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Obama’s Birth Certificate

Obama’s Birth Certificate
It’s not a scan – it’s a scam

AP Release: 4-28-2011

Not that it matters. but…

I haven’t had much to say about Obama’s birth circumstances because:

a) I didn’t look into it personally

b) Him lying about his birthplace is the least of our problems

Generally, I wait for liars to lie. It’s easier that way. No research necessary. You just take apart their careless lies (no liars are ever careful enough.)

I have no idea where Obama was actually born, but the document on the White House web site was MANUFACTURED digitally.

What’s on the White House web site is not a scan of a paper document, no way, no how.

This is not news, but in case you needed the obvious pointed out: Obama is a very polished – and pathological – liar.

Obama’s promises: Troops out of Iraq – No more torture – Guantanamo to be closed

The reality: Wars continue – New wars in Pakistan and Libya – torture continues – Guantanamo still open for business

That’s why we call him Osama Bushbama around here. He’s continuing the corruption of the Republican Bush administration in the service of the accidental or deliberate (does it matter?) tearing down of the country. 

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Mumia Abu-Jamal: Justice after all?

April 26, 2011 Mumia has been granted a new hearing as to whether he should be sentenced to life or death. The brief Robert R. Bryan submitted on his behalf last summer to the U.S. Court of Appeals, Philadelphia, established that the trial judge unfairly instructed the jury. Thus the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution required reversal of the death penalty.

Mumia Abu-Jamal has been on death row for decades, but now the US court system will award him with a new sentence hearing. Is he being given a second chance? Former lead council for Abu-Jamal, Robert R Bryan, talks about how the black and poor are often poorly represented in American courts as he discusses the cases of his former client and Troy Davis, another death row inmate many believe to be wrongfully accused.

Source and RussiaToday


The case of Pennsylvania death row prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal took a surprising turn Tuesday when the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously declared his death sentence unconstitutional. It is the second time the court has agreed with a lower court judge who set aside Abu-Jamal’s death sentence after finding jurors were given confusing instructions that encouraged them to choose death rather than a life sentence. Now Abu-Jamal, a former Black Panther and journalist, could get a new sentencing hearing in court. We speak with his co-counsel, Judith Ritter, and Linn Washington, an award-winning journalist who has followed Abu-Jamal’s case for almost three decades. [includes rush transcript]

My Comment:

I will call it justice if they let him out, due to the amount of time he has been in prison. A life sentence in many states, including PA. I will call it justice when he gets out and the community is there to help him to make that transition to civilian life. Can anyone imagine how much the world/technology has changed since he went down?? A new hearing?? A better chance?? We shall see, I believe this is the 3rd time. But to me, it just shows how unjust this system is.

Tornado tears through Alabama 4-27-2011

Tornado tears through Alabama

2 hours ago – Reuters 1:22 | 1176 views  4-27-2011

A powerful tornado hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama, killing at least 15 people and injuring over 100 more.


These folks have been dealing with tornadoes since April 12, 2011, it is usually tornado season but some say this is the worse they have seen in decades.

Dr Joy De Gruy Leary- Post Tramuatic Slave Syndrome

Dr Joy De Gruy Leary- Post Tramuatic Slave Syndrome. this woman is awesome… she puts the dot on the “i” and crosses the “t” straight up!


It is always a rabbit hole, no matter what direction they go in. It’s like a married couple, been married for 70 years and now the man wanna come clean about cheating all that time, while over the years he has been producing out of thin air, amazing things and saying they are blessings. UFO disclosure has been hijacked!

Go to this video and read the comments, go to some of the other videos there and please, please, please, use discernment. The Old Empire is on its last leg.. it ain’t gonna go out without a fight to the death!!!

If this disclosure come about, you can bet they are making sure they are not held liable, will want immunity from prosecution, safe haven, etc. And what about all the people who went crazy, ended up ill or dead, ostracized from their friends and family because they said they saw a UFO!!

And what is the Vatican gonna do about it? It’s a long lie and has been going on for a long time! This lie has history!!! Not a history that will be easily swept under the rug. My guess is they will come up with an ingenious plan and the sheeple will accept it.

Program: Black in Latin America Episode: Haiti & the Dominican Republic: An Island Divided

Program: Black in Latin America

Episode: Haiti & the Dominican Republic: An Island Divided

In the Dominican Republic, Professor Gates explores how race has been socially constructed, and how the country’s troubled history with Haiti informs notions about racial classification. In Haiti, Professor Gates tells the story of the birth of the first-ever black republic, and finds out how the slaves hard fight for liberation became a double edged sword.
• Visit the Haiti & the Dominican Republic: An Island Divided webpage

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Dr Helen Caldicott on Fukushimo Nuclear Power Plants

Uploaded by rulesofethics on Apr 18, 2011

Nuclear Facts A very clued in professional who will not be bought or intimidated into silence: Dr Helen Caldicott, true to style, tells it as it is. As she sees it, you wont usually hear the truth so listen up.. Nuclear fallout from Japan and Canada, You won’t hear this on the news!

“Nana she mentioned the Reptilian males who are out of control, this has become more than diabolical and sets forth an agenda that exceeds previous agendas say from the 60’s.”

