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The Great Culling: Our Water Official Full Movie

Finding the original poster of this video took a minute, but I prefer sharing the original rather than what someone uploaded.

It is becoming increasing clear that the US is and has been and will probably continue to be a huge NWO experiment. If it works here it can spread all over the globe, all will fall in line and make the Globalists job a lot easier. When I first heard about the ill effects of Fluoride in the water, I stopped using it, but seriously, it is actually in almost anything that needs water to produce, from fresh organic veggies and fruits to the ultimate processed foods, even bottle water.

Towards the end of this video they do offer some solutions at least to minimize the impact of Fluoride in our bodies, but for goodness sakes, whatever you do, stop using toothpaste stating that you should keep it out of the reach of children. Warning, that should be enough to scare you away from ever allowing into your house. At least, it’s an easy way to minimize it.

You can also package up your toothpaste and mail it back to the company and let them know you do not appreciate them selling you a product that is potentially poisonous to the point of it being ingested you may need to call poison control.

It’s something to think about, folks and it’s something that you can be proactive about in the way you purchase. We do realize that we literally have no control over what they put on a label. We also know that the strange bedfellows are ubiquitous, but at least take that tiny step to control what goes into your body and the bodies of the little people who look to us for safety and security.

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