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Obama cracks down on abuses by big-city police departments

Department of Justice
Monday, May 30, 2011 16:01 ET
War Room
Obama cracks down on abuses by big-city police departments
By Justin Elliott
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AP/Julio Cortez

Thomas Perez, assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division, center, talks about a federal investigation of the Newark Police Department during a May 9 news conference with Newark Mayor Cory Booker, far left.

In a marked shift from the Bush administration, President Obama’s Justice Department is aggressively investigating several big urban police departments for systematic civil rights abuses such as harassment of racial minorities, false arrests, and excessive use of force.

In interviews, activists and attorneys on the ground in several cities where the DOJ has dispatched civil rights investigators welcomed the shift. To progressives disappointed by Eric Holder’s Justice Department on key issues like the failure to investigate Bush-era torture and the prosecution of whistle-blowers, recent actions by the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division are a bright spot.

In just the past few months, the Civil Rights Division has announced “pattern and practice” investigations in Newark, New Jersey and Seattle. It’s also conducting a preliminary investigation of the Denver Police Department, and all this is on top of a high-profile push to reform the notorious New Orleans Police Department — as well as criminal prosecutions of several New Orleans officers.

The “pattern and practice” authority comes from a 1994 law passed by Congress after the brutal beating of Rodney King by white Los Angeles police officers, who allegedly yelled racial slurs as they hit him. The law allows the DOJ to sue police departments if there is a pattern of violations of citizens’ constitutional rights — things like an excessive use of force, discrimination, and illegal searches. Often, after an investigation, the police department in question will enter into a voluntary reform agreement with the DOJ to avoid a lawsuit and the imposition of reforms. Full Story:

Give Me a Friggin Break, Somebody Please!

It is Classic Obama, give this and take that. I have always equated him to a lover who never keeps a date, and then shows up with lavish gifts just when you were gonna kick him to the curb. Classic, and check it out Bill, when he brings charges against the Bush Neo-cons for their war crimes, I will be a believer. And then only after the trials have ensued and the charges meted out.. Other wise, my dear Mr. Obama is an Illusionist, (the Prestige, watch that one for sure) remember the movie?

While doing this in the front, he does that in the back. Like the US refusal to support the World Conference Against Racism. They are poised to veto the UN mandate, because of their alliance with Israel. What does it mean?? If he does not crack down on the real culprits, these steps are crumbs cast out to the hungry birds who need much more, Bill. US boycotts World Conference Against Racism. This is a major slap in the face, especially in view of police brutality, which is predominately generated by racism. You see what I mean?? This is a classic, look, don’t look at what I ain’t doing, look at what little I am doing, and that is a lot considering, right??

Seattle ???
What about DC, Philadelphia, NY, Los Angeles, come on man, these atrocities hit the world news… Seattle??? Give me a break. Somebody, help a sistah out, what happened in Seattle that got the president’s attention?? I really wanna know, man!

Man, when people finally wake up, it is going to be some serious hullabaloo going on. Quiet as it’s kept, black folk have been the ones in the movies, etc, to show the compassion needed to help the other guy when the other guy wouldn’t help him out. So, deep in the heart of Texas, that thought was there for white folks. Course, I ain’t do no survey, I just been a black woman in America.. anyways, I can see how they would have voted for him, thinking he was gonna save the day. Bring some humanity into the office of President, but he didn’t. In fact, the only thing that makes him seem like the great Black Hope is his skin color. Everything else is the same shit, just different President! They picked the perfect dude, if white folks say anything, they are racist, and if black folks say anything, they are haters. You got give them credit for this one, it’s ingenious!!

Abortion and Black Genocide (Barack Obama and the Negro Project)

Since the Elite consider everyone else as “useless bottom feeders” to me saying no to “abortion” is in effective, if it does not include, poverty, poor housing, poor education, unemployment, fluoridated water, Pesticides, preservatives, gmo food, sex & violence targeting the youth through music videos, movies, and video games, targeted bio-chemical warfare in poor communities, corporations who rob the Earth of its natural resources, Thieves & Robbers better known as Bankster and Corporate CEO’s, etc. The list is endless, but one thing that is for sure, the woman who wants and/or needs an abortion, has been victimized by the above in many more cases than not. 

Denying them abortions just leads them into the back alley of death and doctors who care not about their welfare, their health, or their destiny. We can Blame Obama, we can blame Margaret Sanger, but the reason there are so many abortions in the Black community is a deeper issue that needs to be addressed beginning with the slacking of the gap between the rich and poor.

The birth rate may have lessened by some minor degree points in the black community, but black folks overall, have far less incidence of abortions than that of whites, these white abortions seldom hit the mainstream news statistics. Whites have the privilege and the opportunity to have the “abortion” in a much less harmful environment than the blacks and poor whites do.

It always amazes me how people forget that Poverty is the major culprit. I also don’t understand why anti-abortion folks are not about paying more taxes to fund social services that will take care of the children who are born and who need to be cared for while their parents work two and three jobs. I don’t understand how the disconnect between having a child and the 18 or so years caretaking of the child that happens after birth, and no viable alternatives are offered to women who struggle to keep their heads above water.

I take this personally, because I never went to Planned Parenthood for an abortion, I had 4 children in 5 years, and we lived in poverty for their entire childhood, there were no community services that would assist me in taking care of my children’s needs. I believe that I was blessed to make it through, but when someone insists on taking the option of abortion away from a woman’s life??? What are they replacing that option with??

I do not think that women as a whole should just get pregnant and then have an abortion. I don’t believe that most black women function that way. Many are so caught between a rock and a hard place, they may most likely make the choice out of desperation. What are the nay sayers going to do about that?? Tell them to pray and God will provide? When you are poor… where is the God of Provisions?

Masters of the Universe

People tend to forget about our President’s youth &upbringing. He was raced by Europeans, with European Goals, & ideology. He wasnt raised n da hood, so culturally he is NOT African-American like those born there, but a brown faced Euro-American going after the Elitist big piece of the pie that even he knows your average-pull-u=self-up-by=your­-bootstraps=Negro would have never gotten. We used to call them folks Oreo’s. It really applies to him. He is a elitist carrying card puppet.

Listen folks, it looks like oil & colonialism on the surface, but it’s the capturing of great lands round the world, their portals, stargates, sacred hidden treasures & mysteries, ley lines, vortexes, etc.

These folks want to master the Universe, not some little planet, they want to step out there fully loaded, having taken over the entire planet, they can show some muscle in their star wars. They are fools, but they are psychopathic driven fools. Look deeper. Gaddafi found a reservoir of water under that sand. 8th wonder of the world.These folks ain’t playing they want it all…

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