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The Great Culling: Our Water Official Full Movie

Finding the original poster of this video took a minute, but I prefer sharing the original rather than what someone uploaded.

It is becoming increasing clear that the US is and has been and will probably continue to be a huge NWO experiment. If it works here it can spread all over the globe, all will fall in line and make the Globalists job a lot easier. When I first heard about the ill effects of Fluoride in the water, I stopped using it, but seriously, it is actually in almost anything that needs water to produce, from fresh organic veggies and fruits to the ultimate processed foods, even bottle water.

Towards the end of this video they do offer some solutions at least to minimize the impact of Fluoride in our bodies, but for goodness sakes, whatever you do, stop using toothpaste stating that you should keep it out of the reach of children. Warning, that should be enough to scare you away from ever allowing into your house. At least, it’s an easy way to minimize it.

You can also package up your toothpaste and mail it back to the company and let them know you do not appreciate them selling you a product that is potentially poisonous to the point of it being ingested you may need to call poison control.

It’s something to think about, folks and it’s something that you can be proactive about in the way you purchase. We do realize that we literally have no control over what they put on a label. We also know that the strange bedfellows are ubiquitous, but at least take that tiny step to control what goes into your body and the bodies of the little people who look to us for safety and security.


It makes you wonder what the real agenda is when something so simple as “refraining from war” can really help impact the environment thus keeping people healthier and stronger so that their immune systems can do what it’s supposed to do.

If you look at the countries hit hardest by this disease, you can see they have had periods of war and devastation. Classically Liberia and the Congo both have been ravished. Imagine the psychological impact and then the health impact. The weakening of the immune system can be catalyzed by simple stressors, not to mention war, killings, rapes, bombing, destruction of infrastructure etc.

I would imagine that a comparable outcome is to be expected in the middle east.  In addition to the obvious results of war, the long term effects that manifest as extreme psychosis and paranoia, birth defects, destabilization of habitable areas, farms and livestock being destroyed, and the wounded in need of emergency hospital care. Not to mention the bodies (and body parts) that need to be discarded as they too can cause an outbreak of some virulent disease. Couple that with the amount of fossil fuels used to  deploy these munitions and the amount of toxic smoke emitted after these munitions have been deployed. Are we looking at other forms of respiratory diseases in folks on the ground, the ones who survive?
On and on we can state the many consequences of war and then we could equate the impact on the health of the world… and not even by being a scientist, or doctor, or nurse, just someone with a bit of common sense and introspection. Again, it really makes you wonder what the agenda is, for we are certain that our so-called leaders are not that ignorant. I am sure they have at some point in their lives experienced some type of illness and its impact on their health, if from nothing more than a simple allergy.

No, they are not ignorant, they are not stupid, and they are not unable to see. It is by choice that they turn their heads away from the fact that they have blood on their hands from the present catastrophic decisions they have made over the lives of others, thousands of miles away. Undoubtedly, they will play with their toys and weapons of mass destruction in the air, on the ground and through their military prowess, and refuse to connect the dots. The agenda is almost unspeakable. The outcome is quite certain. And they are doing the bidding of the Overlords who control them.

People will die in numbers and this will fulfill the contract that has been made.
We can speak on this for days and more days to come, but until an awakening happens in the hearts and minds of those who pass the legislation for endless war… we will remain in this cycle of destruction till all is lost. There will be no safe haven for anyone…. I believe that is one point that is sorely missed as the ink dries on another imposition of hegemony and imperial hubris.
What’s Behind the Ebola Crises and are U.S. Americans at Risk?

 What’s Behind the Ebola Crises and are U.S. Americans at Risk?

In an interview with Telesur’s The Global African, Johns Hopkins Infectious Disease Program co-director Taha E. Taha discusses the roots of the Ebola crisis and what can be done about it. Courtesy of Telesur –   2 hours ago

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