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William Kamkwamba
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Wednesday October 7, 2009

William Kamkwamba recounts his mission to overcome famine and poverty in his village by building a windmill from a picture in a library book.

johnlibralwitz commented | 20 months ago
Great Story about Mr. Kamkwamba and an example of capitalism at work but look how John Leibowitz uses it to turn it against America. First he doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that the library William has spent so much time in was built by the US. A great example of our free market economic system creating enough wealth to give back to other countries in need. How many other countries can say that? Also notice how the statist(Stewart) asks William about the differences between our countries “Was the Excess Shocking?” Like we have too much so we should feel guilty. We should be proud of being the economic envy of the world. Its not by accident, it was designed that way in our constitution. The wealth in our country is here because of our freedom, no coincidence. And because of it, an African boy can use the books the US has bought for him, to build a windmill, to catch the eye of US reporters, so he can sign a book deal, to get out of his famished village, to eventually go to school in an American University. It’s a total Rags to Riches story that only could take place because of the United States of America, Let Freedom Ring!!

Comments by Nana Baakan – 6-22-2011
One thing that remains true is the short memories of Americans. You left out, the theft of a land that initially was inhabited by the indigenous people who were here “BEFORE COLUMBUS”, and you missed the fact that the land had deep reservoirs of gold and precious metals that were extrapolated, and stolen and sold. Making European Countries rich, particularly those that sent expeditions to the so-called “New World”. You also forgot to mention that a huge part of America’s wealth came from 300 years of free labor by enslaved Africans, who were never repaid for their work. Enslaved Africans build the foundation of America, working in every aspect of the American workforce, at ridiculous wages  from “see to can’t see”. You also did not mention the “Gold Rush” also another raping of land in the West that was previously inhabited by indigenous folks. And several other things like the Federal Reserve, Corporatacracy, Free Trade, Arms & Drugs trades to cover the cost of Wars, War economy, and exploitation of the natural resources right here in America. So in that vain, America is an example of how Imperialism, Colonialism, and runaway Capitalism can make any country very rich. It can set up elite banksters who care not about the people they rob but only the robbers whom they give huge bonuses and bailouts. I suggest you study the true history of America and its economic exploits here and around the world. Read – “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins and then dust off your made in a Chinese sweatshop sneakers. And let me add, FYI, the constitution was not written for Africans, Native Americans, or Women. It was written by an elite group of European bred White males. So yeah, until reparations are made to those who were exploited in their plans of Manifest Destiny, America really does not have anything to be proud of, while standing on the backs of those they oppressed.

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