignty to our next all powerful Ruler. 
The temporary calm that follows will delude us into believing we are safe again. We have chosen the winner, to honor, worship and adore. We bring alms and tithes in praise of our new LORD,  who saved the believers and vanquished the heathens. We will rise up justified in doing to the heathens what our hero has done to its enemies. 
We will become sickened with duality, division and separation from what really unites us: LOVE.  We will become the handmaiden and hand servants of our new HERO!

We will abide in unbridled faith and willingness to do whatever we are charged to do to keep our HERO satisfied and we will receive his blessings with reverent contentment.  We will glorify him and blame our troubles on his enemies or anyone who would defile him.
We will faithfully release our own responsibility to care for ourselves and each other feeling justified in doing so due to the PROMISE the HERO showed us when they vanquished their opposition. We will cower before it and take our place next to the other little sand particles. We will feel vindicated and saved in our abdication.
Until, little by little we begin to awaken and threaten to remove the feeding tube. Our awakening reverberates throughout the Universe.  Awakened, we vibrate at a higher frequency. We become points of light.  We become attractive, brilliant, amazing, beneficent, self aware and charged. We connect to KNOWING.  We become prime real estate.
Our Hero, embolden to defend and protect his source of nourishment. He will suppress the awakening. Like any gardener or shepherd, he will weed out the awakened ones to diminish the impact the awakened ones may have. He will build a fortress blocking all acquisitors. When the inevitable breach in the wall comes, he will battle all competitors. In his fury he will turn his garden into a waste land.  If he survives he will gather the real estate that remains and go about rebuilding his dominion. If he loses, the Victor takes the spoils.
Then it becomes time for a reset. And the cycle starts all over again. The NWO has never been new. It is the same, 

Order Out of Chaos.
Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms in a century, is heading directly towards Florida after it lashed the Caribbean.

Hurricane Harvey: Weather War or Natural Disaster? (Videos)

Hurricane Harvey: Weather War or Natural Disaster?

Harvey Hit Texas August 25, 2017. There is an expected 450,000 people who will be impacted by this storm, at least 30,000 are homeless. The death toll is suspiciously low, but we can assume that it will rise drastically when you compare the numbers that are estimated to be impacted by this storm.

