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Evelyn Lugo shared these thoughts:

“Hard to believe with such great role models in the White House that this could be the case! It confirmed my feelings on Inauguration day, that having a black man in the White House, which was still unthinkable, would bring it out in folks who didn’t even consider themselves to be racists… In all, 51 percent of white Americans now express explicit anti-black attitudes.

When did it really change other than on the surface? To me, seeing African Americans, represented along side European Americans in Science, Math, History and the Arts would make a difference and prove that things have changed. We are talking about 400 years not only has racists concepts been placed in the minds of Whites, it has been placed in the minds of Blacks, And racism is world wide. One Black President in one racist country is not gonna change the essential nature of everyone, over night. If a man cheats on his wife continuously and finally gets caught after several years, if he says, I am sorry, does that change the behavior of the “Cheater.” If we go a bit deeper, we must also understand the type of African Americans we have in the White House. So it would seem that “change of location” is merely that, a change in location. What is needed is change in the integral manner, meaning and policies in the White House. It don’t matter the brand or color of the one who is in there.


Multiple Types of Racism In America

Source: Raymond Choiniere

Racism In America Continues…….

Welcome reader,
Before addressing the issue, let me lay out some key terms- inequality, racial profiling, white racism, Asian racism, racism today, racists, racial inequality racism in America today, American racism, individual racism, and prejudices. Each term will be addressed in this hub and you will learn the direct cause for each. You might not consider some of them to be factual or even be deceptive in nature, but each are truly happening within the borders of the United States of America and require your attention.
As you notice, I said- “requires your attention”. That simply means that I want to dismiss any misconceptions anyone has heard about with regards to racism being gone from American society. It is more than obvious, to any conscious person who pays attention to others, like people watchers, which I am personally, that the concept of racism is continuing in America.

Racists, Racism Today and Racial Inequality…

Okay, let’s by DealDropDown”>start with “Racists”- this is a person who dislikes for whatever reason, someone of a different race. It doesn’t matter what race, just one that is not the same as them.
Are there racists in America? You better believe it and be very aware of it, because if left unchecked in it’s present state, then you’ll see what I am of the understanding, will come to pass- A Racial Civil War!
Yes, folks. I’ve already seen this “racial” Civil War coming and is the primary reason for this hub. To raise awareness of citizens. It is important for you to believe it, because of a simple action that took place, the day Barrack Obama became The President of the United States of America.
Yes, it was a history day, but it also shattered other records, less known to the average person. The record I speak of is in the recruitment cycle of the “White Power” groups in America on the day Obama won the election. The following day, the largest “White Power” group in America by DealDropDown”>signed up over 2000 new members.

Racial Inequality Continues In America

Racial inequality…Does it actually exist? Of course it does, because racism still exists. If you thought for one second that racial inequality was non-existent, then you were only fooling yourself. There are plenty of people who despise people of another race, and prejudice against them for many reasons.
Racism today and Racism in America, are tough subjects to talk about, because too many people get hot under the collar, the second you bring up it up in conversation. They rather not talk about it and when they do talk about racism, then you have no reason to wonder why they do not like to talk about racism.
People still believe America is a Nation of Equality…? The problem is that many do not understand equality, in and of, itself, and prejudices by DealDropDown”>begin to fly, before thought can be used. If you are seriously interested in learning about “Equality”, then when done reading, read another one of my hubs- “How Does Equality Survive In Capitalism?”. It is a very enlightening hub and then you’ll more than likely understand the true meaning of “Equality” in America.

White Racism and Asian Racism…..

Now, as I bring forth the titled terms- “White” Racism and “Asian” Racism, I would like you to not cringe at the thought, but would like you to be aware of the fact that both White Racism and Asian Racism are also very much alive in America.
White racism is brought on by everyone of another race, who dislikes those who are white. Now, even those who are not white are mistakenly hated, because they look or appear white, but are not really white. This shows how ignorant people are about racism and also shows how emotions cloud rational thought.
Asian racism is a new sort of racism in America. It does not have the history of “black” and “white” racism, but is destructive nonetheless. A lot of “white” and “black” people, do not care for Asians coming to America, because it creates less opportunity for them. This is the bottom line for Asian racism. It’s not so much about “color”, but for other reasons.

