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“This poster promoting Occupy Wall Street is an exact copy of a Russian Communist propaganda poster from the early 20th century. “

Occupy Wall Street: 

The Largest Mass PSY OP In Human History?

I too go by my inner feelings and it has been unsettling for me since the beginning.. or shall I saw the apparent beginning. What I reflected upon was the infiltration that took place and is still taking place in the so-called “Arab Spring” and as I write, I am saddened by the death of Gaddafi, while our president is pleased by this development and see it as a victory!. 
Here’s my take on this OWS business.

  • Are these folks out there because they want to be the 1%? 
  • Do they realize that the 1% got there by nefarious means, which in fact says, that Nefaradoes, do not share their wealth? 
  • Do these folks realize that these folks are in the 1% because the 99% put them there? Do these folks realize that it is the consumption by the 99% that keeps the 1%, the 1%? 
  • Do these folks realize that if everyone acquired what the 1% has, we would eventually self-destruct, because the Earth could not house 100% of 1%ters? 
  • Do these people realize that their real power is their buying power, and while capitalism encourages folks to spend, spend, spend, it is the spending and the addiction to spending that keeps corporate folks raking in corporate bucks? 
  • Do these folks realize that these “Men Behind The Curtain” depend on the ignorance of those in front of the curtain, and depend on them following orders as commanded. 
  • Do these people realize that a real revolution starts at home with a total change and paradigm shift of how they do things?
  • And finally, are these people ready to make that shift, or are they thinking they don’t have to, just yell, scream, protest, and make a scene in every town in America, and that will make a difference?
Are these folks so naive that they believe the “Men Behind The Curtain” don’t know what they are doing to the 99%?? Finally, UNTIL these people look at President Obama, and bring out the “noise” about his corporate backers, supporters and campaign financiers (along with the other politicians in congress, 70% of whom are millionares) can they really, really be seen as serious?? I mean really….. How can they not mention that with all that is mentioned?? My take is that it is all a big psyops, smoke screen to cover up all the dirt that is really happening with the US and its NATO allies, and to give these unemployed folks something to do with their time, instead of creating, organizing and establishing 

Maybe it’s me, but I smell a rat, a big fat one!! Why, because the bailout and wall street ain’t the issue!! More money is spent on the Military than some countries, more money is allocated to Black projects, germ warfare, HAARP, chemtrails, space wars and other anomalies. What happened to the peace movement??? What happened to economic stimulus? free health care? ect. Here’s the deal, Wall Street is a front for the big bankers. They bet up and then they bet down and manipulate the markets so that the traders and banksters on the other end always stay on top!! It is a huge hoax. Ain’t no way in hell are they gonna let America fall, with over 6000 basis around the world, what’s gonna happen to those service men and women and supplimentary personell??? The US is on an all out imperialistic take over of the world, they need folks to look the other way and pick at stuff they can barely have any effect on, like a chicken scratching in the dirt for a worm, while they play the grand chess game in front of our face. Martial law already exists, much of these things including catastrophes are used as drills to see how quickly they can pull it off.

DON’T BE FOOLED. There is a much bigger plan in the making, these are distractions. Look at what has happened in the so-called uprisings in north Africa…. They are still battling because it was not real, but staged. This will cause eternal unrest. If the US decrees marshal law on its own citizens how can it talk about Syria, Bahrain or Yemen?? Quiet as its kept, Marshall law was already declared. Ask anyone who lives in the hood. All of these are designed to weaken the masses and fill them with fear. And once that is done, along with all the other underhanded behind the scenes ploys, this thing will sink… not the government, but the psyops-ed sheeple. It is all a game by the biggest Gamesters in the World. Those folks pushing for global control over every body!

