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Junious Ricardo Stanton  Thu Nov 1, 2012 5:52 pm      
Drone Wars
“Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have proven their popularity on a global scale, but drones are also looking to go local. UAVs Predator drones currently serve as surveillance units for drug trafficking operations along the U.S.-Mexico border, and U.S. police officials have expressed great interest in utilizing drone technology for law enforcement purposes on the domestic front. In February, the Federal Aviation Administration granted approval to Mesa County, Colo., to utilize the Draganflyer X6, a small drone model that comes equipped with wireless cameras and a variety of sensors, for law enforcement purposes. The Draganflyer X6 has already been used by police officers in Canada to gather evidence and survey crime scenes. Another model, the Qube, developed by military drone supplier AeroVironment Inc., was developed specifically for law enforcement assistance.” Five Things You need to Know About Drones by Brianna Lee

In this Jan. 31, 2010 file photo, an unmanned U.S. Predator drone flies over Kandahar Air Field, southern Afghanistan, on a moon-lit night. (Photo: AP/Kirsty Wigglesworth, File)

Oakland police officers in riot gear line Frank H. Ogawa plaza, the site of an Occupy Wall Street encampment, Tuesday, Oct. 25. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)


Oakland police officers in riot gear line Frank H. Ogawa plaza, the site of an Occupy Wall Street encampment, Tuesday, Oct. 25. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)
The US Empire like its make believe counterpart in the Star Wars series has embarked upon a new way to wage war by employing the latest technology to achieve its aim of total global domination or what they call “Full Spectrum Dominance”. The US has become an imperialist warmonger launching wars around the world under the guise of a bogus war on terror. We know it is bogus because one cannot wage war on terror, terror is not a country or a person it is a tactic. Nevertheless the corporate mind control apparatus has conditioned us to unthinkingly go along with the carnage and rapine because they have on one hand crafted a narrative to make the US the “good guys” while demonizing and negating the people who live over or near vast mineral resources the corporate psychopaths covet as “the other” or worse as “Islamofascists”!?
Notice how the “enemies” and targets of the new killing technology are always portrayed as Muslims or Islamic Jihadists/terrorists, never as mercenaries or stooges working fully on behalf of Anglo-American/NATO/Israeli governmental fronts for international bankers and multinational corporations. This is the same exact game the media and government played on us in the ‘50’s and 60’s only back then it was the threat of “world wide communism” that was used to keep the US on a permanent war footing and keep our tax dollars flowing to the military industrial complex. 
What we are seeing today is a classic example of mind control and perception management by the psychopathic oligarchy, their media, educational institutions and a sycophantic political corps. Critical thinking is not encouraged in the schools so the okey-doke and flim-flam to justify permanent wars, rip offs and corporate welfare continues unabated.
The media through motion pictures like the Terminator, Star Trek and Star Wars, television shows like The Unit, Twenty-Four and Homeland, a plethora of video games and Science Fiction novels have created a mindset that prepares the American public to accept war, glorify violence and live in so much fear we’ve become desensitized, dehumanized and dispirited, to the point many of us especially the younger generations have become zombies.  It is as if the goal was to create a reality like in the movies where humans have become as soulless and devoid of empathy and compassion as the machines and robots we create. To make matters worse, they are attempting to meld humans (through cloning, implants and other technology) with machines to become automatons like the Cyborgs in the Star Trek TV series. This may sound far fetched but when you step back and take an honest look at AmeriKKKa today, you will see this is true. 
Just like in the Star Wars series the Empire had its Clone army; the US empire has its advanced technological drones. Increasingly the US CIA and military are relying on unmanned aerial vehicles or drones to do their killing. US service personnel sit behind monitors using keyboards and joysticks to search out and launch attacks on targets around the globe and very soon in the US itself. 
They have no remorse when innocent civilians are killed and maimed. This is a continuation of the psychopathy used by European settlers when they gleefully exterminated indigenous populations everywhere they went on the planet from the fifteenth century on in the name of their god, king and church, It was the same mentality used by the US when it dropped nuclear weapons on two Japanese civilian cities in WWII after Germany had surrendered and Japan was sending overtures about surrender. The wanton use of nuclear devastation and destruction was a calculated strategy to bolster US stature as a military power and induce fear amongst potential rivals. The ruling elites and media justified the carnage by saying it was done to end the war sooner.
War breeds death. Sane, well adjusted humans generally have an aversion to killing. Soldiers have to be trained and conditioned to murder which is why everyone isn’t fit to be in the military. The ruling elites must first brainwash folks into believing standing armies, massive stockpiles of weapons and a bloated military budget are a necessity and the military is doing a noble job. The elites must manufacture enemies and demonize those they desire to attack so the masses can be duped, frightened and manipulated into killing them and stealing their lands, natural resources or market share on behalf of the elites. Peace loving people and critical thinkers know better. We know how and why the war games are played which is why they eschew teaching critical thinking skills and promote violence and war in their media.

In the case of current US imperial overreach, drone killing and devastation seem based on the notion detached distance slaughter is less traumatic than face to face combat. “What makes drones disturbing is an unusual combination of characteristics: the distance between killer and killed, the asymmetry, the prospect of automation and, most of all, the minimization of pilot risk and political risk. It is the merging of these characteristics that draws the attention of journalists, military analysts, human rights researchers and Al Qaeda propagandists, suggesting something disturbing about what human violence may become. The unique technology allows the mundane and regular violence of military force to be separated further from human emotion. Drones foreshadow the idea that brutality could become detached from humanity—and yield violence that is, as it were, unconscious. In this sense, drones foretell a future that is very dark indeed.”  A Brief History of Drones by John Sifton
Our future is gloomy indeed. We have slipped over the edge into an immoral abyss many warned us about. Martin Luther King Jr. warned in 1968 “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.” Looking at the imperialist leanings and blood-lust of the US and its Western allies, it is clear drone wars will escalate. We will soon see the use of drones over US skies as the elites and their flunkies move to impose their New World Order warfare/police state on us under a guise of security and protection. Somewhere George Orwell is spinning in his grave.

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