There is so much speculation about whether or not this storm is Engineered or Natural. Folks are weighing in on both sides of the argument. I have watched several videos and news reports and I am so out of the loop when it comes to even being able to wrap my brain around the maps. What do they mean? I can barely understand them. I am sure I am not the only one who cannot process these maps. But one thing that I can do is feel the deep sense of loss and pain these folks are feeling.
Being an empath has its benefits but it can also have its down side. All I can feel about this whole thing is that it’s absolutely horrible and that people are suffering through the immediate trauma now, but it will take a long time for folks to recover.
Imagine losing, every single thing you own? All  you have is the clothes on your back, some folks don’t even have shoes. Texas has become ground zero as you can see from the many photos that pepper the internet news and videos. Where will these people go, what will they do? What about their jobs? What about the elderly and the young children who need so much attention and care?
For the children, it may be fun at first, being rescued and taken to a shelter, where they can run and play with other children. Children are so resilient. But eventually, they are gonna ask, “When can we go back home?” What are their parents and guardians going to tell them? How can they explain to them that their home is no longer there, all their toys and playthings, are gone, forever? How do they explain that to a small child who just thought it was an adventure.
And then you have the older ones, who spent their lives building their homes, filling their homes with everything from trinkets to heirlooms. Memories all gone, lost never to be recovered. And those that are recovered may not be salvageable.
They are so quick to say, we will rebuild. But how do you do that, in a culture that is so attached to its material things, its material wealth, its consumption of more than it could ever need? How do you take them from that and tell them to subsist on bare minimal, packaged food and hand-outs from strangers?
How do you pull these lives, broken do to a tragedy that is looking more and more like it was intentional, how do you get them to have faith?
I heard a lot about folks saying pray, and pray and pray, and I ask, sincerely, how does praying fix this? Weren’t they praying before this happened?
I don’t understand the concept of blaming it on God, or blaming it on the sinner, when you have children and animals, who could have not been disobedient to the point where they deserve to be stripped of all they knew or have. That type of theology makes no sense to me.
I remember Katrina. I remember how the media did not tell us the truth about what was going on, nor showed us the animals floating in the water, the dead bodies washed up or floating as well. The real horrendous nature of this disaster is being kept from the public. They are not showing the crowding that is happening in the shelters and the many people the rescuers could not save.
And what about the rescuers, how tirelessly they work to save folks, what about their nightmares? If nothing else, this is a terrifying and catastrophic event. I call it, Trump’s 911.
There were questions about where is the National Guard, the Military, the police? Why don’t we see the police presence like we have seen in Berkley, and Charlottesville, and Boston? Where are they with their big trucks and gear? Surely down there, they have boats they can deploy.
So the Cajun Navy from New Orleans comes to the rescue, but Texans are wondering where is their government? You know the one they pay exorbitant taxes too. The one they elected, emmasse, Mr. Trump, where are you and what are you doing besides, threatening, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea? Where is the help that these people need? The help that carries a double edged sword, for surely, once the Government gets into the mix all bets are off.
There’s talk about FEMA camps and internment and even folks being killed as part of this scenario. Think about Katrina. Remember the FEMA trailers that folks stood in line for? Remember how ill prepared they were to house all those folks? Remember the condition of the trailers? Remember the evacuations and how they sent those folks to the far corners of this country?
Remember the arguments over whether you call them evacuees, refugees, survivors or immigrants. Ironic isn’t it, the very state that had strong immigration laws will now be forced to migrate from their homes do to a disaster that was completely out of their control. Would you call it poetic justice?
Personally, I cannot imagine having to wade through cold filthy waste high water. I saw a video of a woman who was so distraught that after they rescued her, she jumped ship, back into the water. What desperation and feelings of destitution would make anyone go back into the water and I hear those waters have snakes and alligators in them.
It’s a total nightmare, for all of us, and then you add, what’s happening in the rest of the world where the weather is anomalous to say the least, high temps here and low temps there. Fires and deluge going on all at the same time.
Let’s not blame it on God, we as humans have to take responsibility for our actions. And one of the biggest mistakes we make as humans is to give up our sovereignty to government, that does not and cannot have your best interest at heart. The very nature of government negates that attribution.
So let’s look at a few headlines…  I have read the articles that I list here and I will post them in the blog so you can read them, but I will just give my comments on the headlines in this video.

