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Wallow fire approaches outskirts of Eagar, Ariz.

The Wallow fire approaches the outskirts of Eagar, Ariz., Tuesday, June 7, 2011. Officials are hoping their efforts overnight will keep the mammoth forest fire from cresting a ridge and racing into the eastern Arizona town, giving firefighters the upper hand on the 11th day of what has proved to be an overwhelming battle. About half of the town’s residents were forced to leave Tuesday as flames from the fire reached the ridges surrounding the area.« Read less

(AP Photo/Ashley Stevens)

Nana’s Comments:——————————————————————————–

Americans are getting an idea of what devastation looks like. Too often, there is cognitive dissonance among the populous. While rallying behind the war machine, laughing and cheering the death of another, looking away from the corrupt practices of corporate America in and around the world, ignoring the pain of mothers, fathers and children hurt by cluster bombs and destroyed homes and communities in fires caused by drones… they forget that what goes around comes around, the law of reciprocity prevails.

Now major areas of the US look just like the war torn regions of Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan, to name  few. People have become “evacuees, refugees, displaced persons” tucked away in shelters and being told, “don’t come back for three months” as is reflected in the lives of others across the waters. People have lost farmlands in floods similar to the farmlands lost in India. Infrastructure has been destroyed by tornadoes, similar to the bombs dropped from the air on Palestinians during the Israeli assault. Or NATO’s assault on Libya.

Will Americans wake up? Or will they continue to allow the war machine to take lives, lands, destroy families, kill innocents or will they see that their lives and their security is just as fragile and just as unpredictable and just as unprecedented as those who cannot be seen on the evening news. Will they wake up to the knowledge, that human beings everywhere are all connected and that one lost life is just as important as another, no matter their national or religious origins? Or will they emerge from their shelters seeking the government and insurance companies to put them back together, and rebuild their infrastructures lost because of these so-called Natural disasters?

And finally, will they receive a different resolve for their pain and losses than their comrades across the waters?

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