DECACS, Inc. and all its Initiatives

It is always a rabbit hole, no matter what direction they go in. It’s like a married couple, been married for 70 years and now the man wanna come clean about cheating all that time, while over the years he has been producing out of thin air, amazing things and saying they are blessings. UFO disclosure has been hijacked!

Go to this video and read the comments, go to some of the other videos there and please, please, please, use discernment. The Old Empire is on its last leg.. it ain’t gonna go out without a fight to the death!!!

If this disclosure come about, you can bet they are making sure they are not held liable, will want immunity from prosecution, safe haven, etc. And what about all the people who went crazy, ended up ill or dead, ostracized from their friends and family because they said they saw a UFO!!

And what is the Vatican gonna do about it? It’s a long lie and has been going on for a long time! This lie has history!!! Not a history that will be easily swept under the rug. My guess is they will come up with an ingenious plan and the sheeple will accept it.

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