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To My Dear Friend,Lawrence
I wanted to share this powerful video with you. I am so sad just listening to the words, brought me to tears. Humanity has done some very serious hurtful things to each other during our sojourn on this planet. We are all complicit and have been under the rule of insane psychopaths who give cause to lot, pillage, rape and murder each other for millennia all over the entire planet. Some times my brothers and sisters of a darker hue want to blame our family members of a lighter hue, and yet they fail to realize or even contemplate the destruction that all of our Ancestors have caused on this planet. As long as we keep fighting among ourselves, we will never realize the true orchestrators of this horrible prison planet. Until we stop hating one another and gain knowledge of what we truly are, each and every one and each and everything in this Universe.. we will continue on this path of beating each other down in the playground called Planet Earth. It hurts me so deeply that things have gotten worse over the years. And Mother Nature, with a little help is reeking havoc. Our planet is becoming a tent city of homeless people dependent on someone to take care of them, lest they starve, become sickened, frightened and angry, fighting again amongst themselves. Whoever devised this plan is clearly not working on behalf of the benefit of Humanity. So, I write to you, my eternal friend, knowing that in these moments, I can reach out to you, and you will totally understand what I am talking about. Thanks for being there. You know, they say ignorance is bliss, well knowledge is life changing and soul stirring.

This song has moved me from the first time I heard it in 2000. How far have we come from Apartheid, tyranny, terrorism, invasions, depletion of the world’s resources, polluting the air, destruction of families, poverty, hunger, disease, greed, displacement of peoples, imperialism, dominance over another, fear based propaganda, depopulation, bio-chemical warfare, space wars, and the list goes on. How far have we come as human beings above the animals? The animal kingdom does nothing compare to our so called, proclaimed higher intelligence acting out. What type of beings do we look like to our space brothers with our dogmas, self-righteousness, competitions, and heartless stepping over the poor in the streets. People talk about the Awakening. What type of Clarion call does Humanity need to Wake the “f” up?? When do we realize that what we do to the lest of us we do to the rest of us?

Gil Scott-Heron Did you here what they said

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