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We are at war with Saudi Arabia for funding terrorists right? Oh wait no, they are our ally who we fund, and we are at war with Afghanistan for… having mountains to hide in? We’re at war with ISIS… or is it Syria? First we helped ISIS, now we don’t like them, yea that’s it! And then we are drone bombing anyone who might be a terrorist in any country, or if they attend the wrong wedding.The ironic part to me is that many of the people most pissed off about the flag stomping, are people who claim to believe in the founding fathers and Constitutional government. Why are they more angered by the flag being disrespected than by the fact that what the flag stood for has been eviscerated by our government?If the flag represented freedom of speech, freedom from oppression, life, liberty, and property, the meaning of the flag has long since died. If the flag reminded us that freedom cannot be traded for security, or that a standing army would erode our rights, or that the best government governs least, then the flag has no meaning, because these things have been forgotten.The people stomping on the flag are not stomping on those ideals, they are stomping on a hollow shell that was desecrated long ago by our government. People apparently didn’t have the energy to tell the politicians, bureaucrats, and government agencies to “get the hell out” when THEY were symbolically stomping on the flag.So if you want to tell someone to “get out”, tell it to the people in government who ruined America. Don’t tell it to the people are are trying to point out how bad it has gotten.

Source: 5 Reasons It Doesn’t Make Sense to Tell People, “If you don’t like America, leave!”

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