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by Rafael Ontiveros on Sunday, April 3, 2011 at 6:41am

I was looking through all the fake videos and propaganda footage put out by the coup people in Libya and to my dismay and horror I found something out. It’s an ethic genocide of African blacks being conducted by Arabs, backed by elitists in Saudi Arabia and Qatar (where Al Jazzeera is propagandizing) as a proxy for the Western Axis of Evil of US UK and Israhell.

What I came across was many videos of slaughter, where these Arabs are butchering in public African blacks hanging their dead bodies by their feet, and mocking them with Green Flags which is the symbol of Gaddafi’s revolution and Green Book and movement of social justice and infrastructure, which makes the US and West pale by comparison of the social safety net. They also put two others on car hoods to drive around their dead bodies to show them off, draped with green flags to mock them. This is all done in a lynch mob style to cheering and a photo taking public of Arabs dancing in the street as this is taking place. These are the people the US is supporting with yes troops on the ground now, contrary to what Obama said, I have a video of that too.

Now these lynch mob videos were done a good amount of time before hand, because the Libyan government shut off the Internet so these propagandists couldn’t use it during the fighting. So this is where the false story of “foreign mercenaries from African countries” came in, there’s a link here showing that this is a completely false assertion. But this was blasted all over the media big time, and recently has died down some since it has now been established that this isn’t true, but you can still hear it.

Well guess what folks, and this is the big clincher, those stories were engineered that way to purposely cover up the racial killings and lynchings so to speak of these African blacks by the pro-western Arabs called “the rebels” to make them as generic as possible. Let me be clear as the videos show it, these racial slaughters of African Blacks in the street by dancing and cheering Arabs and their bodies being paraded around, this happened at least in February when all this got started, this is what Gaddafi was reacting to with his statements of rats and roaches and having no Mercy on the people perpetrating this. The Western media needed to invent the story that foreign mercenaries from African countries were infiltrating Libya and “slaughtering civilians” for the distinct purpose of explaining away these videos that these Arabs posted in earlier February as trophy videos. The explanation given was that these African Blacks killed and paraded around are mercenaries, but these killings and their video taping was put up a good couple of weeks before the stories of African mercenaries started to be shouted by the Western Media. The stories came after the killings, and the accusations of the mercenary killings is said to be after these lynch mob killings took place. So the stories where purposefully put together to cover up these lynch mob killings !!!! AFTER the FACT !!!

This is who Obama and the racist US is supporting in Libya right now to take over the country, a lynch mob bent on ethnically cleansing the Northern African country of African Blacks. The African mercenary story was invented and propagandized by the media knowing this and trying to deflect the criticism beforehand, as to sell this military aggression. The videos that were trophy videos were taken down and re uploaded but this time with titles like “Angry mob lynches African mercenaries” – these are just some of the videos, you can go look at allot of the coup group’s propaganda videos on YouTube they have allot of these where they are killing African blacks, bashing their heads in, cheering and using green Libya Revolution Socialist flags to mock their dead bodies and faces. All of the people doing this are Arabs from the East and flooded in from Egypt after Mubarak was gotten rid of. Even he wouldn’t have allowed for this, so that’s why they got rid of him. If it came out that these lynch mobsters are the “rebels” no public support, so they engineered the story just to cover that up, knowing full well what they were covering up, that’s your effing “liberal” media folks – Amy Goodman, Ed Shultz, NPR, Rachel Maddow, and Al Jazeera the whole bunch right along Fox News, Hannity, and Limbaugh. The US is imposing Jim Crow in Libya, I even have some African Black internet people back talking and supporting this, paid off, must be. No way they ignore all of this and not know it. Also all the belligerent language Gaddafi has used has been directed at these murderers, not “peaceful protesters” – this claim is so immoral by the media to constantly misrepresent this.

Then a later investigation by Human Rights Watch found no mercenaries in Libya, that the people held captive by the rebels were Libyan soldiers from the south of Libya. The phony Arab videos below trying to sell the mercenary story by walking through a line of day laborers and asking the Africans what their country of origin is, shows you how desperate these people are to sell this story. All of the Arab propagandist videos are the same as far as validity, you can see for yourself below.

So here’s the first of the phony things being said about Libya, that these are foreign mercenaries hired by Gaddafi to “kill his own people” as the infamous colonial refrain goes. Look at how baseless this video is, and actually of the videos are equally lacking in verification or validity.

