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Trump ‘Proud’ Obama Released Birth Certificate
Donald Trump applauds his raising questions about president’s birth certificate.

April 29, 2011 05:00 AM
The Colbert Report: America Needs to See Obama’s Report Cards

 Nana’s Comment: 5:28:2011

Why are you speechless?? This is the craziest distraction of all times!! People miss the point that no matter the person’s color, if you were not born here, you cannot, and I rpeat, cannot be president. What does that tell the rest of the American people? What does that say about the so-called Founding Fathers who were instituting Freedom and Justice for all. If this is part of the constitution, it tells us, that it was not about anyone but the elite who wrote it, and preserved it with that clause. It means, I don’t care who you are if you were not born here, and certainly that does apply to everyone, except of course the Indigenous folks who maintain their tradition and never got a birth certificate, you cannot be president. You rise up in the political ranks, all the way to Governor (in most states that is) but you cannot hold the most powerful office in the Land. Bottom-line, it is discrimination, and I find it interesting that folks are missing this point.

In these days, when the US and European nations are pointing a finger at the Arab Monarchs in the Middle East, claiming they need to get out and establish Democracy, what would that look like? Would folks squack if they wrote in their Constitution that you have to prove you were born there before you can run for President/Premier. What about folks who expatriated from their country because of these “brutal Monarchs” and their children were born outside of the country..? Upon their return, would it be Democratic to exclude them?? I’m just saying, the issue here is way deeper than where Obama was born.. It is a blatant issue of the Europeans came here, took the land, set up shop and then decided who could run it in their steed. In fact, those early presidents, colonizer were hardly born here before they were put into office. So why did it change and what is the big deal? You could absolutely love the US, go to war for your country, get 17million purple hearts, work actively in the community, but if you were not born here, forget it!! So, it is deeper than racism, it is elitism.. and folks are just carrying on like dude is being an Racist. Donald Trump is being an Elitist, pure and simple.

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