Unfortunately, this agenda has been going on for thousands of years, with only the faces of those in power shifting. It is a deep insidious agenda that affects the entire planet and all that reside upon it. It is bigger and deeper than we can realize in a moments notice. We have been continually impacted by it, since the days of Atlantis. In fact, we have only minimally progressed on this planet as a species. The warnings from the Ancient Elders and Ascended Masters have not been heeded by the ones in power. Their blood thirsty need for power cares little about who is hurt in the wake. They have been given “fool’s gold” which they are willing to destroy the entire planet for. They, themselves are subjected to the veil and cannot see beyond the promises of power, or its impact on them, their families, and the rest of humanity in the long run. Radiation is a serious issue because it effects all entities on all levels in all dimensions, on and off planet. Changing matter to energy is a powerful tool if used constructively, if used destructively, we face the possibility of complete annihilation as a species, and as she says, along with every other living thing on earth. Protect yourself as best you can, stay in prayer/meditation and keep your eyes open.

Japan Earthquake: 10,000 Feared Dead, Hundreds Of Thousands Without Food, Water, Electricity

First Posted: 03/13/11 02:55 PM Updated: 03/14/11 12:40 PM

SENDAI, Japan (AP) — The estimated death toll from Japan’s disasters climbed past 10,000 Sunday as authorities raced to combat the threat of multiple nuclear reactor meltdowns and hundreds of thousands of people struggled to find food and water. The prime minister said it was the nation’s worst crisis since World War II.

Nuclear plant operators worked frantically to try to keep temperatures down in several reactors crippled by the earthquake and tsunami, wrecking at least two by dumping sea water into them in last-ditch efforts to avoid meltdowns. Officials warned of a second explosion but said it would not pose a health threat.

Near-freezing temperatures compounded the misery of survivors along hundreds of miles (kilometers) of the northeastern coast battered by the tsunami that smashed inland with breathtaking fury. Rescuers pulled bodies from mud-covered jumbles of wrecked houses, shattered tree trunks, twisted cars and tangled power lines while survivors examined the ruined remains.

One rare bit of good news was the rescue of a 60-year-old man swept away by the tsunami who clung to the roof of his house for two days until a military vessel spotted him waving a red cloth about 10 miles (15 kilometers) offshore.

The death toll surged because of a report from Miyagi, one of the three hardest hit states. The police chief told disaster relief officials more than 10,000 people were killed, police spokesman Go Sugawara told The Associated Press. That was an estimate – only 400 people have been confirmed dead in Miyagi, which has a population of 2.3 million.

According to officials, more than 1,400 people were confirmed dead – including 200 people whose bodies were found Sunday along the coast – and more than 1,000 were missing in Friday’s disasters. Another 1,700 were injured.

For Japan, one of the world’s leading economies with ultramodern infrastructure, the disasters plunged ordinary life into nearly unimaginable deprivation.

Hundreds of thousands of hungry survivors huddled in darkened emergency centers that were cut off from rescuers, aid and electricity. At least 1.4 million households had gone without water since the quake struck and some 1.9 million households were without electricity.

While the government doubled the number of soldiers deployed in the aid effort to 100,000 and sent 120,000 blankets, 120,000 bottles of water and 29,000 gallons (110,000 liters) of gasoline plus food to the affected areas, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said electricity would take days to restore. In the meantime, he said, electricity would be rationed with rolling blackouts to several cities, including Tokyo.

“This is Japan’s most severe crisis since the war ended 65 years ago,” Kan told reporters, adding that Japan’s future would be decided by its response.

In Rikuzentakata, a port city of over 20,000 virtually wiped out by the tsunami, Etsuko Koyama escaped the water rushing through the third floor of her home but lost her grip on her daughter’s hand and has not found her.

“I haven’t given up hope yet,” Koyama told public broadcaster NHK, wiping tears from her eyes. “I saved myself, but I couldn’t save my daughter.”

A young man described what ran through his mind before he escaped in a separate rescue. “I thought to myself, ah, this is how I will die,” Tatsuro Ishikawa, his face bruised and cut, told NHK as he sat in striped hospital pajamas.

Japanese officials raised their estimate Sunday of the quake’s magnitude to 9.0, a notch above the U.S. Geological Survey’s reading of 8.9. Either way, it was the strongest quake ever recorded in Japan, which lies on a seismically active arc. A volcano on the southern island of Kyushu – hundreds of miles (kilometers) from the quake’ epicenter – also resumed spewing ash and rock Sunday after a couple of quiet weeks, Japan’s weather agency said.

Dozens of countries have offered assistance. Two U.S. aircraft carrier groups were off Japan’s coast and ready to help. Helicopters were flying from one of the carriers, the USS Ronald Reagan, delivering food and water in Miyagi.

Two other U.S. rescue teams of 72 personnel each and rescue dogs arrived Sunday, as did a five-dog team from Singapore.

Still, large areas of the countryside remained surrounded by water and unreachable. Fuel stations were closed, though at some, cars waited in lines hundreds of vehicles long.

The United States and a several countries in Europe urged their citizens to avoid travel to Japan. France took the added step of suggesting people leave Tokyo in case radiation reached the city.

Community after community traced the vast extent of the devastation.

In the town of Minamisanrikucho, 10,000 people – nearly two-thirds of the population – have not been heard from since the tsunami wiped it out, a government spokesman said. NHK showed only a couple concrete structures still standing, and the bottom three floors of those buildings gutted. One of the few standing was a hospital, and a worker told NHK that hospital staff rescued about a third of the patients.

In the hard-hit port city of Sendai, firefighters with wooden picks dug through a devastated neighborhood. One of them yelled: “A corpse.” Inside a house, he had found the body of a gray-haired woman under a blanket.

