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Obama’s Birth Certificate
It’s not a scan – it’s a scam

AP Release: 4-28-2011

Not that it matters. but…

I haven’t had much to say about Obama’s birth circumstances because:

a) I didn’t look into it personally

b) Him lying about his birthplace is the least of our problems

Generally, I wait for liars to lie. It’s easier that way. No research necessary. You just take apart their careless lies (no liars are ever careful enough.)

I have no idea where Obama was actually born, but the document on the White House web site was MANUFACTURED digitally.

What’s on the White House web site is not a scan of a paper document, no way, no how.

This is not news, but in case you needed the obvious pointed out: Obama is a very polished – and pathological – liar.

Obama’s promises: Troops out of Iraq – No more torture – Guantanamo to be closed

The reality: Wars continue – New wars in Pakistan and Libya – torture continues – Guantanamo still open for business

That’s why we call him Osama Bushbama around here. He’s continuing the corruption of the Republican Bush administration in the service of the accidental or deliberate (does it matter?) tearing down of the country. 

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