Bottom-line, the people of the US do not realize that they are slaves. They do not realize that to even call for the return of the Constitution and the republic is the return to the hegemony that started this whole thing. They do not realize that in asking for this they are asking for more corruption and the dismantling of basic freedoms and human rights. They are ignoring the millions of Indigenous people who were slaughter and the millions more of Africans who were enslaved. They are ignoring that the Constitution and its writers did not include, women, Africans or the people of Turtle Island. They do not realize that they are being played like a harp and that the end game, was the first game, world dominion. Period, at whatever means necessary. This is the history of this planet from day one. Rarely was there an empire that treated its citizens as equals. Most of them had “slaves” and “subjects” who eventually rose up and over threw them only to become that which they overthrew. Over and over again. We are living in a time where we can compare the past civilizations down to the present, and see the signs much more clearly than our Ancestors.

Do we wish to continue this?? Or do we wish to get off the grid, get off the treadmill, and stop asking folks to do for us, what we can do for ourselves. As long as we do that, we will continue to be slaves. They have the technology for free energy, can you imagine what our world would be like if that one thing happened? The fact that it is hidden lets us know just where these so-called “Rulers & Elites” have their priorities.


“Expose the lie of scarcity. This is an excellent description. We spend 1.6 TRILLION on WAR. $.53 cents out of every dollar. This translates into the hazing of each new generation, the dumbing-down of culture: because America is a death machine. We spend much more on destruction and killing than we do on healthy living, humanity, ecology. Truly a CRISES OF HOW THE MONEY IS DISTRIBUTED. That’s why Occupy Wall Street will continue to grow.” erahmer

What I think is ironic is the color of the revolution, “White Folks” they are sick and tired, but the most duped… because black folks have felt this boot on our neck for over 400 years in this place and hundreds of years before this place. Occupy Wall street is the biggest hoax next to an alien invasion. I believe if it gets to deep, they will find a way to anesthesize it, coming to a corner store near you, MARIJUANA, FREE! One of the best drugs to control the masses with. And cheap too. Cure for all your aggression. CALM DOWN, BRO!!!! We gotta stay awake.. we gotta remember who we are, and we gotta avoid the blue pill.

Marijuana may make folks think but it also has a dulling effect on people’s reaction to things. It calms their anxiousness.That is what happened to the movement in the 60’s, marijuana was distributed in the communities across the land and folks got more and more “less active.” Of course there were other drugs, but marijuana was prevalent. I also say this because of the signs and the push to legalize it. Since these folks need drugs to run their wars, and the wars run the drugs, allowing this legislature would put marijuana in the hands of the so-called protesters, while the more dangerous drugs will continue to be proliferated. Don’t get me wrong, all I am saying is that the War on drugs was a total failure, but it was also a smoke screen… they were still trading drugs and guns in South America. The people’s protests may reach critical mass, what better way to calm them down. Since folks are debating the medical advantages of marijuana and the great debate goes on, it is the safest way out for the elite. Most of this stuff is planned, way a head of time, and with alternate plans in the offing. Time will tell, IMO.

But for sure, if it is not Marijuana, it will be something that will dumb down the masses, more flouride in the water, perhaps, more chemtrails?? If the masses realize they are guinea pigs, that this has been planned for centuries and enacted for just that long, then they may really wake up.

Bottom-line, they have created a legion of dependent sheeple, who keep looking to their overlords to change things. These folks are saying there is no Middle Class… How come all of a sudden the middle class is screaming??? They didn’t scream when they killed the poor around the world. When they dried up their lands and grabbed their resources. They voted for these warhogs and land raiders.. that is what made them middle class in the first place, they reaped the benefits. Now these warhogs and land grabbers have gotten so fat off easy money, they could care less about even their own kind. Someone said, BOYCOTT VOTING! EVERYBODY STAY HOME!! Maybe that is a step??? But for sure, we have to each and everyone, change our thinking, become more self sufficient, interdependent among our neighbors, family and friends, and be sovereign enough to be responsible for ourselves and others. We don’t need laws-religion to teach us how to be human, we already know that. Laws are about commerce and religion is about commerce as well. The courts are banks and the churches have ATM machines. I’m just saying, the revolution should not be televised, it should be enacted in everyone’s heart, soul and actions. The system will fall when people unplug…… But atlas, that would be quite challenging for most of us, myself included.

