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May 12, 2011

Al Jazeera: Flood now affecting those who live in low-lying areas – poor people mainly without insurance

More at The Real News

But there was also a lot of farmland, some 300k acres of corn, wheat and rice! Ha, the very rice they were subsidized to grow and sell on the international market.. even looking at that, Haiti which was once a huge rice producer ended up having to buy their rice from American farmers.

We shall see the price of food skyrocket. Better get used to eating less. Corporate America will go in, seize the land, and grow GMO foods. I ain’t saying that these crops were not already GMO, but what I am saying is that the Corporate world will come in, “save” the land and then give us less options on having non-GMO food stuffs. This plan is already on the books, what better way to get rid of the people, place them in tent cities, shelters, etc. People who have had their farms for generations will be forced out of the agricultural business, and where would they go??

Unemployment is at an all time high. Resources are at an all time low. Unemployment benefits are dwindling, some 44 million folks on foodstamps. Farmers were told by insurance companies that they will pay, but this is a manmade catastrophe and after it is said and done, the Bankrupt Insurance companies will deny many. Just like after the Gulf Oil Disaster. America will become a third world nation.

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