A few minutes later, the firefighters spotted another – that of a man in black fleece jacket and pants, crumpled in a partial fetal position at the bottom of a wooden stairwell. From outside, while the top of the house seemed almost untouched, the first floor where the body was had been inundated. A minivan lay embedded in one outer wall, which had been ripped away, pulverized beside a mangled bicycle.

The man’s neighbor, 24-year-old Ayumi Osuga, dug through the remains of her own house, her white mittens covered by dark mud.

Osuga said she had been practicing origami, the Japanese art of folding paper into figures, with her three children when the quake stuck. She recalled her husband’s shouted warning from outside: “‘GET OUT OF THERE NOW!'”

She gathered her children – aged 2 to 6 – and fled in her car to higher ground with her husband. They spent the night in a hilltop home belonging to her husband’s family about 12 miles (20 kilometers) away.

“My family, my children. We are lucky to be alive,” she said.

“I have come to realize what is important in life,” Osuga said, nervously flicking ashes from a cigarette onto the rubble at her feet as a giant column of black smoke billowed in the distance.

As night fell and temperatures dropped to freezing in Sendai, people who had slept in underpasses or offices the past two nights gathered for warmth in community centers, schools and City Hall.

At a large refinery on the outskirts of the city, 100-foot (30-meter) -high bright orange flames rose in the air, spitting out dark plumes of smoke. The facility has been burning since Friday. The fire’s roar could be heard from afar. Smoke burned the eyes and throat, and a gaseous stench hung in the air.

In the small town of Tagajo, also near Sendai, dazed residents roamed streets cluttered with smashed cars, broken homes and twisted metal.

Residents said the water surged in and quickly rose higher than the first floor of buildings. At Sengen General Hospital, the staff worked feverishly to haul bedridden patients up the stairs one at a time. With the halls now dark, those who can leave have gone to the local community center.

“There is still no water or power, and we’ve got some very sick people in here,” said hospital official Ikuro Matsumoto.

Police cars drove slowly through the town and warned residents through loudspeakers to seek higher ground, but most simply stood by and watched them pass.

In the town of Iwaki, there was no electricity, stores were closed and residents left as food and fuel supplies dwindled. Local police took in about 90 people and gave them blankets and rice balls, but there was no sign of government or military aid trucks.

Uploaded by RussiaToday on May 8, 2011
Nuclear safety has come under fresh scrutiny following the shock at what has unfolded at Japan’s Fukushima plant, and the recent anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster has only added to the fears. RT has visited Kaliniskaya nuclear power plant, which is just 330km from Moscow, in the Tver Region. Its third energy unit was launched in 2005, but the original designs go back to the 1980s. Since then, all the equipment has been replaced with the latest technology. “I think to compare this to the sort of technologies that were used in Chernobyl is totally inappropriate. This system is automated, and these computers can do millions of calculations every second. So a repeat of that is impossible,” says Matvey Banchev, a shift manager. The Kaliniskaya plant uses uranium, which heats up the water with the process of fission and thus produces electricity. Normally, when there is an accident or anything goes wrong, the reactor at Kaliniskaya power plant shuts down with special control rods, which stop the process of fission. In Japan, there was a successful shutdown at Fukushima-1, after the water circulation system was damaged as a result of the March 11 earthquake. But even though the fission is interrupted, it does not stop all together. There is a remaining process which goes on for several days. In Japan there was a special diesel operated back-up system, which was supposed to prevent the rods from overheating with the left-over fission going on. The tsunami, which followed the earthquake, damaged the back-up system. And this led to the rods heating up and causing a build-up of air pressure and eventually to a series of explosions.
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It’s official: Fukushima now a new Chernobyl as radiation rises to max

Uploaded by RussiaToday on Apr 12, 2011
Japan has upgraded the severity rating at the paralyzed Fukushima nuclear plant to seven, a level only ever previously assigned to the Chernobyl disaster. Officials say it’s been raised, because high radiation has been recorded in the air, ocean and tap water. But Japan’s nuclear safety agency is still reluctant to compare the dangers to what happened at Chernobyl, saying the radiation leak is still smaller.

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Sayonara, Japan: Is the capitalist game over now?
Date: Monday, April 11 @ 07:46:43 AST
Topic: Venezuela

By Franz J. T. Lee
April 11, 2011

For planetary life, for human beings, for the past, present and future, what does the Fukushima cataclysm foretell?

Firstly, what do millions in Venezuela, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania know about current global reality? True scientific and real philosophic knowledge are not genetically acquired, they are not a divine don or gift: they do not drop like divine nectar or like holy manna from the polluted skies. Billions of workers probably never ever would learn the philosophic truth, would never acquire scientific knowledge about their earthly being and existence.

If we would have studied consciously and conscientiously, for example, the history of Venezuela, of the Americas, then we could have discover very easily that not only the ruling ideas of each epoch are the ideas of the ruling classes … which are being disseminated mainly by socialization processes, by education, culture, religion and ideology … but also see that the ruling truth and knowledge of each epoch are the truth and knowledge of the ruling classes, which are being spread by the international mass media, which sow confusion, distortion and indoctrination and which reap lies, hoaxes, body, mind and thought control.

Currently the only globally accepted truth, sanctioned by the United Nations, is the truth that comes out of the barrel of a corporate gun as depleted uranium bullets, as ‘terrorist’ atomic radiation.

To know the truth of our epoch is very simple: just listen to the politicians, read the daily newspapers and just listen to the man on the street and to our educators.

