DECACS, Inc. and all its Initiatives

People tend to forget about our President’s youth &upbringing. He was raced by Europeans, with European Goals, & ideology. He wasnt raised n da hood, so culturally he is NOT African-American like those born there, but a brown faced Euro-American going after the Elitist big piece of the pie that even he knows your average-pull-u=self-up-by=your­-bootstraps=Negro would have never gotten. We used to call them folks Oreo’s. It really applies to him. He is a elitist carrying card puppet.

Listen folks, it looks like oil & colonialism on the surface, but it’s the capturing of great lands round the world, their portals, stargates, sacred hidden treasures & mysteries, ley lines, vortexes, etc.

These folks want to master the Universe, not some little planet, they want to step out there fully loaded, having taken over the entire planet, they can show some muscle in their star wars. They are fools, but they are psychopathic driven fools. Look deeper. Gaddafi found a reservoir of water under that sand. 8th wonder of the world.These folks ain’t playing they want it all…

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