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Lead a Simple Life

The old ones say, lead a simple life. The society we live in is all about getting more houses, cars, luxury and credit cards. The law of worry says, the more you have, the more you need to worry. You get a house, then you need insurance, then you need to take care of the yard and the list goes on. Next, you may want a bigger house with a bigger yard which costs more in insurance. Along with the accumulation of materialism, are other “gifts.” Soon you become a slave and the materialism owns you. Lead a simple life and have peace of mind. Lead a simple life and be spiritual.

Unfortunately the simple life is going the way of the buffalo. Soon it will not be even an option. One of the things that make it so, is the educational system which teaches through readings and through pictures to the youth around the world from a young age, what success means. It is the conditioning of the masses to make them strive for more and more and more to feed the coffers of the fat cats while they fight to get one step ahead of the Jones’s. 

Around the world you see the deterioration of the simple life to a more materialistic way of living. Then laws are enforced to enslave the masses further. These laws have the underlying element of fear and play on the insecurities of the masses, who have been relegated to survival and see material successes as the opposite of this pattern. What the masses miss is that the controllers will always need them to stay in that position of scraping to survive, fighting to have more, and being in debt till their dying day. The Power Control Force has no intention of sharing the “dream of the have’s”. 

If everyone had what they needed to subsist, there would be no need for wars and other devastations of the planet to keep the Power Control Force in power. So it becomes a constant maze of work, work, work, grasping, like crabs in a barrel seeking for the illusion of success in the material world. 

Little by little it becomes harder and harder to live a simple life as others take more than they need leaving scraps for the rest. In fact, you have to fight to remain simplistic in your existence, for you will be cajoled and ridiculed and isolated if you live simply. The conditioned/programmed fears of others will permeate into your reality and before long you begin to doubt yourself and your own intentions.


After a while, being close to nature is no longer important. Chopping away at nature means nothing. Spoiling the air we breathe or the water we drink means nothing. Mass killing of animals for food means nothing. Till finally, we turn on each other. 

We have destroyed the one home we all share because we have bought into the illusion of what it means to be successful and are so far removed from simplicity that we would rankle in fear if our things, our stuff, our “way of life” was downsized. 

We are a pitiful lot of controlled robots who keep the Power Control Force full. We are so blind that we do not realize that they flaunt their so-called success and have no intention of sharing it fairly, if at all. 

Downsizing and letting go of stuff is one of the best ways to strike back! One of the best ways to regain our sovereignty and one of the best ways to save our planet and become whole again. We are all complicit, but we can all change this, one step at a time, one day at a time, one lifetime at a time.

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  1. I dig what you're saying, but I know from experience that something clicks in people's mind at some point during the rat race that makes sense. I call it the 'Oh, shit moment!' when dumb logic takes on a whole new meaning in the light of what makes sense. It happens a lot in consumer cultures. Not enough, but enough. When people's health fails and relationships disintegrate because of the value system people grope for life lines, and where do the life lines come from? – Gregory E.Woods, Keeper of Stories

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