According to the famous bourgeois, mechanical materialist Sigmund Freud ‘no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of truth. ‘

However, he insisted that a conditio sine qua non for freedom was to know the truth. In the current global mental holocaust, in the corporate Moloch of Murdoch and Co.,, of global and globalized authoritarian and totalitarian body, mind and thought control, it is well-nigh impossible for billions of workers, for the ‘wretched of the earth’, to reflect, think, theoretize and philosophize about planetary historic reality, existence and transcendence.

We know what is ‘lol’ or ‘thanx’, to make the sign of the cross, but most of us, especially the youth, do not have the foggiest idea what are atomic ‘meltdowns’, HAARP, ‘Operation Paper-Clip, Dien Bien Phu, the ‘Manchurian Candidate’, zeitgeist, apartheid, Chernobyl, ‘chemtrails’, Marx, ‘geo-engineering’ or plutonium. Progressively, with all the ‘news’ and ‘education’, we are becoming extinct, are being disinformed into a species of homo ignoramus instead of homo novum.

Dialectically related to the murderous, historic, capitalist process of perpetual ruling class accumulation – of violence, terror, piracy, booty, privileges, power and vandalism – across millennia the lords, water lords and warlords have developed superstructural mechanics, machinations and fabrications to control and destroy human thinking and thought of their ‘speaking tools’, of their ‘subjects’, to disable them to understand the real and true ramifications of natural and human exploitation, political domination, social discrimination, racism, ‘military humanism’ and ‘full spectrum dominance’, that is, total human alienation.

Within this transhistoric spectrum we have to see the current global fascism, euphemistically called ‘humanism’, globalization. The current United States belligerent hoaxes, the bare-faced, blatant NATO lies and the arrogance of its terrorist military ‘commands’, are happening at the level of collapse of a planetary process which, like all earthly man made processes, merits to pass away.

All the criminal attacks on states like Libya, Ivory Coast or Venezuela, demonstrate the material and social decay of a destructive culture. As it nears its end, it becomes more violent, more terrorist.

There is nothing absolutely true about capitalism, it has no everlasting existence, currently it is in decay, it is ‘melting down’; desperately, like Dorian Gray, it tries to rejuvenate its obsolescence, all in vain, like King Midas, everything that it touches turns into golden diarrhea. This mode of destruction has already reached barbarous levels, in chain reaction it is destroying itself, it has become suicidal.

At this level of corporate decay and apocalyptic terrorism, inter alia, what is still worthwhile to study, reflect and consider in this ‘epoch of naked survival’?

We have to use our brains, our invincible weapon, as never before. Let us look at Fukushima. But, first let us remind ourselves of certain tasks.

We have:
* To understand once and for all that ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’, that one’s earthly life is unique, that it ‘is beautiful, hence, to enjoy it to the fullest’ (Trotsky);

* to liberate ourselves from the religious and ideological cobwebs of obscurantism and begin to transilluminate the cosmic highway towards real anti-capitalist human emancipation;

* to create anticipatory contents for our emancipatory concepts and categories, for example, for revolution, class struggle, production. labor, capital, socialism, Marxism, proletariat, imperialism or fascism;

* to discover discover the real apocalyptic threat in which we encounter ourselves at this stage of the labor process, of capital accumulation and of ruling class history;

* to note that United States Ex-President George H. W. Bush at least for once in his life time told the whole of humanity the cataclysmic naked truth of global fascism, of the coming post-Orwellian ‘one world government’: “if the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.” (1)

* ‘Stringing up’ individual political leaders, like Hussein or Khadaffi, ‘on lamp-posts’ will not stop the inexorable nefarious free fall of capitalism into its own quagmire – great men or a few power elites may be important, alone, outside the master-slave relations, they cannot accumulate profits, make history and conduct ecocidal and genocidal wars in North Africa or the Middle East;

Now let us focus on the Fukushima disaster.

Without the knowledge and the concrete means of how to stop accidents like the one that occurred in Chernobyl a quarter of a century ago, recklessly, with a ravenous insatiable hunger for exploitation, powerful corporations were and are still constructing hundreds of atomic reactors across the globe. Measured by the current events in Fukushima, this is really ‘Sayonara, Japan’! And therewith, Good-bye, ‘Sapient Man’!

Currently there exist and are planned some 500 atomic reactors on planet Earth; each one of them could bring forth the same dangers which are being generated by Chernobyl and Fukushima. In a nut-shell, Japan will never be the same again. The Chernobyl atomic disaster claimed one million precious, innocent human lives. Over the next decades, millions of Japanese and other peoples will perish as a result of cancer, of related illnesses and mortal over-doses of radioactivity. The global ruling power elites do not care, on the contrary, they are planning to reduce the world population to only 2 billion – out of about 7 billion human beings. This would be a Holocaust to the nth power.

Over the danger – which Marx and Engels had warned about already in 1848 in their ‘Manifesto’ – the Japanese government, General Electric and the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), aided by the disinformation campaigns of the global mass media, have covered a blanket of silence.

Desperately, from the very inception of this man made tragedy, the owners have lost complete control of the demon (perhaps called HAARP), which they have conjured up from the capitalist nether world to try to maximize the dwindling global corporate extra-profits. As a result of the global depression, as a corporate capitalist bulwark in the Far East, the Japanese economy is now in shambles.

