DECACS, Inc. and all its Initiatives

Whose PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION Endorsement carries More Weight; 

Lady Gaga? Madonna? Kid Rock? Colin Powell? 

Lindsey Lohan? Condoleezza Rice? 

Jay Z? Ted Nugent? Clint Eastwood? Katy Perry?

It is a signal of a sad state of affairs, when folks get endorsed by folks like the above mentioned Micky Mouse club. Does it not speak to the sheer folly of it all? In what way do any of these endorsements make one feel good, secure or positive about following their lead. Look at the records of these people (and I mean the industry as well). Who is backing them, who is making them famous and why? 

Gone are the days when sincere people got out the vote for other sincere folks who were willing to dig in and make some real changes that helped all the people. Now, we have a celebrity cocktail. Pick your poison. 

Which rascal would you follow? Which rascal would you trust, and which rascal DOES NOT SPEAK WITH FORKED TONGUE OR THE BACKING OF OTHER RASCALS. Come on people, it is all a hoax and we are all being played. Who is that man behind the curtain? Who are the puppeteers pulling the strings, who are the cocktail makers stirring up the Sheeple Koolaid, and who are the Mind benders, spinning story after story with so much fanfare it’s better than Hollywood? 

Now, endorse that!!!!!

It’s all good and all in love. Ha, I have been struggling with this Human Identification all my life, in fact, I may be humanoid but I ain’t from here, so it’s hard for me to claim any of this crazy stuff that goes on. But I am here for a reason and I am still trying to figure that out. In the meantime, I got enough stuff to work through, so folks who do weirdness, I need to stay far away from it, and claim it not as indigenous to my soul. I know I am complicit cause on some levels I benefit, but it is still maddening and don’t seem to be getting any better.

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