Here is what these Arab anti-Gaddafi people are doing and this is what he is reacting to –

Another great video to show you what the anti-Gaddafi forces are all about, keep in mind that this Al Jazzeera report though giving you an accurate glimpse to what is happening is acting like a gate keeper, intentionally plugging in the completely false story of “African Mercenaries” that they know is false and they invented for the sole purpose of excusing and creating a rhetorical buffer for these Arab racist lynchings, that whole thing in context is the real big story here. So keep in mind it’s a whole lot worse and blatantly criminal what these Racist Arab people are doing than what this Al Jazeera report lets on, though the report itself is shockingly bad on the Arabs just on its face. Also note that Gaddafi is going after these nut jobs and is of course using force to corral these racist people doing mass lynching of Black people randomly, and this is being characterized as a despot killing “his own people.” Pure wickedness, people who even remotely buy into any of this anti-Gaddafi crap are just worthless really. Excellent video –

Another ridiculous and purely hearsay accusation broadcast as news on Al Jazzera

No Mercenaries in Libya –

So some Arab propagandist went through a line of people waiting to get work on the street asks them what their country of origin is as he films them, then this guy up loads it to YouTube and puts the title of “Look the Mercenaries in Libya” and voila he gets a bunch of uninformed racists to believe the “Gaddafi kills his own people BS”

Obama lies and continues to lie about Libya check it out –

The title says – ” Kadhafi clan bombed protesters !” did any0one see any bombing here? Thing is all of the anti-Gaddafi videos and propaganda is baseless just like this.

Here’s a French video saying this guy who was killed lynch mob style was a foreign mercenary, another video I posted shows he is actually a Libyan soldier who lived in Bengahzi and was killed like all Gaddafi supporters are by these Arabs.

Another fake video don’t know if that is fake blood or what but this video shows nothing and proves nothing. If that guy got shot then by who and where that guy is or who that guy is is not shown nor told –

An anatomy of a baseless factually void story done on pure emotive appeal and imagery.

Remember this, and the claims that his whole ministry and army was abandoning him –

This is a common aspect of media tool government over throw to constantly broadcast that the government being targeted has no support, has lost legitimacy, is falling apart, has defectors, the leader is a “pariah” – this was broadcast on February 28th 2011, all of it lies.

Armed Libyan soldiers shoot protesters right? Think again –

See the title tells so much –

Did you see, did you see that the helicopter firing on protesters did you see it? –

Here’s the image luckily the person’s title tells you everything the video can’t show you –

Again another fake mercenary video –

They are all like that. That baseless crap you probably laugh about once you see how stupid and baseless the video is is what the media is driving home in people’s brains and letting their racism take over.Here’s a quote from the comments of that last video – “EXECUTE THOSE BLACKOS WHO TRY TO RAPE AND KILL JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE ARABS and PAID SO MUCH But i m sure they never see the color of ghaddafi money”

That pretty much makes my case, sounds like an insider and supporter of those doing the lynch mob is monitoring the Youtube comments.

Here is some mainstream person mostly, she doesn’t know what is going on mostly and certainly doesn’t have a pro-Gaddafi stance, she’s slightly anti-Gaddafi because of the US media slant default, even someone with that stance supports what I’m writing here, so you can see this is factual not a bias –

Some historical context –

Another shot of the public killing lynch mob style better quality –

Here’s a comment from that video – “These two killed men are libyans and I will show you another video before killing I will show a video how those criminal protesters were interrogating one of those two killed people before killing him, He was stating in a pure Libyan delicate that he was from the eastern part of Libya. He was under their extreme violence against him that he was not shooting real ammunition but false one. They were hitting him and threatening him to say that it is real ammunition to find a reason to kill him”

Again baseless claims made along with showing images, no proof of anything, this is the best the coup supporters can muster –

Trust me just take my word on it, sure invade because what I say must be true. That flag is the flag of the Libyan monarchy with an Islamic Crescent put in the middle, nice graphics work right?

Again baseless claims shown with images and presented as news, this is the pattern in each presentation. –

See the claims get even sillier –

Did you see it, did you see all the proof? Or was it just some guy talking smack as images were shown with no cause and effect? Same pattern.

Another baseless report with images, but notice how important it is to have a dark African guy read the news in this piece, knowing what we know now we can see the deeper meaning. –

Here’s a cute Asian chick that is a total paid off blogger propagandist, if you look at her channel and go to her site you see how totally polished trying to pretend its not it is and that her message is total sweet girl help Libya and let me sneak in all the lies with a total sweet cutesie vehicle – these people are using multiple delivery mechanisms for the same lies. –

What would the US coup be without the classic “biological and chemical weapons against his own people” –

“Gaddafi’s son claims they will kill every Libyan Man & Woman” But in the report she quotes Gaddafi’s son as saying “we will fight to the last man standing” to defend our country from armed insurrection (implied) –

Not very articulate but again an outside point of view that isn’t as in depth with all the things I present here, but still comes to the same conclusion and makes good points –

