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E Steven Collins 2-16-2011 on Facebook
How Can you help stop kids from bullying? Tune in tomorrow night from 6p-8p as 100.3 The Beat provides insights and solutions! Do you have advise for parents, Teachers, Kids…let me know….

Needless to say, I never got the call from E. Steven Collins.

My Response:

Man, you need to put me on your show. I will take you straight to the root cause this question make me hot, hot, hot, under the collar. Why does this culture continually blame the children?? What do the children see every day?? War, politics, television, movies, sports, competitions, racism, poverty, gangster rap, torture, road rage, police brutality, sexploitation. How do you teach our children to not bully when they live in a house where there is rampant domestic violence? Telling them to not bully is turning them into schizophrenic psychopaths who do it in the shadows. Why do we, the adults who do all this madness, BLAME THE CHILD!!!!!

Adults can justify their bullying, their snatching of resources from countries who can barely defend themselves.. the stealing from a neighbor who shouldn’t have left their shovel outside. WHY DO ADULTS BLAME THE CHILDREN???? They are only doing what they SEE ADULTS DO!!! If our children lived in a peaceful world where there was no violence, then we could single them out.

ADULTS ARE SUPPOSED TO TEACH BY EXAMPLE. All we are doing is telling them, there is a double standard, one for them and one for us. I don’t know about you, but that rule of “do what I say, and not what I do” brought me to a boil.

PLEASE E., get someone on the show who can speak on behalf of the youth who are forced to look away from what is really happening in their world and create something that can barely happen in their minds.

Our children are not dumb, they know what’s up and they know that the bully gets the girl, the money, the house, the car, the bank account, the vote, the colony. No, on their level they may not get any of that but jail time, but for sure, you wanna know why these young folks have such an attitude??? Because their adult world is full of the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES who want to chastise them, or call them out for what the ADULTS ARE DOING!!!

Don’t get me started on this one. My advice…… stop lying to your children. Let them know that you are not a hypocrite and that you see the world they live in, that you do not condone it and want to change it, and refuse to be a part of it. Tell them that it may make you look like a weirdo, but you would rather be really honestly weird than participate in the annihilation of them or any other people’s children.

Tell them that you want them to grow up with a consciousness about violence and how it begets violence starting with the big guy/woman on top down to the little ones. Tell them that you are committing to being responsible for your behavior, and that you are not going to blame them for being influenced by the behavior of the ADULTS who rule the world. Tell them the truth about the world we live in…. and with all due respect, I believe that being their advocate in this crazy world with understanding and compassion will get you much further than punishing them, harassing them, calling them out or institutionalizing them. IMHO

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