White Racism – American Racism – Individual Racism

Just in case you’re not enjoying my article so far, I would like to let you know, I am not surprised. I am a “white” male, about 42 years of age and managed to live my entire life, taking racism as a pinch of salt. Individual racism is actually a myth. It doesn’t exist. You are either a racist or not. There cannot be an individuality to racism. American racism is a breeding process that continues to go on within families and generations. Why? Stupidity actually.
I have had people of another color, sneer at me, because I happen to be better at something than they were and was recognized for it. I’ve had some make claims against me, trying to insinuate that I was a racists or that I perpetuated racism in America.
I, personally, have no racial judgment, because I do not look at people based on their racial make up, which means, I do not use racial profiling of any sort. I do however, make judgments based on actions. If your actions deceive even you, and you cannot tell what you actions are saying to other people, then I think the time has come for a little self-evaluating.

Racial profiling, and prejudices…..

Yes, I will be the first to admit that racial profiling, and prejudices continue to haunt citizens in America. It is done by many people, who are unwilling or refuse to properly understand life. They are obviously missing some kind of knowledge and wisdom about living life, for which, continues to escape their feeble mind.
And prejudices, also continue to exist and I can vouch for it, as a witness, because I have and still to this day, continue to see it in the actions of many people, even though they do not know I know about them. The thing that gets me the most is that people truly believe that they can hide their racist prejudices, but every time they open their mouth or take action, they give themselves away.
Some people are ignorant enough to believe that just because someone complains about another person, it is racially motivated and this I know from first hand experience. My mother works very hard at her job, and I know that because, as a kid/child, I use to go to work with her and watch how she did her job. Please do realize, my mother has been at the same job for over 30+ years and she would not have kept her job, if she was a slacker, per se.

White Racism and Racists, and Prejudices..

My mother has to deal with racists in her workplace, and prejudices. She has an administrator who is “white”, the top dog of the Nursing Home where she is employed. She has an immediate supervisor, who is “black” and another boss type, who is the immediate supervisor, to her immediate supervisor, who is also “black”.
To be clear, my mother isn’t a racist, in the sense of the word, because she doesn’t give a damn what people look like, she just simply rather work with people who are actually going to do work and not just sit on their ass, and do nothing. That comes from her own work ethic.
She does hate people who are lazy or slack off at work, because it makes her job even more difficult. She happens to work with two other “black” people, for one, were not trained properly, so that doesn’t help. Secondly, both of them are lazy and refuse to do the job, as my mother knows how. They constantly complain about her, and spew hateful remarks at her, while she works. Each one constantly demeans her work to the two supervisors above them, so as to get her written up and fired. This sort of action can only come from white racism and racists.

Only racial hatred makes people liars…

People who are racist, continue to be liars. They perpetuate demeaning remarks and try to exploit racial hatred, so they can make themselves appear to be a better person. It only takes a half educated person to listen to their words and notice that their actions are that of a racist.
So, on a serious note- How to change? Or, Bring about change in America? Well, first off, citizens need to be more aware of racism and racist remarks, as for what they are truly. Those who do nothing, only help continue racism in America.
So, I ask for your help, whenever you get a chance, because you are seeing it in action, do something about it. Do not sit by and let it happen. Take a more active role in protecting others, because it’s the right thing to do. Do not do it for one race and not another, because that too is a sign of racism. When a person of a particular race is acting out, in a racist way, bring it to their attention. Make sure they are aware of their action.
If they tell you “damn straight, I’m racist”, regardless of why, then inform them that they are not helping the situation nor apparently they do not understand life.
Thank you for your time

Raymond Choiniere II – Cagsil Services Founder

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