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Obama 2012?

“For some reason or another, today the thought popped into my mind that President Barak Obama doesn’t even want to be re-elected!?!?! Sometimes you don’t know what you’re getting into until you are in it; and once you see things (and people) for what they really are, or what you thought could be, you say to yourself, “If I knew then what I know now, there is no way I would have done this.” Something tells me that this is where Obama is at this point in time.” Ray Haggins
Tuesday, September 4 at 1:02am

I sure hope that the folks who are pushing for his re-election are not disappointed. I hope that the folks who push him back into the White house are ready to hold the brother up through the storms he will face, and take a few bullets for h

I hope the ones, who push him are willing to push him towards the greater good, let his deterrents know that they got his back for all the so called “good things he wants to do” for Americans and the world.

I hope that folks put their money where their mouth is and stop the “Lions” from eating this man alive. I hope these folks can take the programming out of his brain and remove him from his puppeteers, the banksters and corporations. I hope that these folks will stand along with him, against the NWO who want to enslave us all.

I hope that your support is more than a racial thing, and more of a humanity thing. I hope that those who rally behind him will give him support not in cheers but in guidance and direction so that he can come out of the madness that NATO and the EU have sailed him into in terms of Wars in the middle east, and the “staged” economic crisis.

I hope that they haven’t just changed the flavor of the kool-aid, but have decided to give real natural wholesome juicy juice. I hope that his true ideals, if they are not the ideals of the banksters who back and pay for him, are bolstered by his supporters to the point where he does not need the banksters, the prison industrial complex, the military industrial complex, the pharmaceutical companies, the oil oligarchy, the drug cartels and the terrorists (AKA CIA).

I hope that in bringing the troops home, that he give them a much better health plan, free housing, education and mental support because they went to war on a dime that turned out to be a lie. I hope that he turns down every penny that comes from the invasions of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan in the form of natural resources, especially water from the Great Man-made River in Libya.

I hope that you all support him away from the catastrophic war with Iran. And I hope that his supporters let him know how important it is to avoid at all cost getting behind world leaders dictators everywhere, and not just in a few choice countries. I hope that with all this rallying that his supporters are prepared to be there down to the wire and stand behind him on every human issue cause assassinating and imprisoning people or dropping drones on them because they have been labeled “enemy combatants, killing innocent women, and children at wedding parties is not humane.

I hope that after his next term in office, if he is victorious, his supporters will carry him on their shoulders and know that it was the work THEY DID that kept him on the path of truth and justice. And sadly, if he fails, I hope that his supporters will still carry him on their shoulders and take him into their homes and start the healing. For I am certain, that Barack Obama, had no idea of what he was getting into. The game of politics is cruel and unyielding in its AGENDA. Too many times this man has been crucified, hands tied behind his back and disrespected all with the adage “it comes with the territory.”

Cause if you want to push him back into the White House for any other reason, then he will continue to be ineffective in creating real change, and the slogan “Yes, We Can” is just a bunch of words. The “WE” in that slogan is every single person, making a conscious decision to cease and desist in supporting this criminal capitalistic warmongering racist/sexist government.

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