DECACS, Inc. and all its Initiatives

Here we go. Who ever said that we were in WAR??? The media. You cannot declare war on a concept. The war was and remains illegal because they link to Al Qieda, is falsified at best and stupid at worse. And where is Osama??? A war to impose Democracy is an oxymoron!! And who really understand the Muslims in Afghanistan or Iraq?? And if the folks were Saudi Nationals, why didn’t they bomb Saudi Arabia?? Good question huh? not to mention that most of the so-called hijackers weren’t even on those planes. Also, why is it okay to dig out terrorist around the world and attack those who house them, when there is a big fat terrorist right here in the US, from Haiti? And why did they back the Taliban if in fact they wanted to get rid of terrorist, and that dude in Iraq, is a mass murderer.. And if folks are so hell bent on getting them terrorist what about those folks that tortured innocent people, kept them detained without charges, why isn’t the US bombing the places, strongholds, etc. where they learned out to do that stuff? And what about Israel?? They have 14k Palestinians wasting away in their jails. And what about capital punishment right here in the US? What’s the difference, a few heads role, or a few people fried?? As for Al Qiada… it is not like the CIA, the Mossad, MIC, or any such thing as that. They are not organized that way. Some are claiming to be Al Qiada, when any Arabic speaking person knows, that that is a word that simply means the group and was invented by Bush. In fact, why not allign yourself with that Name, made so famous and feared around the world??

People simply do not understand the Islam mindset and they certainly do not understand how many chapters of the book were written. There are at least 72 sects of Islam. And then you add that to the many countries who are primarily Muslim then add that to the fact that the US troops don’t speak Arabic or any of the various variations of the language… See More across the expanse of the many countries who speak it. Come on people!!! We barely speak on language and they have many and a totally different alphabet, that goes from right to left. Where is the sense in it?? So instead of fighting the terrorists, the USA will support the Yemeni government with millions of dollars to beef up their security forces, and the US cannot even secure an airplane that a so called terrorist used to bomb Americans. Listen, remember, this is all a smoke screen with several scenarios playing in the background. Remember that false flag operations are on the top of the USA to do list. Keep us distracted while the banks suck up the money and get away clean!!!

Let’s look at the Cradle of Civilization, Sumeria, Babylon, Yemen. Let’s look at the complete lack of respect for the other folks holy lands, mosques, holidays etc. What makes them right to bomb these folks to smithereens from drones?? What makes it right to kill innocent civilians in the quest to find a few so-called terrorists. How do they know who they are?? Are they walking around with T-shirts on saying “I am a Terrorist, send me a drone please!” Why are these folks tearing down historical impressions in the rocks and stones of these places?? Is it really about oil?? Or is it about the fact that human history is being destroyed for the purpose of implanting another story? I’m just saying. It is senseless… And folks need to look deeper, way past the so called War on terror and look into how Wars and rumors of wars fill the pockets of the big bankers, destroys the young impressionable men and women who fight them, and mentally and psychically disturbs them for life along with their families and loved ones. Let’s look at the total devastation of the planet, due to the type of weaponry they are using that is cause people to have deformed children, and that if the US soldiers are breathing the same air, lying on the same earth eating the food washed in the same water.. Then aren’t they too becoming contaminated and some of this contamination remains in the soil for thousands of years… What is the US doing people???? And since this is not done in a vacuum, what’s gonna happen to the rest of the world when the contamination finds a nice jet stream and flies all over the planet??? I want to get in the minds of the planners to simply ask why this makes any sense. They are destroying the planet, wholesale and we don’t hear hardly a peep from the media about the dangers of the weaponry that is being used against a bunch of poor folks. I’m just saying, man, WTF??????

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