In global fascism there are no true blood friends, it is a permanent war between contending belligerent corporate forces for world hegemony. Now it is Japan’s turn to suffer the blows of the ax of inexorable competition, untiring centralization, ruthless concentration and relentless monopolization. Japan tried to enter the military big business of atomic powers, to possess atomic bombs, but it is being nipped in the bud. Also, it tried to neutralize class struggle at home, now it has become a struggle for pure survival.

Hence, what are the main elements of the Fukushima cataclysm?

* This ghastly disaster of Tokyo will last for months, before it could somehow be ‘controlled’; the radio activity on the islands generated by the ‘dirty bomb’ plutonium will outlive humanity; it is known that the half-life of plutonium 239 is 24 000 years.

What is sure is that every single day the radiation levels are soaring towards maximum heights. More and more radioactivity will be falling out on 35 million people in the Tokyo region, which is only 160 miles away from Fukushima:
“The inevitable consequence of that will be a dramatic withering of the cultural, social, commercial and economic life of the huge Tokyo megalopolis. As more and more people abandon Tokyo it will become a radioactive shadow of its former self. Of course the economic implications of that for global finance and commerce are immense, Tokyo is one of the three major centers of high finance in the world, along with London and New York, so its abandonment therefore has ineluctable repercussions that will rock the modern, global civilization to its core.” (2)

Do we know that already 25 foreign governments have shut down their embassies in Tokyo? That others have moved to Osaka to try and escape atomic radiation? Do we still remember that the U.S. Navy had offered on March 17th to evacuate 87,000 personnel?

Yes, the situation is very serious indeed.

A few days later, on “March 19th the U.S. Military has begun a voluntary evacuation of up to 200,000 military personnel and their dependents from Japan. ” (3)

International bankers are fleeing, are leaving the radioactive country.

The truth is simply that “the evacuation of Fukushima, of Tokyo, of Japan has already begun. The next step would be to evacuate the whole planet.

Sayonara, Japan! As Marx stated: in to this world, ‘capital comes dripping from head to foot, from every pore, with blood and dirt.’ Now it is leaving Japan soaked in radiating blood and dirt!…’

Alea jacta est … Is the game over? Will and could we wake up now and annihilate capitalism? And there we go … more earthquakes, more tsunamis to come …

(1) )
(2) See: Event Horizon Chronicle –
Sayonara, Tokyo.
(3) (Ibid.)
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White Chiefs in Ghana, West Africa.

According to the UK tabloid, THE SUN, A British couple yesterday became Africa’s first white chief and queen.
John Lawler — already chief of the village of Shia, Ghana — saw his new wife Elaine made queen in front of thousands of well-wishers.
The ceremony was just 24 hours after their marriage was blessed in front of chiefs and elders from across Ghana.
John, 31, was made chief Torbui Mottey I eight years ago after helping set up a secondary school during a gap year.
The village’s main chief decided to bestow the title on Elaine, 33, after travelling to Newcastle to meet her.
Elaine, of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, will be now known as Mama Amenyo Nyowu Sika.
She said: “It was totally overwhelming but the people were so friendly and it was a wonderful privilege.”
John, who runs a gap year travel company, added: “She looked a real African queen.”

The White Chief, Alias Nana Kofi Obonya

August 23, 2010 
Jimmy Moxon, Alias Nana Kofi Obonya
Jimmy Moxon is one of the few white chiefs in Africa recognized by a government. On September 13, 1963, Ghana’s official newspaper announced the investiture of Nana Kofi Obonya (literally, “the chief born on Friday, who lives at the bottom of the cliff”).
Jimmy Moxon was twenty years old and just out of Cambridge University when World War II broke out. He became an administrative colonel on the Gold Coast. In 1957, when Ghana became the first African country to achieve independence, he was reluctant to leave. The king of Aburi offered to make him a noble.
The “white nana” carries out his functions seriously and respectfully; he settles disputes, sits on the royal council, and coaches a soccer team. People must bow to him. He is the only white person in Africa who is borne on a processional litter.
It has become a trend among some African kings in Ghana and Nigeria to have a “white chief,” who is not involved in quarrels among Africans .
The investiture ceremony costs between twenty-five hundred and seventy-five hundred dollars. We have found about twenty “white chiefs,” most of whom reside in Nigeria, including a French cultural attache and a number of businessmen who take advantage of opportunities offered by traditional chieftaincy to boost their profits.
African Kings by Daniel LAINÉ

Canadian shopkeeper takes on chief’s mantle in Ghana,9171,2062486,00.html

Munich, West Germany – King Fritz from Herne lives in Duesseldorf and has ruled over 300,000 subjects of the Ashanti peoples for the past eleven years.
The Ghanaian people selected the German to head the throne and he admires the throne which is a distance of 6000 kilometers from where he lives in Germany. The 75-years old Fritz Pawelzik leads an interesting double life. In domestic Duesseldorf, the former miner, enjoys his Pensioner existence – and 6000 kilometers away he governs as a white master king over the Asantes of Konogo.
King Nana Kofi Marfo II became traditional ruler, not by the usual heredity linkage, but was selected by the people to become the peoples’ king. This is how it happened: The then 31 year old, Fritz Pawelzik travelled as Missionary for seven years thorugh the jungles of West Africa. He established the first kindergarten in the largest Ashanti settlement of Konongo. In addition to over 40 child centres, which he built with funds donated by German institutions, he also has a hospital attached to his work, which caters for approximately 200 patients daily. The natives rewarded his committment, by installing him as chief and establish him on a throne in the king’s palace in Konongo. Chief Fritz Pawelzik has 37 wives in Konongo, though he is faithful to his German wife in Duesseldorf. He is enjoying an exciting life as an Ashanti king. Die Fritz Pawelzik Homepage

Sista, Ngon’e

Cheer up comrades, things are getting worse!
  Once the legal and technological apparatus of totalitarianism is established, there exists the very real prospect of a permanent planetary dictatorship where human existence is micro-managed from cloud cuckoo land by a tiny ruling elite who are themselves above the law”  source link below


Chemtrail Coverup Ending, Truth Overpowers Lies and Denial

On Benjamin Fulford

I have watches several of his videos. I appreciate the warnings, but I am a little miffed by the war of the worlds scenario between the really bad gangsters and the other not so bad gangsters. To me, if he is talking about ET intervention to save the planet, why does it include money? Why don’t they just re-create this into something more benevolent and peaceful, because money only makes things worse.