From the Waking Times we read:
The irony of Mexico sending help to the very people who were galvanized to keep them out and definitely did not want them to cross the border they had to cross in order to get to them to help them.  This scenario reminds me of how the flying foot of fate and give you a swift kick in the arse. Those darn Mexicans did the exact same thing during the Katrina nightmare, along with Cuba sending 300 doctors.  One thing about Americans, they can become so comfortable that they have no idea how to live without their creature comforts.  While Mexicans surely do and surely have had much less. Now they must welcome them. I am sure there will be some Houstonians who will reject their help. It’s human nature to stand firm in your righteousness, but when your life is on the line, sometimes you just have to give it up and accept help from the very person you refused to help in the past.  I wonder if this may be the silver lining peeping out from behind those ominous clouds.
From State of the Nation:
Everyday, I look at my sky and I don’t recognize it. It has no resemblance to the sky I grew up with. How in the world are long lines even considered clouds? Clouds should be fluffy and take on the shape of faces, animals and trees. Not criss-cross. I am not aware of the cloud seeding or the aerosol spraying that took place before Harvey. Like everyone else, I never expected it or more-so, I was distracted by all the Alt-right and Alt-Left engineered chaos, that I missed this one.  But from what I can gather, there was definitely a hidden hand behind this, and I refuse to blame it on God!
From CNN Wire:
This headline feels extremely disingenuous.  The First Fatality? Should it not say, the first reported fatality, for surely, there was someone who got lost in the waves that beat upon the roads and highways and into the submerged houses. Think about it… there will be many deaths, some reported others not. But certainly, the death toll will continue to rise over the weeks, months and even years ahead. 
Some folks will just die because they lost all meaning for living anymore. Uprooted from their home, they will lose the desire to live, separated from loved ones, family and friends, their very lifestyle. Some will just give up. There was a report of a young man who lost five family members in a car they were riding in to escape the deluge and were overtaken by it, the van sunk, he got out but everyone else in the van went down with it. What suffering, guilt and trepidation does he feel right now? How many of those who survived Katrina are lost to Harvey? Think about it.
From the Chicago Tribune:
So, the FEMA officials are saying it will take years to recover. And the Red Cross is saying they can’t say where the donations will go. And many people are opting out of giving their money to the Red Cross to begin with. They are encouraging folks to give to families they know, churches and small organizations in the area that can help. The refineries are flood out and the two chemical plants have exploded, leaking toxic gases into the air. A complete nightmare. The long lines of people seeking gas while the gas supplies dwindle. Texas being a major hub for oil production, we will feel the pinch even in the driest parts of this country.
Insurance companies are gathering their policies, redefining them, and determining who is eligible and who is not. As was with Hurricane Sandy, folks waited and waited and waited for months before they could get any kind of insurance or help from the Government.  The yearslong recovery will be slowed by government bureaucracy, another ironic twist for this fiercely independent state, who did not want too many government regulations or infiltration in the way they live their lives. And now, they will need food stamps, and other subsidies, from that very government.  Remember the cards they gave to the Katrina residence? Remember the minimal amount of money they got from the government? This will be a repeat of the same. FEMA said they were prepared, more so than they were with Katrina, but Sandy came after and they didn’t seem to do much better, and we won’t even talk about how much corruption shrouded the distribution of these funds.
From Waking Times:
No one can argue the way the people came out to support each other, all the people. In fact, you got to see how “diverse” the Houstonian community was by those who helped and by looking at those who received help. No one seemed to care about anything but giving a helping hand to those in need, no matter who they were. All barriers were erased. Is this what we need to get folks to put aside their differences and work together as a community for the greater good?
It shouldn’t be. But time and time again, we see this elevation of the human spirit beyond class, race and political leanings, to do something for another who is in dire straights. So we must applaud the bravery, fortitude and determination the rescuers of all stripes showed in this disaster!! And then we hope that when it’s all over and they are all dry, that they do not go back to their battling corners and resume the ridiculous fighting against each other, ignoring who the real enemy is.
From Anti-Media:
Hurricane Harvey is Trump’s 911. Hurricane Harvey is Trump’s 911, Hurricane Harvey is Trump’s 911 and the terror attack that everyone was thinking was gonna happen. Unfortunately, the terrorists may never be found or will be concealed or, as it has been known to happen with homegrown terrorism, they may get nice cushiony promotions, notoriety, cabinet positions or become Board Members at some prestigious corporation that will reign in millions from this catastrophe.

This may weigh in on Trump and be the measure of how “presidential” he really is or how impeachable he is.

And for those who feared his assassination, what better way to assassinate him then to sully him and his governmental response to this disaster by showing how inept he and all of his high level officials were, are and will continue to be as they attempt to quiet this storm.

