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New Reality Transmission

November 11th, 2010 at 11:11pm EST

We’re striving for one million poeple acorss the gloabe to hold it down for all humanity. Join us in a global meditation sending love, peace and positive vibes to the universe for a healtheir, happier planet earth and population. You can meditate on peace, tolerance, the end of environmental destruction, etc.


I was beginning to wonder and rant and wonder and rant some more. It is all about intention, and some folks get so caught up in the 11:11 that they miss the real deal. It is only 11:11 because we said so, we follow an illusionary clock that gives us no accurate “time” at all. Time is an illusion, yet we are tied to it as if we cannot live without checking in on the time….
For real for real, it will be 11:11 in enough places for about two days, I am guessing… And if I want to, I will create my 11:11 and feel quite happy about it. yes, yes, yes, active/lucid dreaming counts because if you can do it in a dream, it is a piece of cake here in this reality which is really just another layer of the DREAM.
I surely do want world peace… but do we know what that is?? Would we recognize it if we saw it? What are we willing to give up? How much does the status quo, the everyday life, we live impact on the peaceful existence of others in the world? Are our heads merely in the clouds? Are we ready for the changes, the overall changes that would entail? and do we realize that we live in a polarity… so chaos must exist for us to know peace, some say.
And how do we get this out to everybody? Folks who don’t have internet, who live on a farm or in the bush? Are they not necessary for this? And if not, then how is this process any different from any other 144k projections of the some, and not the many. I am just wondering, because frankly, after watching the video, it did not seem to include most of the people I know.
And what about free will??? Do we simply pray/meditate for the others whether they want us to or not? Personally, I believe that Peace is a constant personal journey. If we do not find peace/harmony/love/respect within our own selves and our own lives… we would be remiss to make this happen on a larger scale. How many of us, just need to focus and visualize balance in our own backyards??? How many of us need to stop fighting with our close friends and family and loved ones?
World Peace is certainly and ideal, a goal, but that Peace comes with the disruption of many, many long standing things…. that I am wondering are we aware of. Cause if we are not prepared for the disruptions… then we will not see CHANGE TOWARDS PEACE, PEACEFUL AT ALL!! Which takes me back to inner Peace, one person at a time, and World Peace is the only consequence when each person takes responsibility for their addition to and subtraction from Peaceful existence on this planet.


I just needed to get this out of my system… I hope I sound sane, because I am, but it may be a little weird coming from me, and then maybe not.

Someone posted this New Reality transmission thing in my messages. For starters, I really get a little irritated… by all this New Age mumbo jumbo that is going around these days.

It gets me that in their presentations, there is hardly any people of color; indigenous; poor; muslim, hindu, buddhist, etc., not to mention folks of traditional African spirituality.

That’s number one.

Then they try to persuade us, each having their own path and mission to the Chamber. They are literally in-fighting amongst themselves, some saying their dog is bigger, better, mightier than the other. To me, how can this be about the co-mingling of minds and energy when they are so exclusive? Some of them charge so much money, it ain’t funny, and others are just not reachable. What if you don’t have Internet? What if you don’t have access to funding to take a trip to East Jablip? What if these concepts are simply over your head and you cannot grasp, what the heck they are talking about? What if you are your average Joe Blow from Kokomo? Then, would it not seem that you will just be “left behind?” No access to Ascension?

Anyway, I could barely get through this video… This thing about time and meeting at a certain time, 1 million people, meet at 11/11. Or else, you won’t be a part of the wave……? We all know that time is an illusion, but to try to make folks get to it at exactly 11:11 PM is a big stretch to me, and then starting with Eastern Standard Time, which ain’t standard at all!!

I’m just saying!!! This new age movement has been hijacked by the Cointelpro… and they are asking folks to “re-program” this New World Reality into their new world view….. Well, that smells fishy to me, and I just can’t by it. They are asking for 1 million people to join the wave, then they want you to sign up, so they can see who you are. Then they can use their EMP projections to move your reality around, and put you under their “spell”.

Now I may sound a bit paranoid, but I am not gonna sit down and open my mind in a union with a bunch of people I don’t know for a cause that does not include my folks!!!!

I love the libations for the Haitians, and I particularly love the way you are having us focus on our heroes. But that is totally different then sitting in front of a computer and having images being flashed into my brain!!!

I just don’t trust it in my gut, my Sister, that’s all I am saying.

This New Age Disclosure stuff is sooooooo old, the Ancients knew about other worlders, or off worlders, or whatever you want to call them. They knew about those who were harmful and those who were helpful, but now that “they” have found them, they are legitimate, after years of this knowledge being illegitimate, backwards and primitive. You feel me??

Okay, thanks for reading this. You got to be the one to listen to one of Nana Baakan’s rants… Don’t you feel special????? LOL

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