On more advanced planets there is no monetary system, folks get what they need or in some cases create what they need. The money thing reminds me of that other guy.. Sheldon Niddle, NESARA and such… and it sounds like New World Order, except that folks are gonna have money!!

How do they determine who gets the money? Is it given freely to everyone, no matter who they may be? What about dangerous criminals, child molesters, etc? To me this is a serious issue, not only about the Elite, but some folks that really don’t even need any money, but need help.        

The ET’s have awesome technology and can turn barren land into fertile land, clean the air, water, and vegetation, heal disease, teach advance technology to us. But as long as we as human beings are bent on the destruction of the planet, we won’t be given these technologies. They don’t need money to do that.

Money is the instrument of the oppressors to keep the oppressed enslaved. Also, if we get caught up in money, how do we ascend into higher dimensional beings? Money will ground us here in the third dimension, giving us access to more material things. It’s like if someone hit the lottery, big time. Who is there to teach them how to use that abundance in a healthy way?

And, in terms of the elite, the claim is that they will be rounded up and shipped off planet. What about free will? Who gives them the right to do that? And what are the consequences of this, when these people have families, loved ones and friends who care about them? The plan seems a daunting task to me.. so I must say I am a SKEPTICAL

Libya – its a lot worse than you think folks, its an ethnic genocide of African Blacks by Arabs backed by the US Jim Crow 2011

by Rafael Ontiveros on Sunday, April 3, 2011 at 6:41am

I was looking through all the fake videos and propaganda footage put out by the coup people in Libya and to my dismay and horror I found something out. It’s an ethic genocide of African blacks being conducted by Arabs, backed by elitists in Saudi Arabia and Qatar (where Al Jazzeera is propagandizing) as a proxy for the Western Axis of Evil of US UK and Israhell.

What I came across was many videos of slaughter, where these Arabs are butchering in public African blacks hanging their dead bodies by their feet, and mocking them with Green Flags which is the symbol of Gaddafi’s revolution and Green Book and movement of social justice and infrastructure, which makes the US and West pale by comparison of the social safety net. They also put two others on car hoods to drive around their dead bodies to show them off, draped with green flags to mock them. This is all done in a lynch mob style to cheering and a photo taking public of Arabs dancing in the street as this is taking place. These are the people the US is supporting with yes troops on the ground now, contrary to what Obama said, I have a video of that too.

Now these lynch mob videos were done a good amount of time before hand, because the Libyan government shut off the Internet so these propagandists couldn’t use it during the fighting. So this is where the false story of “foreign mercenaries from African countries” came in, there’s a link here showing that this is a completely false assertion. But this was blasted all over the media big time, and recently has died down some since it has now been established that this isn’t true, but you can still hear it.

Well guess what folks, and this is the big clincher, those stories were engineered that way to purposely cover up the racial killings and lynchings so to speak of these African blacks by the pro-western Arabs called “the rebels” to make them as generic as possible. Let me be clear as the videos show it, these racial slaughters of African Blacks in the street by dancing and cheering Arabs and their bodies being paraded around, this happened at least in February when all this got started, this is what Gaddafi was reacting to with his statements of rats and roaches and having no Mercy on the people perpetrating this. The Western media needed to invent the story that foreign mercenaries from African countries were infiltrating Libya and “slaughtering civilians” for the distinct purpose of explaining away these videos that these Arabs posted in earlier February as trophy videos. The explanation given was that these African Blacks killed and paraded around are mercenaries, but these killings and their video taping was put up a good couple of weeks before the stories of African mercenaries started to be shouted by the Western Media. The stories came after the killings, and the accusations of the mercenary killings is said to be after these lynch mob killings took place. So the stories where purposefully put together to cover up these lynch mob killings !!!! AFTER the FACT !!!

This is who Obama and the racist US is supporting in Libya right now to take over the country, a lynch mob bent on ethnically cleansing the Northern African country of African Blacks. The African mercenary story was invented and propagandized by the media knowing this and trying to deflect the criticism beforehand, as to sell this military aggression. The videos that were trophy videos were taken down and re uploaded but this time with titles like “Angry mob lynches African mercenaries” – these are just some of the videos, you can go look at allot of the coup group’s propaganda videos on YouTube they have allot of these where they are killing African blacks, bashing their heads in, cheering and using green Libya Revolution Socialist flags to mock their dead bodies and faces. All of the people doing this are Arabs from the East and flooded in from Egypt after Mubarak was gotten rid of. Even he wouldn’t have allowed for this, so that’s why they got rid of him. If it came out that these lynch mobsters are the “rebels” no public support, so they engineered the story just to cover that up, knowing full well what they were covering up, that’s your effing “liberal” media folks – Amy Goodman, Ed Shultz, NPR, Rachel Maddow, and Al Jazeera the whole bunch right along Fox News, Hannity, and Limbaugh. The US is imposing Jim Crow in Libya, I even have some African Black internet people back talking and supporting this, paid off, must be. No way they ignore all of this and not know it. Also all the belligerent language Gaddafi has used has been directed at these murderers, not “peaceful protesters” – this claim is so immoral by the media to constantly misrepresent this.

