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NB COMMENTARY: People are tired of the BS, the wars, the wrecked economy, the loss of wages and jobs, the messed up skies, the rigged elections and a host of other things.. so they want out. LOL, he looks like a jilted lover, begging his lover to come back.
Jilted Lover says. “Oh, I am so sorry I abused the hell out of you, forgive me, we can work it out, we can be even better and greater together than apart, we have a destiny, we were meant for each other. I promise you, I promise, I will never stick my foot up your…….. ever again, trust me, I appreciate you, I love you more than life, I need you. 
Please forgive me for any and all hurt, I am soo sorry, I mean it, don’t you believe me?
Please don’t leave me, it would be such a terrible embarrassment if you do. Let’s talk this thing over, we can work it out……………… 
Oh, what? You gonna leave anyway… Oh Yeah?? 
Well you’ll be sorry, you think being with me was bad, well, I am here to tell you, being without me will be much worse, mark my words, you will wish you were never born, you will be hated by all of humanity, no one will come to your aide, they will find you stupid and selfish to leave me, especially now, especially now, so you go ahead, leave and see how far that will get you. 
And don’t look back, cause I tried to warn you, there’s no hope out there, nobody wants your beaten, downtrodden ugly face. Nobody’s gonna love you like I did, you worthless piece of shit! Go ahead, leave!!!!
I never loved you anyway, you were just a burden, a pain in my ass, why do you think I put up with you anyway?? I felt sorry for you. I knew no one ever, anywhere would find you worth their time, so I sacrificed my life for you. I gave up my favorite pass time so that you could be happy. I ate your crappy meals and watch those stupid movies with you. I did all I could to tolerate your ignorance and stupidity. And this is how you repay me??? Well, you will burn in hell for all of eternity!!!!!!!”
LOL, I couldn’t help myself, he looks so classic in this picture. LOL

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#Britain Votes to Leave the #EuropeanUnion

Click the link below to watch the full interview with John Hilary and John Weeks about the meaning and impact of Britain’s historic 52-48 vote to leave the #EU

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