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Should We Vote For Obama?

Question for the debate. should we vote for obama. or should we not even vote at all. WHY OR WHY NOT?

Truth be told, my heart goes out to him, that he got caught in that cycle of psychopathic madness and became the pawn in their chess game, instead of saying “NO”, I will not spread American Imperialism around the world, I will not drop drones, I will not indefinitely detain, I will not kill (Disposition) people without a trial or even a reason why, I will not bail out the banks, and I will help my people. You all want to put me in between Malcom & Martin, well Ima show you I ain’t no pacified scared Negro, I am a truth Warrior and I am here to bring real change!! Alas, such is not the case, and he continues the policies of his predecessors and he is unabashed by it. He is just a brown side of the same coin. Too bad folks want to vote for him just cause he’s Black. When in fact he acts like the Overseer, who gets a few points from his Master, and with those points he continues the Oppression of his Masters. Sad to say, but it is the truth, it can be ignored, but he really has brough no change, just more of the same, just laced with swagger, charisma, intelligence and skullduggery.

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