Then a later investigation by Human Rights Watch found no mercenaries in Libya, that the people held captive by the rebels were Libyan soldiers from the south of Libya. The phony Arab videos below trying to sell the mercenary story by walking through a line of day laborers and asking the Africans what their country of origin is, shows you how desperate these people are to sell this story. All of the Arab propagandist videos are the same as far as validity, you can see for yourself below.

So here’s the first of the phony things being said about Libya, that these are foreign mercenaries hired by Gaddafi to “kill his own people” as the infamous colonial refrain goes. Look at how baseless this video is, and actually of the videos are equally lacking in verification or validity.

Here is what these Arab anti-Gaddafi people are doing and this is what he is reacting to –

Another great video to show you what the anti-Gaddafi forces are all about, keep in mind that this Al Jazzeera report though giving you an accurate glimpse to what is happening is acting like a gate keeper, intentionally plugging in the completely false story of “African Mercenaries” that they know is false and they invented for the sole purpose of excusing and creating a rhetorical buffer for these Arab racist lynchings, that whole thing in context is the real big story here. So keep in mind it’s a whole lot worse and blatantly criminal what these Racist Arab people are doing than what this Al Jazeera report lets on, though the report itself is shockingly bad on the Arabs just on its face. Also note that Gaddafi is going after these nut jobs and is of course using force to corral these racist people doing mass lynching of Black people randomly, and this is being characterized as a despot killing “his own people.” Pure wickedness, people who even remotely buy into any of this anti-Gaddafi crap are just worthless really. Excellent video –

Another ridiculous and purely hearsay accusation broadcast as news on Al Jazzera

No Mercenaries in Libya –

So some Arab propagandist went through a line of people waiting to get work on the street asks them what their country of origin is as he films them, then this guy up loads it to YouTube and puts the title of “Look the Mercenaries in Libya” and voila he gets a bunch of uninformed racists to believe the “Gaddafi kills his own people BS”

Obama lies and continues to lie about Libya check it out –

The title says – ” Kadhafi clan bombed protesters !” did any0one see any bombing here? Thing is all of the anti-Gaddafi videos and propaganda is baseless just like this.

Here’s a French video saying this guy who was killed lynch mob style was a foreign mercenary, another video I posted shows he is actually a Libyan soldier who lived in Bengahzi and was killed like all Gaddafi supporters are by these Arabs.

Another fake video don’t know if that is fake blood or what but this video shows nothing and proves nothing. If that guy got shot then by who and where that guy is or who that guy is is not shown nor told –

An anatomy of a baseless factually void story done on pure emotive appeal and imagery.

Remember this, and the claims that his whole ministry and army was abandoning him –

This is a common aspect of media tool government over throw to constantly broadcast that the government being targeted has no support, has lost legitimacy, is falling apart, has defectors, the leader is a “pariah” – this was broadcast on February 28th 2011, all of it lies.

Armed Libyan soldiers shoot protesters right? Think again –

See the title tells so much –

Did you see, did you see that the helicopter firing on protesters did you see it? –

Here’s the image luckily the person’s title tells you everything the video can’t show you –

Again another fake mercenary video –

They are all like that. That baseless crap you probably laugh about once you see how stupid and baseless the video is is what the media is driving home in people’s brains and letting their racism take over.Here’s a quote from the comments of that last video – “EXECUTE THOSE BLACKOS WHO TRY TO RAPE AND KILL JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE ARABS and PAID SO MUCH But i m sure they never see the color of ghaddafi money”

That pretty much makes my case, sounds like an insider and supporter of those doing the lynch mob is monitoring the Youtube comments.

Here is some mainstream person mostly, she doesn’t know what is going on mostly and certainly doesn’t have a pro-Gaddafi stance, she’s slightly anti-Gaddafi because of the US media slant default, even someone with that stance supports what I’m writing here, so you can see this is factual not a bias –

Some historical context –

Another shot of the public killing lynch mob style better quality –

Here’s a comment from that video – “These two killed men are libyans and I will show you another video before killing I will show a video how those criminal protesters were interrogating one of those two killed people before killing him, He was stating in a pure Libyan delicate that he was from the eastern part of Libya. He was under their extreme violence against him that he was not shooting real ammunition but false one. They were hitting him and threatening him to say that it is real ammunition to find a reason to kill him”

Again baseless claims made along with showing images, no proof of anything, this is the best the coup supporters can muster –

Trust me just take my word on it, sure invade because what I say must be true. That flag is the flag of the Libyan monarchy with an Islamic Crescent put in the middle, nice graphics work right?

Again baseless claims shown with images and presented as news, this is the pattern in each presentation. –

See the claims get even sillier –

Did you see it, did you see all the proof? Or was it just some guy talking smack as images were shown with no cause and effect? Same pattern.

