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Here’s one for you, a quote from the comments section of LA Times: “swampthing2010 at 7:52 AM May 3, 2011

Guess Bin Laden is enjoying the last laugh. Now that they dumped his body into the ocean he’ll become a part of the food chain and anytime we go out for sushi or have that salmon steak, a little part of him will live on in us forever.”

Yep, the the way the Traditionalists do it in Islam, is to wrap the body up real good, put it in a container and attach a very heavy weight to it so it won’t float back up to the top, and so the beast in the sea won’t have it for lunch, you see. It takes a lot to bury a Muslim at sea. But now, if you work for the Maffia, hmmm, it sounds like a Maffia burial of sorts, wouldn’t you say???

RFLMBAO, listen here, the entire world we live in is a hologram. Have you seen the stuff folks can do with pictures, fake id’s, fake suicide notes, fake doctor choroners, fake elections, fake chicken, fake beef, fake stars, fake feature length news reports, fake grass and fake trees!!! Common on now, ain’t we a bit smarter than that. Check it, Obama took a big stab at the conspiracy theorist just before this announcement, do you think that was fake too?? Or just plain mockery of the people and their common sense, which ain’t very common no more, sorry to say.

Hello! So, bombing in retaliation for 911 is civilized?? Killing innocent people who had nothing to do with 911 or Al-Qaeda? They condemned the entire country based on someone saying that Bin Laden did it and he wasn’t even from Afghanistan. Wouldn’t the civilized thing would have been to contact the Afghan government and request and inquisition to weed out the ones who supported Bin Laden, instead of a full scale pointless war against, women, men children, infrastructure and the entire planet??? WTH?

The rabbit hole has turned into the “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” Wake up people, you are being psyops-ed, once again! And remember, the Dragon is waiting at the Center of the Earth, to feast upon your gullibility. Distractions abound. We must make a concerted effort to stay away from the blue pill!!!! We are truly living in the MATRIX! The hologram designed to deceive.

NanaBaakanAgyiriwah at 2:17 PM May 3, 2011
What tickles me about this so-called feared possibility of enraging Muslims. Hello!!! If the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, and every where else has not enraged Muslims, how in the world will getting rid of Osama Bin Laden do that?? Do you have any idea of how unpopular he was among Muslims globally. Have you heard Muslims running closer and closer to his idea of Islam??? Most were quick to distance themselves. What makes him a different Muslim than all the other ones they have killed, from Muslim Mullahs, Imans, teachers, children, women and men?? None of them got the “royal” treatment. Folks we need to think outside of the box. It ain’t a conspiracy theory except that it is, they conspired against OBL to kill him (or so they said they did). It is a conspiracy, not a theory, plain and simple!! Muslims around the world are laughing at this hokey way to bury a Muslim… a terrorist…someone the entire world blamed for 911.. This thing reeks of major dissonance, bordering on insanity.

Geronimo Decedent Upset Over Raid Code Name – Video – KOAT Albuquerque

Obama is a “sly fox”! He consistently positions himself in the middle of a debate, takes the reins on both sides and swings the pros and cons back and forth like some made Circus Trainer in a three ring circus. While people would sincerely want to doubt any or all of his moves… Black folks won’t do it because he’s black, white folks won’t do it because they don’t want to appear racist; Muslims won’t do it because his name is Arabic. So anyone who even dares to come out against him and take their case all the way, is called a Conspiracy nut job case, with nothing backing them, and no leg to stand on. He is sly because he basically gets carte blanche to do whatever and folks are scared to say anything.

It is a cloaked, you are with me, or you are with the Terrorists, or you don’t want no change. He appears to be victimized by the Republicans, yet makes back room deals with them and they win anyway. This time after all this bantering back and forth about his policies, he has united everyone across the aisle in this so called righteous “assassination” of Bin Laden. Who cares if it’s against international law, they murdered a murderer, so he gets their vote. It is so insidious and convoluted, it’s hard to peg the psychology behind it all. IMO

IDK, but this move on Obama’s part is gonna backfire. Folks who took the governments story as true for 911 are gonna see all the counter stories that were kept from the public, like this video, and it is gonna start those little brain cells to waking up, and for sure there will be a turning over of the sleeping giant. Whoever his advisers are, they are either short sighted or really stooopid, or trying to bring the man down in a media coup d’etat. I’m just saying, because I think someone with a third grade education would have come up with a better strategy. How could anyone miss the 11 times he was claimed dead already?

@blite13 It is all rather shady, convoluted, insidious and outrageous. You can tell you are being psy-opsed when it feels so surreal. And as we try to predict what will happen next, like water through our fingers it will shift and take another shape, till those who are trying to follow it will give up and just believe whatever they spin, it is easier then trying to unravel the layers of BS.

What ‘Situation Room Photo’ reveals about us

It’s part of the psy-ops folks, that’s what it is. That picture of bin Laden caught hell, so move that on out of the way, look in the archives, get another picture, ahhh yes, situation room and put that in the public face, the very gullible public face. Who knows when this was taken, but for sure, not even they saw the actual killing of a man who died almost 10 years ago. Because this story is so convoluted, reminiscent of 911, you gotta wonder who knew what, about what, when and how about this or that. They are known for keeping things secret and that requires channels who know, channels who don’t know, and channels who think they know, and of course of few planted whistle-blowers who end up dead somewhere along the line.

That is the nature of Psy-ops, confuse the heck out of every body, even the folks who are pulling it off. I always say, you can fool some people some of the time, you can fool all the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. My first question was, why would he even agree to run for president, given the state of this country and world, knowing that he could not do much to change things?? We basically have a Black face on an Imperialistic government. He has to do what his predecessors did or they will take him out, his family and his little dog. He ain’t playing with lambs, he is playing with wolves and they will eat that lamb alive if he makes one false move. So he can’t stand for anything different than this country has stood for since its inception… a constitution that was designed for the elite. He took the oath, therefore he is liable. Quiet as it is kept, the American people are not represented or addressed in that Oath of Office.

This might Kill Obama’s chances more than a fake birth certificate.

And if they bury dude at sea, who will go jump in and bring the body out to prove the DNA records are accurate. And what DNA older records would they compare these new findings to. SMH. What are these folks doing? Cause I’m thinking this is really more dangerous than a fake birth certificate. Cause the trail of lies around Bin Laden is far and wide, including all the aliases and faked video messages. Who believes that Osmasa was behind 9-11 anymore, anyways????

911 – The Bigger Picture

“Who Really Pulled Off 911?” – See For Yourself

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