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On Benjamin Fulford

I have watches several of his videos. I appreciate the warnings, but I am a little miffed by the war of the worlds scenario between the really bad gangsters and the other not so bad gangsters. To me, if he is talking about ET intervention to save the planet, why does it include money? Why don’t they just re-create this into something more benevolent and peaceful, because money only makes things worse.

On more advanced planets there is no monetary system, folks get what they need or in some cases create what they need. The money thing reminds me of that other guy.. Sheldon Niddle, NESARA and such… and it sounds like New World Order, except that folks are gonna have money!!

How do they determine who gets the money? Is it given freely to everyone, no matter who they may be? What about dangerous criminals, child molesters, etc? To me this is a serious issue, not only about the Elite, but some folks that really don’t even need any money, but need help.        

The ET’s have awesome technology and can turn barren land into fertile land, clean the air, water, and vegetation, heal disease, teach advance technology to us. But as long as we as human beings are bent on the destruction of the planet, we won’t be given these technologies. They don’t need money to do that.

Money is the instrument of the oppressors to keep the oppressed enslaved. Also, if we get caught up in money, how do we ascend into higher dimensional beings? Money will ground us here in the third dimension, giving us access to more material things. It’s like if someone hit the lottery, big time. Who is there to teach them how to use that abundance in a healthy way?

And, in terms of the elite, the claim is that they will be rounded up and shipped off planet. What about free will? Who gives them the right to do that? And what are the consequences of this, when these people have families, loved ones and friends who care about them? The plan seems a daunting task to me.. so I must say I am a SKEPTICAL

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