Houston and the surrounding areas most impacted by this storm is Ground Zero, 2017.  How long will it take for them to transfer their focus from rebuilding war torn regions, half way around the world due to America’s complicity, to rebuilding the lives of those folks impacted by Harvey. If history is any measure of the response then maybe bringing Katrina victims back to show them how it should be done would be a better idea.
YouTube Mix Playlist:

I found this playlist particularly compelling. YouTube mixed about 50 videos where folks were identifying what they believed to be the manmade cause of this disaster. During this time of extreme censorship, it seems a bit strange that YouTube would even author such a playlist. It really struck me as quite weird on their part. There was one or two videos in this play list that seemed to mock the conspiracy theorist, but for the most part, there were several videos that are worth the watch.  While we can pretend that the governments around the world are not attempting to manipulate the weather to the point of weaponizing it; it’s thought provoking that they would use it on their own people. Then we just need to stop and think how they are poisoning us each and every day via a variety of means, so why not here as well. Not to mention 911, an event that the entire globe has been traumatized by and is paying for till this day, 16 years later.
From Anti-Media:
Social Media will have and has had all types of comments about this young lady being interviewed by CNN. But CNN has to get the news and this young lady has to get dry and her kids too. These media prestitutes have to get the story. They are trained that way, go get the story.  I saw one guy say, put the camera down, let’s help, and they did just that.  So, I guess we can say it varies.. But one thing for sure, this young lady was clearly upset and riddled by what happened to her and her family, after days of no help, she finally was able to get to dry ground, food and shelter. I don’t think this is an isolated incident. Paradoxically, there is the expectation that the government will protect them, save them, rescue them, feed them, clothe them, and so forth. Understandably so, if they have been trained to believe that government is GOD and is there for just that reason. It will be even more painful to see how many folks will come out of this situation completely disillusioned, depressed, hopeless, disappointed and even angry, when their expectations are not fulfilled.
From Natural News

And finally, this Natural News article was the first article I read. Here he explores the notion that this storm was engineered. He wrote two articles one on August 28th and a follow up article on August 31, 2017.
I really appreciate his conclusion and I will read that part of the article to you. Again, remember, there will be a blog post with all the links in it so you can click on that link in the description below.

Conclusion: Keep asking questions and stay curious, but also think criticallyMy conclusion in all this? Creative, critical thinking is a healthy practice, and I always encourage people to keep asking questions and challenge official explanations for everything. We do know we’re all constantly lied to by the fake news media about almost everything, from vaccines to economics to history. And don’t forget the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” conspiracy theory that’s been pushed by the fake news media for the last 18 months, based on absolutely nothing but faked sources and shoddy journalism.
If there’s anything I can say about the weather wars websites and commentators, it’s that I applaud all efforts to challenge current paradigms with clear thinking, and I readily admit I’m no expert in weather modification technology. Perhaps there are things I will learn in the future that will change my own view on this subject. Until then, I hope to encourage critical thinking about everything, which means that I don’t believe anything by default.
The mainstream media is lying to us all the time. Most of what’s labeled “mainstream science” is often just a consensus collection of corporation-induced lies. Mainstream medicine is a corruption racket shrouded in fake science and media propaganda. You are right to question everything for the simple reason that almost everything you’re told is complete bulls##t. Yet that doesn’t justify believing every alternative theory, either. You need to think critically about which theories you believe vs. reject. For example, I’ve publicly stated that the Flat Earth theorists are flat-out wrong (although they do offer a fun thought experiment to play with). I also think Ray Kurzweil’s singularity is a misguided pipe dream rooted in self-delusion and an unhealthy God complex.
Can hurricanes be artificially generated in totality? Almost certainly not. Can they be steered into intended targets? It seems incredibly unlikely, but within the realm of technical feasibility. Does weather modification technology exist? Absolutely, yes. But that doesn’t mean that every weather event is a nefarious plot. We live on a dynamic, chaotic planet that’s home to all sorts of bizarre natural phenomena. Although I know as a fact that the status quo can fake the news, brainwash the masses and pull off massive false flag events, I very much doubt they can fake entire hurricanes.
Do you have a different take on all this? Do your research. Think critically. Don’t believe everything you read, view or hear. Most importantly, make up your own mind and don’t let the establishment tell you what’s true, because the establishment is lying to you about almost everything.” Mike Adams, Natural News

Well, folks that’s it for me, and like they all say, you can come to your own conclusions but I will add, do so after you have done your own research.


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