The Story of Your Enslavement

We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. A brief history of human enslavement – up to and including your own. From Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy conversation in the world. Text:

Capitalism Coming Home To Roost



While capitalism is upheld by Western-European nations as the paradigm for economic fairness and efficiency, it conversely has a 400-year history of profiteering that traces to shameless enslavement and colonizing of non-European people by the same nations.
Today, capitalism’s tentacles of debauchery reach beyond the so-called “third world” to now roost among citizens within these very European nations, including America. Once fiscally robust, America is debt-addicted and job-starved, with near-bankrupt states and crippled infrastructures of roads, bridges, schools and airports.
In fed-up response, protesters of the Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWSM) are rightly ranting over capitalism’s recent malfeasance. Yet, in broad-spectrum, it must be reckoned that the descendants of those who were once enslaved or colonized, comprise a majority of people who now live in poverty. The sum of Westernize capitalism – from its extirpations of yesterday to free-market enterprise today – has left trails of billions of impoverished non-European people all around the world wherever labor is performed, services are provided, and resources are located.
With Africa particularly, it is not coincidental that its currencies and economies are among the weakest in the world, while the currencies and economies of Western colonial nations are among the strongest, even though most lack comparable natural resources of the African states they colonized. Capitalist hegemony over Africa siphoned unknown trillions in labor and resources, upon which Western economies unfairly stand.
True, the OWSM cannot undo capitalism’s ugly past. But the point is to stitch threads of commonality and continuity, given that capitalism did not suddenly get derailed by Bush or Obama; or by halos of immunity and tax havens for the rich; or by the cost of war adventurism in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. The middle-class is certainly feeling capitalism’s pitchfork more of late, but capitalism is no more depraved lately than at its inception. A main difference is that – yesterday, its parasitic forces usurped non-Europeans of sovereignty, territories, resources and freedom, while today, extensions of the same parasitic forces are coming home to roost by cannibalizing Americans of all ethnicities of jobs, savings, stocks, pensions, social programs, healthcare and homes.

Like African Americans, growing numbers of Euro-Americans have discovered that capitalism has nothing to do with “equality” nor is it “democratic.” You don’t vote on the overly-priced gas and oil for your car and home. You don’t vote for who owns or commercializes natural resources. You don’t vote on mortgage or bank interest rates or the elasticity of money supply regulated by the Federal Reserve . . . There’s no such thing as equality or democracy in the Western format of capitalism.
As such, the current 16.7% unemployment rate for Blacks more than doubles the 8% for Whites, and Blacks lag in every major index of economics. It’s interesting that 8% would be long-awaited relief to African Americans.
Conversely, 8% is so insufferable to Euro-Americans that it has sparked the OWSM to condemn “certain aspects” of capitalism. But at core, US capitalism is fueled by consumption, which is fueled by credit, which is fueled by the very financial institutions that lie at the heart of the protests. Besides, be it Bush or Obama, both parties are corporate manifestations. America operates a de-facto plutocratic style of governance, where insiders make “contributions” with known intents for favoritism to influence policymaking and party platforms.
With the 2012 election approaching and Obama empathizing with occupiers, the media is setting a stage for Tea Party vs. OWSM showdowns. Beyond partisan bickering however that blames the “other party” for America’s woes, a definitive matter is that, America’s economy is linked to centuries of international graft and gluttony from when Europeans ruled by overt brute force. But with fewer “banana republics,” new Balances of Power are reshaping today’s decolonized world and diminishing the once-sturdiness of Pax Americana (US political, economic, and military advantages).
The fluffy wording of the US constitution is one thing, but America’s capitalistic wealth wasn’t acquired by playing by the “democratic” rules it now wants to export to Africa and the Middle East. So as predatory capitalism is coming home to roost while Americans simultaneously cheer the downfall of “select” governments, Black America should be circumspect that we aren’t in effect, cheering the latest mutation of the selfsame predatory forces of which we are historically among the greatest casualties.

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