DECACS, Inc. and all its Initiatives

Greetings, and thank you so much for taking your time to share with us here.

      My concern for our planet runs ever so deeply, and while I am a true believer in meditation and prayer, we must, and I mean MUST change our lifestyles to something that is more sustainable for our planet. Not point a finger at the Big Oil, or even Big Corporations, we must look at how our need for more and more things, our desire to be competitive with our sisters and brothers, our need to be better, greater, the best ever in the world, has us stomping on everything in our way.

      The assistance from outside of ourselves can only help in a limited way. We must change from the inside. We must make commitments and contracts to the Planet that we will sustain her, and maintain her and care for her. We must, by all means, look at what we do everyday, from the big to the very, very small to see how we are responsible for the destruction and devastation on our planet.

      That is the supportive action for all our meditations, prayers, wishes, hopes and dreams. To depend on something outside of ourselves is to become subordinate to that power, so we must harness our own power as you have stated, to create a new world, a new reality… but we must caution our expectations of this new reality.

      Will these expectations include our continued gluttonous disregard for one another or will it include an active participation in the sharing of resources for all people to live peacefully, with the basic needs being met. Will this new eventuality shift the power of the elite into the hands of the masses. Will the masses be able to handle this power peacefully and appropriately and fairly? What does this new world look like? How do we, who have become so accustomed to having our individual needs taken care of by Big Government, stop to Govern ourselves with the Golden Rule. “If I have, then you have. If I lose, then you lose. If I love, then I am loved.”

Dance Monkeys, Dance by Ernest Klien

      My concern is growing ever so much more and more, about our dependence on that which is outside of ourselves. We have lost our autonomy. We have lost our ability to take care of our own needs. And we have no clue what it takes from others to continue in our comfortable lifestyles.

      I am looking for this message from the channels, from the Arch Angels, from the Walkers, the Star Seeds, the new birthers, the rainbow children, the crystal children, the indigo children; etc, etc. This is the preparation we need, because if we do not know our planet, and how to live on it in peace, then we will remain in the darkness of ignorance and destruction. We need to go back to basics, using what is around us to sustain us, decrease our externalism, increase our internalism and connection to the ONE that we are. We must walk on the grass, not asphalt!!! We must know where our food comes from, we must know our animals that we eat. We must make our own clothes, can our own food and live in communion with our land! If we do not do this, death to this planet is eminent. Why, because we have made a fanciful connection to her, but we are not intrinsically connected to her life blood that is bleeding into the Gulf right now.

      Yes, please meditate, channel, extend love into the Universe and all over the planet, then wake up, and change our lifestyle, it is not sustainable!

      Thank you so much for reading this and thank you for all your hard work to bring these messages forth.

      Peace & Blessings, Nana Baakan

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