The funny thing to me is that the US and militant Caucasians in general with al their colonialism mindset use the specter of Al Qaida or Al CIA-a to justify everything like reading your emails, listening to your phone calls, grabbing your nut sack as you get on a plane and sticking their finger up your rear to check for bombs. as well as bombing people who have never done a thing to any one oh and locking people up for ever for having done nothing but look Muslim – all that is what the words Al plus Qaida has entitled militant know nothing Caucasians to claim as freedom and democracy. So now Gaddafi is going after Arab nuts in Libya and flooding from Egypt from Saudi Arabia that are lynching mobbing African blacks in Libya, its a race war and Gaddafi is going after the people killing the African Blacks, and he uses the term Al Qaide to describe these Arab nut jobs that work for the West (giving you a huge clue as to what they really are idiot US people) and at that the Western press scoffs. Hey that’s only for Caucasian people Mr Gaddafi only Colonial Caucasians can use the buzz word Al Qaide to justify whatever. The reaction that the media makes to Gaddafi saying Al Qaedia, laughingly dismissing it out of hand, to the all out jingoism whenever the Caucasians use that boogieman term to enact militant actions shows you how thoroughly racist the US media is. Also Gaddafi is going after Arabs who are doing Jim Crow style lynch mobs against African Blacks and guess which side the US, UK, France, Italy, and the Arab League fall behind in this battle? Yep its all Caucasian Colonialism and with a half African figure head at the lead and making the over the top excuses for it while the Tea Baggers critique him for not going far enough, can it get any juicer for Caucasian Colonials? And to all the African descendants who are falling on the side of the Arabs and the US on this by your dissing of Gaddafi which is a backwards method of supporting the people he is fighting against, you show the traitor gene that some Blacks have, how in the hell do people keep a straight face as they condemn a guy who is going after these racists enacting Jim Crow in 2011? Talk about people you need to spot and forever know they are a traitor to their people, its people like that. Here’s the Gaddafi Al Qaeda piece –

OK last but not least, there’s this guy, I put this in here to show how completely wrong people are about this and that he’s a African guy. this is an example of how completely turned around someone can be by listening to the damn Western Media, he’s an African guy and he’s defending the storyline engineered to defend Jim Crow in 2011 in Africa! The important thing here is look how lost you would be if all you had to listen to is the stupid crap given by the West, and that includes all the so-called left crap people think is good, this guy is more informed than most. So don’t get stuck in that stupid I know it all I listen to left crap, it’s all bullshit too. –

OK so here’s the deal, I did the hard work I did the research, whenever those smug assholes ask you to do your research and “get me links” or “prove your case” when they never do, to get you off their comments and threads, here you go with this one and the other Note I put up on Libya. So here’s the one thing I ask back, blast and I mean blast these mother fuckers every where you go, online and off. This is effing Jim Crow in 2011 in Africa that effing Obama is launching the racist Caucasian Empire to defend in Libya, and the left coward media is pushing it hard with a sales job of pure lies. If anything can disgust your sense of justice this is like tops at least for the moment. All I ask is that you join me in jumping down the throat of everyone who promotes this bullshit with all these facts presented here. I want people torn apart internally for being the kind of people who support this or promote it through ignorance, I’m not going to stand being on the defensive anymore you have enough information now here and in my other post to absolutely take command of any conversation you are in, don’t let people who are completely in the wrong bully you with snobbery and word games, just hack away at them. Now get this image in your mind, if you ever thought to yourself “What would I do if I was in the South when a lynching was about to take place” what would be your course of action how far would you go to do the right thing? Here’s your chance without the death possibility, its going right now and its been all turned around with rhetorical smoke and mirrors to have the lynching and defending of it be the “left, liberal, moral, and humanitarian thing to do” – the ball is in your court, I’ve armed you with information and knowledge, now I’m counting on you to put these racist liars in their place don’t let them get away with it without nailing them with the fact that they are culpable for what they support.

Praise be to God who will deliver us from this sinful world. Let the wheat and tares be separated.

PS – My goodness I had to add this one –

For the love of all good someone has to stop and confront these people and their disingenuous supporters. The guise of Humanitarianism being used like a prostitute to support this. Just look at the use of the Green Scarf or flag, that is a symbol of a Gaddafi supporter, it is used in all these images as these people talk Arabic, the ethnic rivals of Gaddafi in the area. Those green flags or scarfs are in all these Arab lynching videos, that means that these are Gaddafi opposition people killing Gaddafi supporters who might have been out in the rebel strong holds doing a rally to support Gaddafi. Surprise, surprise the Western media is actually reporting the exact opposite of what is happening in Libya. I really have no patience with people who just accept the Western press as truth, there is no excuse at this point in the situation.

Again confirmation of the use of Egypt as a base of operations for this, this was the reason for the “revolution” in Egypt –

Look at the deception through Al Jazzeera also catch the plan and pattern, provocation to make oneself look as the victim, this is the “jew” doctrine. –

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