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Personally, as a performing artist in the African Cultural Arts, I would prefer they spread it throughout the year. I tell these folks we are black all year round and our culture is applicable for much longer than the shortest month of the year. We are mostly employed during Black History month, and as artists if you don’t make it during that month, the rest of the year is very, very challenging…

Why I hate Black History Month

Uploaded by whiteboyfromco on Mar 28, 2011
I do, as I explain in this video.

My Comments: 
This issue is deeper than skin color or even our differences in skin color. This issue is about racist dominance and white supremacy. This history we learn in school has been altered to empower the whites and dis-empower the blacks. In fact, there is little mention if any of people of color in their shining glory or their contributions to this country. African descendant folks have fought for years to be acknowledged for their contributions in history for the past 6 thousand years.

Black History Month brings a semblance of balance to US History. Cultures outside of America, teach their children their heritage, their origins, their scientist, inventors & teachers. In American, you learn little about other cultures in US history. We fought for inclusion around the country; fought for national recognition and got the shortest month of the year. It is racial, but it is more about history than separation. Knowledge that has been hidden from all the masses, black and white.

Black History is not hatred. Understand the impact of Slavery on African people, See the psychological damage it cause to the mind, body and spirit of the African. The African people came here with strong identities that were not racist against but was cognizant of their worth and value. Slavery did major damage to the enslaved African who was killed for mere mention of his culture and heritage. BHM is an attempt to re-instate the psyche of Black People. A tree without roots bears no fruit.

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