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The Election 2012, Sham/Shameful/Bofoonery

The Election 2012, Sham/Shameful/Bofoonery

This whole thing is a very serious situation happening in front of our eyes. The mockery is full scale up and down and across the board. It is as if the PTB are having the greatest laugh of all times!! The blatant maneuvers at hoodwinking the public in plain view is astonishing. There is no clear, strong and supported opposition to Obama. He will win by default, while these folks, except Ron Paul, speak of the real issues, they are only actors in the grand scheme and very poor ones at that. Whatever they say about Ron Paul the whole thing is a sham, a farce, a mockery and an insult to the intelligence of the citizens of the world, who are watching this sham as the US/NATO/UN go around the world spreading democracy from the barrel of a gun.

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Why do Conservatives and Christians let Mainstream Media pick the Presidential Candidate for them? Sheeple. Don’t let this happen in 2012. It’s our LAST CHANCE to SAVE THE REPUBLIC! Please WATCH THIS VIDEO. then SHARE, LIKE etc. Get the word out. Fight the Good fight Patriots. Let’s get a GENUINE CONSERVATIVE in their to go up against the enemy of Liberty.

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