Another baseless report with images, but notice how important it is to have a dark African guy read the news in this piece, knowing what we know now we can see the deeper meaning. –

Here’s a cute Asian chick that is a total paid off blogger propagandist, if you look at her channel and go to her site you see how totally polished trying to pretend its not it is and that her message is total sweet girl help Libya and let me sneak in all the lies with a total sweet cutesie vehicle – these people are using multiple delivery mechanisms for the same lies. –

What would the US coup be without the classic “biological and chemical weapons against his own people” –

“Gaddafi’s son claims they will kill every Libyan Man & Woman” But in the report she quotes Gaddafi’s son as saying “we will fight to the last man standing” to defend our country from armed insurrection (implied) –

Not very articulate but again an outside point of view that isn’t as in depth with all the things I present here, but still comes to the same conclusion and makes good points –

The funny thing to me is that the US and militant Caucasians in general with al their colonialism mindset use the specter of Al Qaida or Al CIA-a to justify everything like reading your emails, listening to your phone calls, grabbing your nut sack as you get on a plane and sticking their finger up your rear to check for bombs. as well as bombing people who have never done a thing to any one oh and locking people up for ever for having done nothing but look Muslim – all that is what the words Al plus Qaida has entitled militant know nothing Caucasians to claim as freedom and democracy. So now Gaddafi is going after Arab nuts in Libya and flooding from Egypt from Saudi Arabia that are lynching mobbing African blacks in Libya, its a race war and Gaddafi is going after the people killing the African Blacks, and he uses the term Al Qaide to describe these Arab nut jobs that work for the West (giving you a huge clue as to what they really are idiot US people) and at that the Western press scoffs. Hey that’s only for Caucasian people Mr Gaddafi only Colonial Caucasians can use the buzz word Al Qaide to justify whatever. The reaction that the media makes to Gaddafi saying Al Qaedia, laughingly dismissing it out of hand, to the all out jingoism whenever the Caucasians use that boogieman term to enact militant actions shows you how thoroughly racist the US media is. Also Gaddafi is going after Arabs who are doing Jim Crow style lynch mobs against African Blacks and guess which side the US, UK, France, Italy, and the Arab League fall behind in this battle? Yep its all Caucasian Colonialism and with a half African figure head at the lead and making the over the top excuses for it while the Tea Baggers critique him for not going far enough, can it get any juicer for Caucasian Colonials? And to all the African descendants who are falling on the side of the Arabs and the US on this by your dissing of Gaddafi which is a backwards method of supporting the people he is fighting against, you show the traitor gene that some Blacks have, how in the hell do people keep a straight face as they condemn a guy who is going after these racists enacting Jim Crow in 2011? Talk about people you need to spot and forever know they are a traitor to their people, its people like that. Here’s the Gaddafi Al Qaeda piece –

OK last but not least, there’s this guy, I put this in here to show how completely wrong people are about this and that he’s a African guy. this is an example of how completely turned around someone can be by listening to the damn Western Media, he’s an African guy and he’s defending the storyline engineered to defend Jim Crow in 2011 in Africa! The important thing here is look how lost you would be if all you had to listen to is the stupid crap given by the West, and that includes all the so-called left crap people think is good, this guy is more informed than most. So don’t get stuck in that stupid I know it all I listen to left crap, it’s all bullshit too. –

OK so here’s the deal, I did the hard work I did the research, whenever those smug assholes ask you to do your research and “get me links” or “prove your case” when they never do, to get you off their comments and threads, here you go with this one and the other Note I put up on Libya. So here’s the one thing I ask back, blast and I mean blast these mother fuckers every where you go, online and off. This is effing Jim Crow in 2011 in Africa that effing Obama is launching the racist Caucasian Empire to defend in Libya, and the left coward media is pushing it hard with a sales job of pure lies. If anything can disgust your sense of justice this is like tops at least for the moment. All I ask is that you join me in jumping down the throat of everyone who promotes this bullshit with all these facts presented here. I want people torn apart internally for being the kind of people who support this or promote it through ignorance, I’m not going to stand being on the defensive anymore you have enough information now here and in my other post to absolutely take command of any conversation you are in, don’t let people who are completely in the wrong bully you with snobbery and word games, just hack away at them. Now get this image in your mind, if you ever thought to yourself “What would I do if I was in the South when a lynching was about to take place” what would be your course of action how far would you go to do the right thing? Here’s your chance without the death possibility, its going right now and its been all turned around with rhetorical smoke and mirrors to have the lynching and defending of it be the “left, liberal, moral, and humanitarian thing to do” – the ball is in your court, I’ve armed you with information and knowledge, now I’m counting on you to put these racist liars in their place don’t let them get away with it without nailing them with the fact that they are culpable for what they support.

Praise be to God who will deliver us from this sinful world. Let the wheat and tares be separated.

PS – My goodness I had to add this one –

For the love of all good someone has to stop and confront these people and their disingenuous supporters. The guise of Humanitarianism being used like a prostitute to support this. Just look at the use of the Green Scarf or flag, that is a symbol of a Gaddafi supporter, it is used in all these images as these people talk Arabic, the ethnic rivals of Gaddafi in the area. Those green flags or scarfs are in all these Arab lynching videos, that means that these are Gaddafi opposition people killing Gaddafi supporters who might have been out in the rebel strong holds doing a rally to support Gaddafi. Surprise, surprise the Western media is actually reporting the exact opposite of what is happening in Libya. I really have no patience with people who just accept the Western press as truth, there is no excuse at this point in the situation.

Again confirmation of the use of Egypt as a base of operations for this, this was the reason for the “revolution” in Egypt –

Look at the deception through Al Jazzeera also catch the plan and pattern, provocation to make oneself look as the victim, this is the “jew” doctrine. –

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