DECACS, Inc. and all its Initiatives

Hello folks, I just want to say that first off, the people who voted for Obama, did not, and could not have had the deepest inkling of how the System works, they did not understood that without the backing of rich bankers, and others including the media, there would be “NO OBAMA!” Look at the amount of money that was spent on his campaign, where did that money come from?? Poor people, middle class folks, hell no!!

Those who voted for Obama were deceived to think that this is a Democracy, a Republic or any such thing as that. They didn’t realize that their vote did not count, because if that were the case, he would not have won. It was not everyone’s single vote that got him in.. it was the Electoral College, big bankers, big Pharma, big Agri, etc. that got him in. They all drank the koolade of choice as it was being spilled down their throats, hook line and sinker.

The political structure of this country is not about the masses but about the elite having what they have always had. Sure there may have been a few advances but I always get miffed when people say, “Black folks fought hard for the power to vote.” Not that Black folks fought, struggled, and died to understand how this system worked against them and their interest. I see that as a waste of human life. Black folks and their supporters were pushing to get into a corrupt system simply because they were not allowed to be a part of it. and time after time, Black leaders get in and become corrupt because you cannot be in it and not be corrupt at the same time.

Why fight for a Constitution that was not written with Black folks, poor folks and the indigenous people in mind??? I always say go to the root. Obamamania!!!??? people singing rap songs, Obama girl making a fool of herself… and the list goes on. Where did he come from?? What did he do to prove himself..? Why did people believe in a man with words and no actions, and his words were never really clear on what Change Meant. I cannot accept that the lesser of two evils is a good choice. Why do we chose evil at all??? It is a shroud. So folks see he isn’t better than Bush, he is worse because he had the people of the world believing in him. That ranks high on my list of deception by someone that people trusted. Everybody was mad at Bush, but he paved the way for someone with little substance and a bunch of promises to get in the WH.

People can fuss at Obama and his policies and his handlers, but that’s like fussing after the cow got out of the barn. Why was the barn door opened anyway?? Why is it that people didn’t check out who was backing him and make a serious connection?? This is America people!!! You do what your backers say you must do or die!!!

I hate to say, “I told you so, but for real folks, the only way this country would have a viable African American/ or any kind of American for that matter who would really be about the people, would be to have him land here in a fiery chariot and scare the hell out of the PTB, other than that, period end of sentence. Change is more of the Same as has been since the beginning.

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