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Teen Stabs His Father For Asking Him to Pull Up His Sagging Pants

Most of us hate the sagging pants fad that has taken over in black teen America.   But we can’t always assume that black kids are the only ones who are sagging.  Cody Burns, an 18-year old teen in Indiana, apparently had enough of his father when his dad came and asked him to pull up his sagging pants.
The teen was so angry that he went into the kitchen, got a knife, came back out, and stabbed his own father in the chest.   Cody’s dad didn’t die from his injuries, but he is going to have to spend some time in the hospital.
Burns is now sagging his pants in the Floyd County Jail on $75,000 bond.  He is facing charges of battery by means of a deadly weapon after the incident took place.
There are some cities where it’s against the law for teens to sag their pants.  The trend has been in existence for years, and is often criticized as a spillover of prison culture.  Will the fad ever come to an end?


I really think the point of sagging has moved from the whole prison vibe at t his point. Specially now that most of the time these inmates are in orange jumpsuits. I think that is beyond style or fashion or any of that. I really feel, it is about rebelling, just plain and simple rebelling.

This style has been around so long, that even little white boys are sagging. It’s about the energy they get when they do it. They are stuck in the cult of doing it and deriving the energy of disgust, etc, They are energy vampires, probably didn’t get enough hugs when they were young. they know they can get energy from our response, or maybe at this point it is so not in their conscious awareness, but they feel it.

It’s almost like they need to do it, like they are addicted to drugs or something. It’s a subtle form of crowd control, its manipulation in how folks react. It may even go so far as to make them feel powerful in a round about way. What other way to get folks railed up than to sag your pants and get everybody around you going nuts. People are making laws to stop it, others are kicking people out of the house, others are making comics and everyone is trying to find a solution.

When it first came out, I would tell the boys to “Pull your pants -down-” and instinctively they would pull them up. Now if they wear them down so low, they may pull them up but not enough to stay up. They will even wear a belt and walk like a cowboy who just got off his horse, just to sag. They will risk ridicule, denial, risk being ostracized, imprisonment, you name it just for the “style”?

No, I think it’s deeper than that. I think it is something going off in them, and they are in such a need for the energy they get from this it has become an addiction for them. It’s a religion. It’s a way of life. Not a fashion, or style, it is their very existence.

As far as the upper level of folks who created this style, it is a method of division to keep us “hating” on each other. If they can create situations in which we hate each other, or deplore each other we will never unite. We will judge the person who is sagging as an “idiot” and will resist joining in any cause with them because of it, instead of giving them a hug and some love and light and positive re-enforcement.

It reminds me of how they demonized locks, now every body is wearing them.

So my solution is, catch ourselves, before we hate them, send them love and gentle encouragement. They will feel that, I have seen it happen, and they will inadvertently pull up their pants, cause really, when you have folks doing stuff to seek attention, they are missing something in their lives, and that something is just plain ole, unconditional LOVE.

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